You might not have heard this, but last week AT&T announced a new $ 5-per-month price increase for users on its grandfathered unlimited plan.

The data plan’s price had been $ 30/month for seven years, until the carrier raised it to $ 35 in February 2016. A second $ 5 price bump followed in January of last year. Now a third one is upon grandfathered subscribers which will take the total price up to $ 45/month. The new rate will come into effect starting next month.

Upon hearing the news, T-Mobile realized it had an opportunity to try and bait AT&T customers into switching over. So it came up with a new deal dubbed WTH (Why the Hike?) especially for them.

The promo targets those on a grandfathered Data Unlimited for iPhone on 4G LTE with Visual Voicemail

Starting June 20, AT&T subscribers to that plan through June 7 or later can switch and get a $ 250 on a prepaid card.

What’s more, T-Mobile is also offering $ 650 per line via trade-in credit and pre-paid credit. To be eligible to get the money, you will have to trade-in a phone or a tablet, get a new phone or tablet from T-Mobile and sign up with a qualifying plan.

The WTH deal is available for a limited time and we don’t know the exact date when it will expire.

Grandpa approves of T-Mobile’s new deal


If you’re wondering why AT&T subscribers continue to cling to these grandfathered plans, consider this. Even at new $ 45 price, they are still more affordable than AT&T’s current unlimited plan which starts at $ 65/month. On top of that, grandfathered subscribers don’t have to deal with caps on the speeds of streaming services.

However, it’s pretty clear that AT&T wants to ditch its grandfathered subscribers, hence the yearly price hikes and consistent urging to upgrade to new plans.

So if you’re currently on a grandfathered unlimited plan, the T-Mobile deal might be worth taking into consideration. Just make sure you don’t take forever to decide, in case the deal expires.

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