Gamers rejoice! Razer has followed up its intriguing-yet-flawed first attempt at a mobile phone with the refined Razer Phone 2. It features better features including water resistance, wireless charging, and that stylin’ RGB Chroma logo on the back and is still an absolute beast for gaming. You’re going to want to keep it protected with a case, and you’ll for sure want to get something like the TopAce Clear Case or perhaps something from Razer itself, like the Razer Phone 2 Light Case.

Tough and thin

Razer Phone 2 Carbon Fiber Case

First up from Razer itself is this rugged case made of durable carbon fiber material and features a nice window to accommodate the Chroma logo on the back. It’s the priciest case on our list, but it sure looks nice paired with the Razer Phone 2!

$ 50 at Razer

Rugged protection

Tudia Merge Series Heavy Duty Case

Tudia’s heavy-duty case is a good option if you know you need reliable protection for your phones because you drop ’em all the time. This is a dual-layer case that combines a flexible TPU sleeve with a rigid PC shell for a familiar heavy duty finish. It’s available in four colors.

$ 13 at Amazon

For Brand Loyalists

Razer Phone 2 Word Case

Another mostly standard option from Razer, this one features some prominent Razer branding on the backside of the case. This case is available in black or green and combines flexible, soft-touch silicone with microfiber lining on the interior.

$ 25 at Razer

Light and translucent

Razer Phone 2 Light Case

The last case style offered by Razer itself is not quite a clear case, but it’s thin and translucent enough for the Chroma light to shine through on the back. This case offers basic protection for most of your phone while leaving the buttons and the top and bottom edges exposed.

$ 20 at Razer

Best on a budget

TopAce Clear Case

A clear case is a natural choice for the Razer Phone 2 given the unique design and that eye-catching Chroma logo on the back. This clear case from TopAce is a great choice at a great price.

$ 8 at Amazon

Pocket-friendly wallet case

Lifepro Flip Wallet Case

Cut down your pocket carry with this convenient wallet case for the Razer Phone 2. This case is slightly unique in that the card slots are in a slide out sleeve on the outside of the case. On the interior, you get a pocket for cash, a two-inch pocket for a photo or microSD cards, and a handy mirror. Made by Lifepro, this case is available in three colors and shipping sometime in December.

$ 14 at Amazon

Thin is in

SopiGuard Edge-to-edge Vinyl Skin

Want to keep the surfaces of your phone safe from scratches and dents without adding any extra bulk to your phone? You need a skin, and this edge-to-edge skin is made from 3M vinyl stickers and covers the entire back and sides of your phone excluding the camera lenses and the Chroma Razer logo.

$ 11 at Amazon

With a phone like the Razer Phone 2, you’re going to want to show it off. Thankfully, there’s a number of cases that both accent and protect the Razer Phone 2, so you can show off that flashy Chroma party trick without worrying about smashing or smudging up the glass on the back. If money is no object, Razer’s own Carbon Fiber case is a great lightweight option, but if you’re on a tight budget for accessories the TopAce Clear Case is your best bet!

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