Everybody needs that push to do things they don’t always want to do. Pullups, pushups, drinking a gallon of water, no carbs in the evening, and meditating are things that can be extremely beneficial to you, and Lift would like to help you do them every day or on a consistent basis.

Lift- Daily Motivation is a simple app that contains many goals you can choose from to get started with, and put a check mark next to the ones you complete each day. Each goal is designed to start slow and progress as you do, creating a very fulfilling experience. The main goal in this app is to complete tasks in as many consecutive days as possible.




Lift also allows you to find and follow friends to see what their goals are and get some ideas. The notifications on Lift are nice in the fact that they remind you to do certain things throughout the day. For example, I was sitting around doing nothing in the afternoon when I hear my phone’s notification chime to tell me “This is an easy one if you have some time to spare, let’s Meditate for 5 Minutes.” because I had not completed that task today. Very nifty, in my opinion, and it never was annoying or intrusive.

There’ something for everyone within this app, even if you aren’t a fitness junky or spiritual person. After trying Lift, however, you might just become one!

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