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Motorola allowed customers to sample a Moto X with their ‘Try Then Buy’ scheme which loaned a device for two weeks for the price of only 1¢, but Motorola have now cut short the campaign claiming they have sold all the devices allocated to the promotion.

The ‘Try Then Buy’ scheme only went live this morning, but the company claim the response was overwhelming and quantities didn’t last long at all, forcing Motorola to cut the campaign short.

However, it seems the scheme may have been a way to shift the last few units of stock in order to make way for the Moto X 64GB variation, as Motorola have announced the availability of the device for $ 449.99.

You can still buy a Moto X 16GB and 32GB outside of the promotion, which sell for $ 349.99 and $ 399.99 respectively.

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