Say goodbye to awkwardly liking tweets you don’t actually agree with.

Twitter’s my go-to social network of choice, and while I enjoy most parts of it, there are a few areas that are in desperate need of improvement (I’m looking at you, un-editable tweets). While edits still aren’t here, Twitter is adding something that a lot of people have been asking for for a while — bookmarks.

As you can probably guess, the purpose of bookmarks is to give you an easy way to save tweets for later that you might not have time to look at right that very second. To do this, tap on the new share icon and then select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks.”

To then find any tweets you’ve bookmarked, just tap on your profile icon and then the Bookmarks tab.

Up until now, the only way to save tweets for later was to like them. This method worked fine, but it meant you had to like tweets for later viewing even if you didn’t really like/agree with what they said.

I don’t currently have access to Bookmarks on my account, but Twitter says this feature is rolling out today to its Android, iOS, and Lite apps, as well as its mobile site.

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