People who are looking to get a RED Hydrogen One from Verizon on launch day may not have much luck. According to users on the official H4Vuser forums, many people are reporting that their local Verizon stores will not have devices in time for launch day.

Some Verizon reps have even stated that shipments of the device have been quarantined due to charger issues. This does happen from time to time during the import process on any product, but it seems to be affecting a large number of devices this time around.

Whether this is a widespread issue or not is unknown, and RED has not confirmed that this is an issue at all. However, Verizon customers should call ahead and make sure their store has the devices in stock. And if you can’t get one from Verizon, you can pick one up directly from RED.

Via: Pocketnow
Source: H4Vuser, (2)

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