To help answer some of the questions surrounding HTC Vive shipments, the company has created an FAQ site with lots of answers. From information about when units will ship to delay issues, if you ordered a Vive you will want to check this out. Anytime you order something online, you want to be able to access information about the order progress, see when it will ship, and have a full understanding of what is going on. HTC answers some of the popular questions in a new FAQ.

When is my expected delivery date?

Your Vive system will be shipped in the month noted in your order confirmation email. When your purchase has been completed and your order has been shipped, you will receive a separate shipment notification email, which includes a tracking number.

I paid for express shipping, but I received economy shipping. Why?

We will be issuing a refund of the shipping cost difference to all customers who paid for express shipping but received economy shipping. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Is HTC communicating with customers affected by order processing issues?

We are contacting customers affected by order processing issues through multiple channels – directly with customers and through updates on the blog here.

If you have questions about the status of your Vive order, be sure to check out all the information from HTC to get your answers.

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