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We all know battery life is one of the main fields that should be improved when it comes to smartphones. We have all this power in such a small body but battery life often annoys us. There aren’t many solutions other than portable chargers and/or replaceable batteries (for some devices), but there might be way to soften the blow.

A company named PLX Devices Inc is working on a way to offer you up to 92% faster charge of your device’s battery. The device which should help you do that is called Legion Meter and is on Kickstarter as we speak. Legion Meter should be a usb dongle in which you should plug-in your device via usb cable. There are tons of information Legion Meter will give you on its display but the main feature is of course faster charge times, they say up to 92%. Kickstarter goal was $ 10,000 and they’ve currently raised over $ 355,000, this actually says something about smartphone batteries these days. If you want to pledge your donation or want to know more visit the link below.

Would you buy something like this? Does your smartphone take way too long to charge?

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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