Whether working or playing (or both), everyone can enjoy a minute or two of internet-ing with friends.

I thought I would be taking advantage of a spell of warm weather and getting outside to spend some time with my favorite hobby — fiddling around with some woodworking tools — but instead, I’m stuck inside watching it rain on this dreary Saturday afternoon. Bleh. I need to get my mind clear and I have a chess set to get done so please stop teasing me with springtime temps and take it away at the last minute, mkay?

It’s cool, though. I found another thing I need to do that’s fun while being productive and I’m going to tear my gaming PC apart and do some dust removal, then hopefully be able to put it back together a little less messy than it is right now. I’ve been swapping a second video card in and out because I love me some SLI goodness but my HTC Vive only works with a single card in place. I didn’t have this in mind when I hastily threw together the parts I scrounged up.

Dr. Frankenstien would be proud.

So my Saturday is a proper mix of fun and, well, fun. At least it’s fun if you like to touch the stuff inside a PC. What about you?

Take a minute and share whatever it is you’re doing this weekend, or just talk about anything. I like to set aside this one little spot where you can just relax and chat with some online friends without any phone arguing or shaming. We all deserve a place to relax.

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