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Best tempered glass screen protectors for the LG G5

What are the best tempered glass screen protectors for the LG G5?

You’ve got your brand new LG G5 and, of course, you want to protect your investment. The latest in smartphone technology is never cheap and shattering that nice LCD would suck big time, right?

Worry not, we’ve got you covered — here’s our roundup for the best tempered glass screen protectors for the LG G5.

Joto LG G5 tempered glass screen protector iLLumiShield HD  [Read More…]

LG G5 and V10 now certified for enterprise and military use

LG has announced that the G5 and the V10 have both been certified by the U.S. National Information Assurance Partnership for use in enterprise and military programs.

The NIAP uses the internationally recognized Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme to evaluate conformity with security standards in 25 different countries, including the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

LG mentions that a big part of the device security on the G5 and  [Read More…]

Google and Honeywell put Nest patent dispute to rest

Google and Honeywell have agreed to settle an ongoing patent dispute between the two companies. Prior to the agreement, Google and Honeywell, which is best known for its line of thermostats, were at odds over patents relating to the former’s Nest Labs division.

According to the terms of the agreement, the two companies have agreed to cross-license patents as part of the deal.

Google Inc. and Honeywell today announced that they have reached a long-term patent cross-license  [Read More…]

Civil War breaks out in Marvel Avengers Academy

To coincide with the release of Captain America: Civil War in theaters, a limited-time event has kicked off in Marvel’s Avengers Academy mobile game. Like the movie, this event sees a civil war of sorts breaking out on the Avengers Academy campus.

As the conflict kicks off, players will have to pick a side: Captain America or Iron Man. Both iconic heroes have opposing views on how to best defend the Academy, and you’ll  [Read More…]

Disney platformer Castle of Illusion discounted to just 99 cents on Google Play

Disney fans, heads up: Castle of Illusion, an updated take on the Sega classic starring Mickey Mouse, is currently discounted to just 99 cents on Google Play. If you’re keeping track, that’s a massive drop from the game’s usual price of $ 9.99.

Throughout the game, you’ll take control of Mickey Mouse as you puzzle and platform your way through the Castle of Illusion in search of Minnie Mouse’s kidnapper Mizrabel. Here’s a look  [Read More…]

Best accessories for the Moto 360

From screen protectors, to straps, to storage — here’s a roundup of the best Moto 360 accessories!

You’ve got yourself a smartwatch, sweet! You chose the Moto 360, awesome! Immediately you start tapping and swiping and customizing the Moto 360 to work exactly the way you want. But once that’s done a hollow feeling begins to settle … is there no more customization to do with your brand new watch? Not at all! Customize your Moto  [Read More…]

[DEAL] Pick up a Magellan Echo Smart Fitness Watch for $39.99

As much as we love our Android Wear watches and all of the cool functionality that comes with them, not everyone feels the same. Some users don’t have a need for features such as heart rate monitors, internally stored music, or GPS. And, really, not everyone wants to drop a couple hundred bucks for a

Google’s AI is beefing up its conversation skills with romance novels

While the saucy language of romance novels and the high-tech world of artificial intelligence don’t sound like natural partners in crime, combining the two is exactly what Google has been up to for the past few months. Specifically, Google has been feeding a steady stream of romance novels to the AI engine that powers responses in its Google app in an effort to inject some personality and more conversational mojo, reports BuzzFeed.

As noted in the report,  [Read More…]

[Opinion] Should iMessage come to Android?

One of the biggest drawbacks of using an Apple device is that, unlike Google and Microsoft, Apple has not made any of its default apps available on Android, save one. Apple is notorious for its walled garden approach to software, and although Tim Cook has hinted that more Apple apps will come to Android, time