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Best Clear Cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020

There are a lot of options out there for protecting your snazzy, new, super-sized Samsung phone, and if you’re a fan of Samsung’s unique design style, a clear case might be the perfect fit. Whether you want a sleek clear case for scratch-protection or a rugged clear case that can go the distance, here are the best clear cases for the S20 Ultra.

Clear but sturdy Ringke Fusion X

Staff pick

This rugged clear case combines a  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S20+ is big, pretty, but fragile — protect it with a clear case

Samsung made yet another beauty with the Galaxy S20+, so I understand not wanting to hide its splendor inside a bulky, blocky tank of a case. That said, this is also a very expensive phone that’s completely wrapped in glass, so please, please, please protect your gem of a phone with a clear case. There’s no reason not to when they look this good!

Grippy clear case Caseology Solid Flex Crystal

Staff pick

Caseology’s take on the  [Read More…]

Get your wallet ready — the Galaxy Z Flip is restocking just after midnight

What you need to know The Galaxy Z Flip will be in stock and ready to ship at 12:01 AM EST tomorrow, February 21st. This comes after the Z Flip sold out nationwide in under half an hour during its initial launch last week. It’ll likely sell out quickly again. You’ll want to act quickly.

Last week’s launch of the Galaxy Z Flip left plenty of tech enthusiasts disappointed after the foldable sold out within just  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Space Zoom camera is amazing and a bit creepy

100X zoom is ludicrous and near pointless, but 10X and 30X are really impressive.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is here! Samsung’s latest flagship was announced a few weeks ago and we’ve received our review unit ahead of the phone going on sale tomorrow. As we begin the review process, we wanted to share these first zoom samples captured by the Space Zoom camera.

The Space Zoom feature uses the 48MP telephoto sensor, presumably as well as  [Read More…]

Best Clear Cases for Galaxy S20 in 2020

The Galaxy S20 is a beautiful new flagship, so why would you want to cover it up? Simple: it’s an expensive glass-backed phone, and you need to protect it if you want it to last you for the next few years! These are the prettiest, toughest, and clearest clear cases available right now.

Timeless classic Spigen Liquid Crystal

Staff pick

Year after year, time after time, this ends up being my most-used and most-trusted clear case because  [Read More…]

Sony, Facebook pull out of GDC 2020 due to coronavirus concerns

Sony also announced it wouldn’t be attending PAX East earlier this week.

What you need to know Sony and Facebook announced they’re pulling out of GDC 2020. This is the second conference that Sony has canceled plans for this month. The Novel Coronavirus (COVID19 or 2019-nCoV) situation in China has caused a lot of upheaval across the tech industry.

Just one day after announcing it wouldn’t be attending PAX East, Sony confirmed that it also won’t be  [Read More…]

Declutter your phone by deleting apps — here’s how

Get rid of unwanted apps in the blink of an eye.

As the owner of an Android phone, there are a few basics tasks you should know how to do — such as making phone calls, sending texts, checking your email, etc.

The longer you have your phone, the more likely it is that it’ll fill up with a variety of apps. There’s that game your kid told you to download, the app for the airline you  [Read More…]

HBO, Cinemax and HBO Max are coming to YouTube TV

The premium networks will fill a premium-size hole in YouTube TV’s offerings.

One feature that’s been sorely missing from YouTube TV is HBO, and its sibling channel Cinemax. That’s about to change.

HBO and Cinemax will be coming to YouTube TV soon — and HBOMax when it’s available in May — WarnerMedia announced today. We don’t have exact dates for when HBO and Cinemax will be available — just “this spring” — but it’ll allow you to pay for and watch  [Read More…]

Google is testing a small YouTube Music redesign for Android

There’s finally a lyrics section in plain view.

What you need to know Google is testing an update to YouTube Music’s Now Playing UI. This new update surfaces key parts of the interface like shuffle and repeat. It also adds a tabbed bottom bar with highlighted lyrics support. It’s server-side triggered, so users have to wait till Google rolls it out to them.

Google is testing a small YouTube Music redesign, playing with elements on the Now  [Read More…]

ASUS and Google are teaming up to pre-load Stadia on the ROG Phone 3

The Stadia app will come pre-loaded in participating territories.

What you need to know The ASUS ROG Phone III will come pre-loaded with Google Stadia. The partnership runs through 2021, and the Stadia app will be included on all next-generation ROG Phones in supported territories. Stadia added support for several new phones this week, including several popular Samsung flagships and a handful of gaming phones, such as the ASUS ROG Phone I and II.

Google’s cloud-based game  [Read More…]