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Weekly Poll: Does your Chromecast travel with you?

Have you ever imagined a world, where every time you travel you could access your favorite movies and television from home even though you’re at a hotel? It’s not a fantasy, as any Chromecast can tell you. Whether you choose to travel with your Chromecast, or you prefer leaving it at home, it’s all about preference.

This week we want to know if you take advantage the portable nature of the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio by  [Read More…]

LG teaser confirms G5 will feature always-on display

In a teaser posted on its official Facebook page, LG has confirmed that the upcoming LG G5 will feature an always-on display. The feature was teased in the form of a GIF that shows several smartphone screens slowly fading to black before an outline of the G5 appears, showing off the time and notifications in a manner akin to the ambient and active displays we’ve seen from Google and Motorola, respectively.

Never go  [Read More…]

These apps will help you get through Valentine’s Day with ease

That most romantic of holidays, Valentine’s Day, is nearly upon us. With that in mind we’ve put together some handy apps to help get you through this weekend unscathed. Valentine’s Day has plenty of moving parts, no matter what your plans happen to be.

We’ve put together these apps to make sure that your day goes as smoothly as possible, so check them out!

Get in touch

The first step to enjoying this upcoming  [Read More…]

Join Android Central and Timyo as we work to fix email once and for all!

We want to make email better. Much better. Keep reading to learn how you can help.

Howdy, folks, James Falconer here. I’m the Community & Developer Program Manager around these parts. If you’re active in our forums or have answered one of our surveys, you’ve probably heard from me!

Early last year a startup called Timyo approached our newly minted developer program. They felt “email was broken” and had developed an app that would “fix email for  [Read More…]

Monument Valley Lego set could become a reality with enough support

If the idea of manipulating the insane puzzles of popular mobile game Monument Valley with your bare hands sounds fun, there’s a chance Lego could make that happen. A proposal for a Monument Valley Lego set has been post on Lego’s Ideas website where, with enough support, the set stands a chance at becoming reality. Lego Ideas user Isometry, who submitted the idea, described the set thusly:

My Lego Ideas project is inspired by the Monument Valley  [Read More…]

Opera Apps Club brings premium app subscriptions to emerging markets

Opera has launched its Apps Club worldwide, a subscription service for premium Android apps that provide developers access to more markets with “all you can download” plans. Consumers, who may have not been able to via traditional store methods due to low credit card penetration, can then take advantage of these offers. Think of it as a Netflix-style subscription service, but instead of just TV shows and films, you can unlock content in supported apps.

These  [Read More…]

LG’s modular, dual-everything G5 could be one big play for differentiation

It’s hard to stand out. But LG’s next Android flagship — the G5 — might have a few new tricks up its sleeve.

Over the past three and a half years, LG has slowly grown into the de facto alternative to Samsung in many markets around the world, including the U.S.

Since the rebirth of the firm’s “G” series in 2013 with the LG G2, the company has put being differentiation the heart of its products.  [Read More…]

Best Buy offers $50 off gold Nexus 6P, throws in $25 gift card

Best Buy is currently offering a solid deal on the gold Nexus 6P, cutting its price by $ 50 and throwing in a $ 25 gift card to boot. While this deal is only for the gold variant, it does include both the 32GB and 64GB models, knocking the down to $ 449 and $ 499, respectively.

The Nexus 6P was originally released in September, and we’ve seen a number of deals on the smartphone since. This  [Read More…]

Sweet Valentine’s Day gifts for the tech lover in your life

Set your significant other up with some awesome tech gifts this Valentine’s Day that expand beyond the traditional cards and candy.

Looking for a fun way to surprise the tech lover in your life this Valentine’s Day? We’re here to help with our unique gift guide that encompasses everything from smart mood lighting and key finders to fitness trackers and amazing speakers.

SONOS Speakers

Give the gift of amazing audio with a  [Read More…]

Classic RPG Final Fantasy IX is now available on Android

Following an announcement at the end of last year, Square Enix has brought its classic role-playing game, Final Fantasy IX, to Android through the Google Play Store. Originally released in 2000 for the first PlayStation, the mobile version of the game incorporates a number of modern features on top of the original game.

Final Fantasy IX tells the story of the character Zidane and his Tantalus Theater Troupe compatriots, who have captured Princess Garnet of  [Read More…]