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How to pair Bluetooth headphones with your Android phone

How do I pair Bluetooth headphones on Android?

With Apple getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the new iPhone, there has been some speculation as to what’s next for Android. Luckily, there is no one, proprietary port that could replace the headphone jack on Android phones… For now. So, whether you want to future-proof yourself or you just want the convenience of wireless headphones, getting a pair of Bluetooth cans isn’t a bad idea  [Read More…]

Wednesday’s best tech deals and discount codes

Online security is more important these days than ever. Our dependance on the internet is at its highest and the amount of cyber theft is so high that even our presidential nominees are trying to address it. A VPN is a great way to secure your personal information and we are offering a lifetime subscription

UMi Plus is redefining the concept of “4GB RAM flagship”

UMi Plus has been called the “budget flagship” because it’s able to give a no-compromise experience at a very convenient price, only 179.99$ for a phone which has the Helio P10 Octa core SoC, 4GB RAM, 4000mah Battery, PE+ fast charging technology and 13MP Samsung PDAF Camera with pure Andriod 7.0 update at this Christmas!

Too sick to stand: What it’s like to ride the first VR video game roller coaster

Virtual reality roller coasters are certainly cool, but are they really the future of theme parks?

Whose bright idea was it to strap a vomit-inducing virtual reality headset to people’s faces and then flip them upside down at 55 miles per hour?

It’s certainly not my idea of fun, but in the spirit of Halloween and all the thrills that come with it, Samsung and Six Flags debuted Rage of the Gargoyles, one of the first  [Read More…]

Pixel hype: Can the first real ‘Google phone’ make a splash outside the Android bubble?

The big message the company needs to convey on October 4 is why normal people should care about a phone ‘made by Google.’

Do you have an Android phone?

No, I have a Galaxy.

Just about every one of us at Android Central have had some variation on that conversation over the past few years. It underscores the difference in how normal people — those who don’t live and breathe smartphone industry nonsense every day — view phones. For  [Read More…]

Best heavy duty cases for Moto G4

Which heavy duty cases are best for the Moto G4?

You’ve just picked up your shiny new Moto G4 and you’re looking for a good protective case for it. That’s where we come in: here are some picks for the best heavy duty cases for the Moto G4.

Cimo Moto G4 hybrid case TUDIA Extreme Protection case DAYJOY Moto G4 case J&D Moto G4 kickstand case OEAGO Defender case for Moto G4

Cimo Moto G4  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S7, six months on

It’s been half a year since we reviewed the Galaxy S7; now it’s time to revisit things.

Oh how quickly time flies. It’s hard to believe that the Galaxy S7 has already been on sale for over six months, as we published our review on March 8. The GS7 has been what I consider my “primary” phone since then (with requisite time spent away from it with review devices), so I’ve racked up plenty of experience  [Read More…]

T-Mobile extends free high-speed roaming in Europe and South America until end of 2016

T-Mobile extends roaming privileges until the end of 2016.

T-Mobile always finds a way to put itself in the news. The company has announced that it will be extending free high-speed roaming to postpaid customers until the end of 2016. The original plan was supposed to expire at the end of September.

Specifically, the company says all postpaid customers will be able to roam on LTE at no extra charge in a number of European and South American countries,  [Read More…]

Amazon refreshes the $40 Fire TV Stick with Alexa remote

Amazon has thrown their hat into the streaming device update ring. The refresh of the widely popular Fire TV streaming stick comes straight on the heels of Roku upgrading their entire line of streaming devices. Amazon has decided against a complete overhaul, however, and instead opted for marginal improvements in order to keep the device

Best OnePlus Phone

If you’re interested in getting the best OnePlus phone you can buy today, look no further than the OnePlus 3. It’s a fast and capable device all wrapped up in a beautiful chassis.

Best overall OnePlus 3

See at OnePlus

The OnePlus 3 is the latest and greatest phone to come from OnePlus, and by far the best flagship they’ve released thus far. Featuring all the hardware specs and features you’d expect from  [Read More…]