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Gearbest now accepts PayPal Credit with 0% interest for six months is one of the fastest third party sellers of electronics out of China. Its presence in the US is limited to warehouses, but the benefit of buying through is the lower cost of devices due to lower overhead costs. has an insane inventory of over 110,000 items across 140 categories, but the ones

You can now play solitaire and tic-tac-toe directly in Google search results

Goodbye productivity.

You can now play solitaire or tic-tac-toe directly in Google’s search results. Just search for solitaire or tic-tac-toe in the search engine on the web or from your phone, and you’ll get a playable version of either game above the search results.

Google’s take on solitaire is fairly basic, but you do get the option of selecting between easy and hard difficulty levels.

As for tic-tac-toe, you get to choose  [Read More…]

What I learned after a week using the 2013 Moto X

Most of the writers here at AndroidGuys change phones pretty regularly with the majority switching at least once a year. With my trusted Nexus 6, I probably have the oldest daily driver on the site as my device nears its second birthday. However, many smartphone users are not able to upgrade their phones as often

HTC’s A9 15-day update pledge goes out the window

Travel back to October 2015, when the HTC A9 was shiny and new. Amid the controversy about the price and availability — too much and too little — or how it was just a copy of the iPhone that was just a copy of the HTC M9, there was a small glowing nugget of sunshine. A promise of software updates within 15 days of Google’s official phones.

Did you hear that? The Unlocked A9  [Read More…]

How the blue light from your smartphones and tablets are affecting your sleep cycles

It goes without question that smartphones and tablets have infiltrated our lives. They have improved our lives in many ways, but the reality is they haven’t been in existence, with this kind of mass adoption, for more than a decade. More and more studies are showing that our smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other device

Best Galaxy S7 cases

What’s the best case for Galaxy S7? These should do the trick!

Unless you’re planning on rocking your new Samsung Galaxy S7 without any protection, you’ll want a worthy case to help keep the phone safe from wear and tear. Even this early on, there are some excellent cases for the Galaxy S7 that are available to purchase and pre-order. Popular manufacturers such as LifeProof, Speck, Spigen, Obliq, Ringke, and Supcase all make the list with  [Read More…]

Here’s why you should buy the Galaxy Note 7 over the S7 edge in India

The Galaxy S7 edge recently received a significant price cut, but that doesn’t mean you should discount the Note 7 altogether.

The Galaxy Note 7 is now up for pre-order in India. The phone will be available in store shelves from September 2 for ₹59,990 ($ 895), or ₹3,000 more than the launch price of the S7 edge. But the S7 edge has seen a price cut to ₹50,900 ($ 745), making it a much more  [Read More…]

Google gives Nexus phones a kick-ass WiFi feature from Project Fi

Google is giving smartphone owners yet another reason to consider a Nexus as their next device. This week finds Google rolling out Wi-Fi Assistant technology to Nexus phones running Android 5.1 or later. Once deployed, these smartphone users will be able to better leverage hotspots for data instead of relying on a cellular connection. Moreover,

The best music apps for your Android

Whether you want to store your own music collection or explore new sounds, your Android phone has an app to meet your needs. Free apps abound, but if you’re serious about your music, you should consider one of these high-end options. Spotify Premium Image via Even with a zillion free apps on the market,

Your phone may never get Android 7.0, but does it really matter?

Unless you bought a phone from Google, it’s going to take a while to see Nougat — if you ever see it at all. But that doesn’t matter as much as you might think.

Android and updates seem like a mystery to many of us. If you’re not familiar with the way a big open-source software distribution works, it can get a little confusing trying to sort out who gets what version and when. Reading the  [Read More…]