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Through Glass: The distraction factor

Just a few short weeks after debuting in Google Play for Sony devices, the Sony Lifelog app is now available for non-Xperia phones running KitKat. The app, which lets you monitor activity using your phone and the new Sony Smartband, was updated today in the Play Store with no associated changelog but after investigation seems to install just fine on many devices running the latest version of Android. The app also includes one small tweak in  [Read More...]

Through Glass: Breaking the ice

The latest in our continuing series on living with Google Glass. Jen McEwen is the Chief Marketing Officer of (NSFW link). You can also find her on Google+.

Google glass is awesome and nerdy and clunky and not all that practical — but it’s still bringing us together​

Google Glass is a device of contradictions. It’s intended for communication, but it’s hard to talk to someone on it. It captures and shares moments  [Read More...]

Through Glass: And what Aaron found there

Latest in our series on living with Google Glass. Aaron Kasten is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for bleeding-edge technology. He’s the founder of AndroidSWAG and the Big Android BBQ, and his latest venture is Winklogic, an app developer focused on wearables.

Pac-Man Monsters quests onto Android

The world’s first gaming star Pac-Man sure gets around. He’s appeared in arcade games, racing games, platformers, an adventure game, and more than a few puzzlers.  Now Pac-Man is back in another puzzle game called Pac-Man Monsters from Japanese publisher GREE and Namco Bandai. It’s free to play with in-app purchases.

Pac-Man Monsters isn’t just a puzzle game. It’s actually a puzzle RPG with monster collecting elements – sort of like a mixture of Pac-Man  [Read More...]

Samsung seems to be taking a different path with advertising for the Galaxy S5, actually showing off what the phone is capable of in commercials. The latest ad spot, which just hit YouTube, is a full minute long and focuses on a few key features of the latest flagship. Just like the previous ads, you see how the Galaxy S5 is water resistant, can take pictures quickly with “double the resolution of the iPhone” and can track all of  [Read More...]

Through Glass: Relax, this is just the beginning

The latest in our continuing series on living with Google Glass. Russell Holly writes for, is a longtime Google Glass wearer, has used Android since before it was cool, and dreams of living in a TARDIS. No, really.

Through Glass: Learning to explore

I feel like I should be exploring something, right? That’s the whole point of this Google Glass “Explorers” program. Get out into the world and do amazing things with this $ 1,500 space-age contraption strapped to my face. Instead, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve dared to venture out of my house wearing Glass.

Ask anyone who has Google Glass — or just be in the same room with anyone  [Read More...]