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Chase announces 5% cash back on gas purchases

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Listen up folks, it’s almost July 1st, the start of the 3rd quarter, which means a whole new set of 5% cash back opportunities with the Chase Freedom® card. This year, from July 1 to September 30, cardholders will be able to earn 5% cash back (or points)  [Read More…]

For better or worse, gestures are the new Android skin

Longtime Android faithful will surely recall the early days of Android UI and “skins”. Every company had its own take on what Android should look like and did their best to create a custom, signature experience. Moto had MotoBlur while Samsung came out swinging with it’s iOS-inspired TouchWiz, and HTC had Sense.

In these first generations of Android we found the UI to be heavy, in-your-face stuff that devoured system resources. In 2019 these skins are heavily understated, or completely  [Read More…]

Huawei admits it screwed up after putting ads on people’s lock screens

The ads “should not be appearing on lock-screen interfaces.”

What you need to know Huawei recently got caught placing ads on people’s lock screens. The ads were for travel site Huawei says it’s now removed them.

Thanks to the impending U.S. ban, Huawei’s got a lot on its plate right now. Amidst building its replacement OS for Android and figuring out how it’ll survive without U.S. business arrangements, the company found time to put ads on  [Read More…]

Is 5G dangerous or is it safe?

Best answer: There is no established risk to your health but use of high-frequency bands could lead to weather information disruption.

A smart hotspot with 5G tech: HTC 5G Hub ($ 600 at Sprint) Verizon phone with true 5G: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G ($ 1,300 at Verizon) Don’t panic about radiation

According to The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), radiofrequency fields are listed as possibly carcinogenic to humans. As Digital Trends pointed out in its  [Read More…]

Sprint to offer Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on June 21

Sprint on Friday confirmed its second 5G-enabled smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, will be available in the coming days. Indeed, the flagship handset goes on sale starting on June 21.

Priced at $ 1,300, the top-tier phone is offered in markets where the 5G network is available. In other words, you can look for it in Atalanta, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City. In the coming weeks it will also be sold in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix  [Read More…]

Motorola One Action leak reveals triple rear cameras and 21:9 display

There is no word on when the One Action will launch or what the price will be.

What you need to know Motorola One Action renders showcase three rear cameras and a hole-punch display. Specs include an Exynos 9609 processor, 3GB or 4GB of RAM, and a 3500mAh battery. It should be more affordable than the Motorola One Vision.

Motorola is adding some new phones to its One lineup, and we’re getting our first look at the  [Read More…]

First hands-on picture of the Pixel 4 looks identical to Google’s render

The front of the phone is said to have a large forehead above the display.

What you need to know The first hands-on picture of the Pixel 4 has been shared. Google’s apparently sticking with a large-ish forehead for the display. Unsurprisingly, the design matches up with Google’s official render.

On June 12, Google took the rumor mill by storm and shared an official render of the upcoming Pixel 4. Just a couple of days later, we  [Read More…]

Is the Pixel 2 still worth buying in 2019?

Taking a look back at 2017’s Pixel.

The Pixel hype train is in full force right now. Even though the still excellent Pixel 3 and 3 XL are still relatively fresh in our minds, Google’s early promotion of the new Pixel 4 has us eager to see what the company has in store for us this year.

However, let’s take a second to stop looking forward and instead go back to 2017’s Pixel 2. The Pixel 2  [Read More…]

Google’s search results page is getting a tiny splash of color

Google starts rolling out Material Theme icons next to search filter categories.

What you need to know Google is adding icons next to search filter categories on the desktop. The icons add a splash of color to the search results page. The feature is rolling out to all users.

Earlier this year, Google started testing Material Theme icons next to the Search menu filters. The feature is now being rolled out to all desktop users starting today.

  [Read More…]

Samsung’s $99 Galaxy Fit goes up for sale in the U.S.

What you need to know Samsung Galaxy Fit is now up for grabs in the U.S. for $ 99. It comes with a full color AMOLED display and MIL-STD-810G certification. Samsung claims the wearable can provide up to seven days of normal usage on a single charge.

Nearly four months after its official introduction alongside the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Watch Active, the Galaxy Fit is finally on sale in the US. You can now purchase the fitness  [Read More…]