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ZTE’s first Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch lands at T-Mobile for an affordable price

After being rumored quite some time, ZTE finally unveiled its first Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch called the Quartz. Remember how the Chinese company said the wearable will be very affordable, compared to the current slew of Android Wear devices? Well then, you’ll be glad to know that ZTE kept true to its word. The company […]

Best Clear Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8

What are the best clear cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8?

It’s the same debate with the release of every new phone: Do you show it off or protect it with a durable case?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a brilliant new design that you’ll definitely want to flaunt, but you’ll also want to keep all that glass unscathed, right? Split the difference with a clear case and show off your new phone while keeping it protected  [Read More…]

Nokia 9 tipped to have as much RAM as the OnePlus 3T

Nokia’s upcoming flagship has been popping in the rumor mill on a regular basis for the past few months. Despite hopes of seeing Nokia unveil a premium smartphone at MWC 2017, the company had other plans and pulled the wraps off a lineup of affordable Android handsets. When queried about the possibility of launching a […]

Who’s going for the Galaxy S8+ over the S8?

Are you leaning one way or the other?

Last year, there was a clear divide in size and features between the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge — it was even in the name!

This year, not so much. The Galaxy S8+ is slightly taller and wider than the Galaxy S8, with a 6.2-inch display over the smaller phone’s 5.8-inch panel, but both are curved, and both are very compact.

#mn_oembed_c:before { display: none; } #mn_oembed_c  [Read More…]

ZTE Quartz is an affordable Android Wear smartwatch with 3G and a huge battery

The maker of budget smartphones begins its foray into the wearables market with the biggest battery in Android Wear.

ZTE isn’t quite known for its wearables because it hasn’t really offered any — at least, not any running Android Wear. The company is hoping to turn that around now that smartwatches and wearables have become a veritable thing in the mobile industry, and companies of all sorts are investing in their own devices in this space, ZTE  [Read More…]

This protective Galaxy S7 case is just $25 today!

Looking to protect your Galaxy S7 and add a bit of unique style to it at the same time? If so, check out Seidio’s DILEX case for some great print options on a protective case that is pretty thin and will only set you back $ 25 today!

Google Pixel 2 could have a curved display à la Galaxy S8

In a few months Google is going to unveil follow-ups of its super popular Pixel and Pixel XL phones. And if recent reports are true, the Pixel 2 might arrive with a curved display just like the Samsung Galaxy S8. Korean industry sources revealed the Mountain View-based company has announced its willingness to invest at […]

How to quickly launch the Galaxy S8 camera with the power button

The Galaxy S8’s camera shortcut has moved from the home button to the power button. Here’s how it works!

On the Galaxy S6 and S7, the camera app was easily accessible by double-pressing the physical home button from anywhere — screen on or off, and in any app. But the Galaxy S8 has no physical home button, which necessitated a change of strategy.

By default, the Galaxy S8 will launch the camera app if you double press  [Read More…]

Galaxy S8’s Bixby features headed to Germany in Q4 2017

Bixby will be fully functional in Germany around the time we’re expecting the Galaxy Note 8.

The full feature set of Bixby, Samsung’s AI assistant feature for the Galaxy S8, will only be available in U.S. English and Korean at launch, with other regions having to wait it out. And now we have a rough idea of just how long that might take.

According to an entry on Samsung’s German support site, first spotted by GalaxyClub, Germans  [Read More…]

Make Google Play Music — or almost any music app — your alarm clock!

Forget alarms.

Who wants to wake up to some horrible ringing, buzzing, or other panic-inducing noise? Waking up to a klaxon?? STOP IT! NO! BAD! Why start your day in a bleary adrenaline rush? We don’t have to do that to ourselves anymore. We have the technology to wake up better ways.

True, some alarm apps allow you to set a favorite song as your morning alarm, but the problem here is that no matter how much  [Read More…]