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It’s not too late to order a Kindle Fire for Christmas!

Want to get your hands on one of this year’s top-selling Android tablets but find yourself afraid it won’t arrive in time for Christmas?  Fear not! Amazon today issued a press release which indicates there’s plenty of time to order the Kindle Fire and still get it before the fat guy comes knocking.

Kindle Fire is the most successful product we’ve ever launched and delivers a fully-integrated service  [Read More…]

T-Mobile beats up iPhone yet again in Bonus Round [Sponsored Post]

When we last checked in, T-Mobile had just finished using the HTC Amaze 4G to administer a beating on the iPhone 4S.  Using an 8-bit/Scott Pilgrim  approach, T-Mobile’s video shows the various ways in which their Android-powered HTC handset bests the Apple iPhone.  Well, it ain’t over yet.  Check out the clip below which shows what happens a girl enters the fray.

The “Bonus Round” video pits the  [Read More…]

Christmas-themed update arrives for Sega’s Fallen Realms

Do you have what it takes to help Santa get his red suit back so he can deliver presents on Christmas?  Sega’s Fallen Realms has been updated to include a new campaign for Christmas which can help players earn new special in-game items.  The turn-based combat game features mystic relics, weapons, magic, and touch-based controls and runs on Android devices with 2.1 or higher.

The dark forces in  [Read More…]

Super Bowl XLVI to be streamed live online, over NFL Mobile app

As if you needed another reason to keep your Android phone or tablet in the living room… Super Bowl XLVI, taking place February 5th 2012, will be streamed both online and on mobile phones for the first time, the NFL said Tuesday. Rather than a simple broadcast of the same stuff you’ll find on television, the app will include additional camera angles, live stats, and highlights.  Oh, and  [Read More…]

Google Music Blowout: $4.99 albums and 49-cent songs

Google Music Blowout: $ 4.99 albums and 49-cent songs

Music lovers in the United States can get to work populating their new Google Music library now that Google has started a limited-time sale on practically the entire catalogue. Beginning today and running for an undisclosed period, the  [Read More…]

Adobe AIR receives its own update, now supporting ICS

Android Central

Hot on the heels of Flash Player 11, Adobe have today updated AIR to include support for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich. More good news for those of you with a shiny new Galaxy Nexus but even more so now that we’re starting to see ICS roll out to other devices. Hit up the source link for the full changelog, and the download links below to grab it in the Market.

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Kindle Fire Version 6.2.1 brings performance boosts, more options

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon has just posted release notes for the Amazon Kindle Fire Version 6.2.1 software update (Version 6.2 dropped just a few weeks ago), which has promised to address a number of nagging issues. Included in the update are:

Enhancement for fluidity and performance Improved touch navigation response Adds the option to choose which items display on carousel Adds ability to add password lock on Wifi access

In a few  [Read More…]

Sprint’s lawyers are bored, sue 4 cable companies for patent infringement


Now that the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA is off the table, Sprint is in the awkward position of trying to find things for its highly-paid legal team to do. No, they didn’t issue a statement on their (binding?) promise to deliver the latest version of Android to all devices released after May 2011 (seriously, get on it, Sprint).

Instead, Sprint has hit the U.S. Court system in a four-point  [Read More…]

Dropbox update preview showing off its ICS optimization

Android Central

The guys over at Dropbox have slipped a preview of a forthcoming update to their Android application out into their forums, complete with optimization for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Besides looking pretty sweet on ICS, there are also a couple of other nice additions that are forthcoming with this release. These include single tap access to all file and folder actions, ability to favourite files for quick offline access, and bulk  [Read More…]

Samsung announces Ice Cream Sandwich update schedule, users predictably upset

Samsung announces Ice Cream Sandwich update schedule, users predictably upset

Samsung has announced its plans for updating current models to Android 4.0, code named Ice Cream Sandwich. In the first quarter of 2012, the Korean manufacturer will first update the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note  [Read More…]