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Google Maps adds in-navigation voice control, elevation info for bicyclists

Google Maps is receiving an update to version 8.2 today, with a solid set of new features including in-navigation voice control, elevation change information for bicyclists and faster access to voice input from the main maps screen. The biggest change in this latest version is the ability to give Google Maps voice controls while you’re navigating, something that hands-free driving advocates (and just frequent drivers) will be a fan of. While navigating you’ll now see a  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Fire Phone ad highlights Prime, little kids using it like adults

As we close in on a week until the Amazon Fire Phone becomes available, Amazon has just released its first 30-second ad for the product. Building on the messaging that was put in the launch event of the Fire Phone, the short ad shows two children using the phone and talking up a few features to their older counterparts who don’t yet know about the device. “It comes with Amazon Prime — tons of stuff, for no extra charge,”  [Read More…]

Sony gives Xperia Z2 a minor update

It looks like owners of the Xperia Z2 are starting to notice a minor firmware update being pushed out to them from Sony. The firmware version number is 17.1.2.A.0.314. Though the update is rolling out now, it doesn’t bring the latest Android 4.4.4 to the table as it keeps the Xperia Z2 at Android 4.4.2.

At this time, there is no change log to report on, so we’re guessing that Sony may be ironing out  [Read More…]

The best Android Wear watch face apps


We’re roughly two weeks into the release of Android Wear devices (LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live) and the apps are beginning to pile up. Plenty of developers have already updated their existing apps to support the enhanced capabilities of a smartwatch. Others devs, however, are releasing their first apps centered around these devices.

One key area we’re seeing much movement in is watch faces. Indeed,  [Read More…]

Kyocera’s Sapphire Shield will let Android phones take on the iPhone 6 in durability

It’s no secret now that Apple’s iPhone 6 is rumored to come with a resilient and durable synthetic sapphire glass screen, though Apple may not be the only one to release a scratch- and shatter-resistant phone. Thanks to Kyocera‘s work on what is being branded as Sapphire Shield, various other Android OEMs may be able to source synthetic sapphire glass for their phone’s screen as well.

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Reboot: Welcome to the World of Wallpapers!


Welcome back to the World of Wallpapers!

This is a reboot of an old series held by Cliff Wade. Here, I will be running you through various wallpapers and wallpaper apps of all kinds. Like many of you, I suppose, I am a big believer in making my phone mine. Sadly, I don’t have the skill to create my own wallpapers, so I use other people’s  [Read More…]

Hands-on with the Verizon LG G3

It’s an LG G3, on Verizon

When it comes to U.S. versions of the LG G3, the one most folks have asked us about is Verizon’s. So, we picked up Verizon’s LG G3, which we present to you now.

For all intents and purposes, what we’re looking at is the same as the AT&T model we’ve had for nearly a week, as well as the Korean and European models we’ve had for a month or so  [Read More…]

LG G3 versus Samsung Galaxy S5

Korean electronics giants Samsung and LG compete in just about every area in which they operate. In the smartphone space, though, Samsung’s Android-powered lineup remains top dog. Not only is it the world’s top handset manufacturer, but it’s Galaxy range, headed by the Galaxy S5, also represents the most familiar face of Android in the eyes of consumers. LG has had a comparatively shaky start in the smartphone world, but in past week it’s finally brought  [Read More…]

Try Google Glass without spending a fortune

try glass

Are you one of those people who have seen Google Glass only on pictures and video and never had the chance to try them out? You don’t have that amount of money or don’t want to spend all that much for something you can’t try out first? Well, Google has a solution for you (if you live in certain parts of U.S. that is)

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Watch This App: VimoFit Android Wear Fitness



So you’ve got an Android Wear device and now you’re looking for some Android apps to go along with it. We’ve got you covered. Our Watch This App column is designed to help educate readers in the various apps available for the platform and highlight the best of the bunch. Watch This App: VimoFit Android Wear Fitness Personal  [Read More…]