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Distimo: Paid App Store Downloads More Popular Than Android Counterparts

On Friday, app marketplace analytics firm Ditimo published their latest findings regarding the download patterns and trends within the digital world’s most popular app markets today. And the findings aren’t particularly positive for Android – at least not when compared to Apple.

Based on the data compiled, of the more than 200,000 applications now available in Google’s Android Market, most have logged a pretty poor download record. Ugly but true, 20% of all free applications  [Read More…]

‘Google Wallet’ May Force Apple into NFC Territory Sooner Than Anticipated

For the last few months, we’ve been hearing a see-saw tale of whether Apple will implement NFC (near field communications) technology in the next-generation iPhone. At this point in time, only speculation – no hard evidence – exists to suggest that the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 will actually feature NFC technology. But that may soon change if Apple was paying close attention to what rival Google announced today.

On Thursday, Google announced that it’s  [Read More…]

Amazon CEO: PSSST! Indlekay Abletay Oonsay!

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Sometimes there is a subtle cue, a moment when an individual’s poor choice of words hints at future products. Then sometimes those hints take the form of a neon wink, followed by a kick to the balls, and a back flip out of the room on to a tie-dye unicorn.

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, pulled the latter.

Bezos, when asked in an interview  [Read More…]

Android Port For iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS Coming Along

It’s quite ironic really when you think about it. Not content with the umpteen different Androidhandsets available these days, it seems some people want to run Google’s finest on their iPhones too.

In a forum post on ModMyI, Joshua Tucker has published an interview with the guy behind the project to get Android running on the iPhone 3GS and A4-based hardware such as iPhone 4 and iPad.

Nick Pack, product leader of the iDroid Project tells Tucker how the  [Read More…]

Android Port to 3GS and A4 Progress Report

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It has been quite sometime since word of the Android operating system being ported to the iPhone has been big news or an issue of public excitement. When Android on the iPhone originally hit the presses, everyone was on it and it was a hot topic for the entire summer of 2010. The latest release was the successful Android port to the iPhone 3G last year.  [Read More…]

Google Beats iTunes to the Clouds with New No-Label Music Beta Service

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We were told a major announcement from Google was coming today. And that’s exactly what we got, although the Internet search giant’s new effort has been rumored to be in the works for months. Today at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, California, Apple’s iTunes got a new competitor in the digital music space. But this rival is already poised to go somewhere iTunes never  [Read More…]

Apple Tops Google As The Most Valuable Brand In The World [Report]

According to a report by WPP’s “BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands”, Apple has surpassed Google to become world’s most valuable brand. The brand value of Apple has increased 859% since the year 2006.


Other notable companies in that list includes: IBM at number 3, and Microsoft on number 5.

Full press release is as follows:

Apple becomes world’s most valuable brand, says WPP’s BrandZ Registering  [Read More…]

iPhone 3GS Still Outselling Some Android Phones

It may be nearly two years old, but there’s life in the old iPhone 3GS yet and, as reported by AppleInsider, the veteran handset is still outselling some newer Android handsets.

Stats coming from  Cannacord Genuity’s  Michael Walkley show that both the iPhone 3GS and original iPad are currently outselling much newer competition.

The analyst looked into both AT&T and Verizon’s sales for April and deduced that the iPhone  [Read More…]

Enable AirPlay On Android Phones Using DoubleTwist

AirPlay, Apple’s magic video and audio streaming service allows users to ‘throw’ content from one enabled device to another. There’s nothing more magical (and revolutionary) than sending video from an iPhone to the big screen via an Apple TV, and now thanks to DoubleTwist, Android owners can join in the fun.

Using the free DoubleTwist app and a $ 4.99 add-on called AirSync, Android phones and tablets can now  [Read More…]

Google Maps Will Soon Enable You To See Inside Buildings

Google’s latest addition to its growing Maps product is Business Photos, which was launched today by Google’s Vice President of Location and Maps, Marissa Mayer.

The new feature will allow users to take a look inside buildings when using Maps, bringing a new level of functionality to the already feature-laden app.

Google’s Business Photos could be a real boon for hospitality and retail establishments such as bars, restaurants and  [Read More…]