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Samsung Gear VR not working with your Galaxy Note 4? Here’s why …

Why you might want to wait a bit before shelling out $ 199 for the virtual reality headset

It pays to read the fine print, folks, though we’ll forgive you if you didn’t. (And even a few of us here had to check this one again.) We’ve had some folks ask us about the new Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset not working with their Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Verizon or Sprint, for starters. And  [Read More…]

Snapdragon 810 Chipset Rollout Remains on Track


Late last week, Business Korea released a report indicating that the roll-out of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chip would be delayed. This was mostly due to an issue with an overheating CPU. Moreover, this issue was also said to effect the RAM controller and the Adreno 430 GPU attached to the 810. This would be an immense loss for anyone of us excited to see phones  [Read More…]

Another Note 4 variant with Snapdragon 810 in the works


If you like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and already think it is quite the powerhouse, then this news might surprise you. It seems that there is currently in development a variant of the Note 4 that will have the brand new Snapdragon 810 processor.

Evidently this variant of the Note 4 will also have the new Adreno 430 GPU. This, coupled with 3GB of  [Read More…]

YouTube Rewind 2014 turns down for Happy

Happy. The kiss. Jimmy Kimmel. Ice bucket challenges. Rhett and Link. More happy. John Green. John Oliver. Kid President. Colbert. Big Bird. Vsauce. Frozen. And 80 others. That’s YouTube Rewind 2014, the recap of everything on YouTube this past year that blew our minds, made us laugh, made us think, and made us awesome. Be sure to watch all the way to the end.

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HTC’s Desire 620 is a European mid-ranger for 2015

The new HTC Desire 620 is coming in early 2015 and is poised to be a successor to the Desire 610. The phone’s meant to carry on with the 610’s mission by providing an “an affordable smartphone that balances quality performance with stunning design.”

AT&T now selling $200 Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition


AT&T and Samsung this week announced the availability of the Gear VR Innovator Edition. Priced $ 200, or $ 250 with the recommended Bluetooth controller, virtual reality headset works with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. Indeed, this is the Oculus-based device first introduced a few months back.

“With Gear VR Innovator Edition, Samsung is putting the device in the hands of creators to craft amazing  [Read More…]

White Hat Hacker Bundle, $49


Learning to hack, ethically, is a necessity in today’s age of ever-growing digital threats. Whether your goal is to build your business or simply stop your secure data from being breached, learning the ropes of hacking can be the perfect leg up in sales or counter-measure against cyber thieves.

The White Hat Hacker Bundle couples hours of lectures, tutorials, and content with expert guidance to ensure  [Read More…]

Moto X on Republic Wireless to have 24-hour launch discount

The 2014 Moto X will go on sale tomorrow on Republic Wireless with a special price for 24 hours, dropping to $ 349 until December 11. The discount starts at 11am ET/8am PT, and applies both when ordering directly from Republic, as well as when customizing their phone through Moto Maker.

Win 1 of 10 Lookout Premium subscriptions!


Are you keeping yourself protected from malware, phishing, and other mobile attacks? For those of you that are, that’s great! As for the others, we’ll just assume you’re new to this whole Android thing and don’t know what sort of tools you have at your disposal.

Whereas Android continues to get smarter and more secure with each iteration, there’s nothing like having a company watch your  [Read More…]

These thin, lightweight Samsung Galaxy S5 hard cases are on sale for $11.95 today!

Take your preference for sleek design into serious consideration with these protective hard cases. There’s no separate layers, screen covers or clips to worry about here. It’s one piece that simply snaps over the back, leaving complete accessibility all around. Get yours in black, clear or gunmetal today and save 40%