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Experimental Google Play Music Chrome app brings drag and drop uploading and mini player

There’s a new entry in the Google Labs section of Google Play Music, and enabling it brings a whole new way to upload — and listen to — your own music. Read on to see a little more about it, and instructions for enabling it on your computer.


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AT&T’s HTC One Mini gets Android 4.4 KitKat

AT&T today announced that its HTC One Mini has begun receiving its update to Android 4.4 KitKat. Along with that you’ll be getting Sense 5.5, which brings about some much-improved elements to the user interface, including BlinkFeed, the lock screen and the dialer app. [AT&T]


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HTC One 2013 Google Play Edition Discounted by $100

Following the launch of the new HTC One M8 Google Play Edition, Google have decided to discount the 2013 HTC One Google Play Edition device by $ 100, bringing the price down to $ 499.

The 2013 HTC One has a 4.7-inch display, 1080p display, a Quad-Core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 600 chipset, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of Internal Storage.

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Announcing the ‘Weekly Photo Contest: No Filter’ winners!

This week’s photo contest let you go wild with your photographic creativity before and during taking your picture, but not afterwards with post-processing. “No filter” brought in a variety of interesting pictures that weren’t tweaked after the fact, and the results were great. It also means that the subject matter and style of the entries this week crossed a variety of genres, making for an interesting time browsing through the forum thread.

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Facebook buying Oculus Virtual Reality for $2 Billion

Facebook has been known for buying out products and companies have been successful were on the verge of success. Usually Facebook would acquire a new social network, an app or some online services, but now Facebook is buying the outcome of a Kickstarter project known as Oculus Virtual Reality. Oculus Virtual Reality was sold for $ 2 Billion ($ 400 million cash, $ 1.6 billion stock).

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Some LG Optimus G models may see a KitKat update

Remember the LG Optimus G? It was pretty much the Nexus 4 on the component side, but came with a better camera and an LG-flavored operating system. Right now, it’s sitting pretty on Android 4.1 for users who haven’t abandoned all hope and went the custom ROM route. But all that could be changing.

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ShopAndroid Spring Sale: Save 20% on all Android accessories!

Spring is finally here! Well, according to the calendar at least. It’s warming up now, the snow is melting and it’s almost time to get back outside and enjoy the weather. That means you’ll want to make sure all your Android phones and tablets up the challenge as well.


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Classic 80′s game ‘Asteroids’ [App of the Day]

We are always big fans of classic games and Asteroids is a version of the game from the 80′s you remember from your childhood. Destroy the Asteroids using your spaceship by shooting them out of the sky and eliminating the fragments that try and crash your ship.

A great Android game formed from a great 80′s classic.

Asteroides (Playboard) | Asteroides (Play Store)

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Samsung Galaxy S5 versus HTC One (M8)

The Galaxy S5 is the new crown of one of the leading smartphone brands in the world, Samsung. Samsung is currently shipping millions of units of the Galaxy S5, but it seems they might see a little bump in the sale because the all new HTC One is here. The new HTC One is better than its predecessor in a lot of things, and one of them is the improved design. Anyway, detailed comparison between the HTC  [Read More…]

Weekly Photo Contest: Window

Life would be a little less interesting (along with dark and dangerous, really) if we didn’t make use of windows in buildings and cars. Whether they’re glass, polycarbonate or some other material, windows are necessary but can also be artistic and architectural feature points. This week we’re going with the prompt “window” for your photos, and each shot will have to incorporate a window of some sort to be considered for the prizes.

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