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Why Google’s Purchase Of Motorola Is A White Flag Of Surrender, And How Apple Won The Future of Tech [Opinion]

This morning, Google made a bold move and purchased Motorola’s mobile business for $ 12.5 billion. In doing so, Google brought the hardware design and manufacturing of Android devices in-house, just as Apple has always done with its products, starting with the original Macintosh and continuing all the way to the iPhones and iPads of today.

This is nothing short of a capitulation. By purchasing a smartphone maker, Google has  [Read More…]

Make Way For The gPhone: Google Buys Motorola’s Smartphone Business For $12.5 Billion! [Breaking]

Samsung’s not going to like this: Google has just purchased Motorola Mobility for $ 12.5 billion, finally placing the Android maker on equal footing as Apple when it comes to controlling both the hardware and software of their smartphone platform.


Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page announced the buy first thing this morning, saying that they had purchased Motorola Mobility for twelve and a half billion dollars, or $  [Read More…]

Moto Deal Won’t Keep Google Out of Court

Now that Google owns a handset maker, will the $ 12.5 billion deal end Motorola’s patent-infringement complaints against Apple? Not likely, says the Android creator.

“Those lawsuits will continue and will be managed by Motorola as they are now…” Google’s Legal Chief David C. Drummond told reporters. Although he wouldn’t say more about the lawsuits, the Google executive must receive comfort from owning nearly 25,000 patents. The new cache of intellectual  [Read More…]

Android Tablets Not Even Selling as Well as These Forgotten Game Systems?

Remember Panasonic’s 3DO game system back in the mid ’90s? Not surprised if you don’t; it failed miserably and was discontinued after three years, despite being packed with promise and cutting-edge technology. But the three-year sales record of this flop have thus far still managed to handily beat that of Android tablets — all of them. Combined.

Marco Arment, developer of popular read-it-later app (and service) Instapaper, threw together the  [Read More…]

It’s Cheaper And Easier To Get Your iPhone Fixed Than An Android Or BlackBerry [Report]

If you own an iPhone, you’re more likely to get a quick answer from tech support compared to Android and BlackBerry users, which require much more hand-holding, a Friday report suggests.


The best tech support calls are the shortest, both for the user and the handset maker. Analytics firm ClickFox found most iPhone problems can be solved in one call. However, 77 percent of Android users require multiple steps and  [Read More…]

iOS, Android Are Gobbling Up The Smartphone Market

After passing Research In Motion to become the world’s No. 3 smartphone maker, Apple’s iOS is in striking distance of another once-great mobile phone maker, Symbian. During the second quarter, iOS rose to 18.2 percent of the global market while the Symbian platform shed nearly half of its 2010 strength.


After dropping to just 22 percent of the global market, down from 40 percent of smartphone sales during the second  [Read More…]

How to Get Google+ Running in Your Mac’s Menubar

Have you fallen in love with Google+? Do you find yourself checking the social network frequently throughout your day?

There’s a free app in the Mac App Store that let’s you run Google+ from your Mac’s menubar, and it’s called Tab for Google+. With this app, you can easily check and interact with Google+ while doing just about anything on your Mac.

Tab for Google+ isn’t exactly the most beautiful thing  [Read More…]

Gartner Research Shows iOS, Android Claiming 62% of Total Smartphone Market

The smartphone world is dominated by two platforms – Android and iOS. And it doesn’t appear the two giants will be doing serious battle with anyone other than themselves for the foreseeable future – that’s according to the latest research from advisory firm Gartner.

Google and Apple are the big winners in the smartphone ecosystem, Gartner declares. The combined share of iOS and Android in the smartphone operating system market doubled to nearly 62 percent  [Read More…]

One Indian Carrier Is So Desperate For iPhone Customers They’re Advertising An iPhone 4 Running Android

Even in India, carriers without Apple deals in place are going to desperate lengths to sell their inferior Android handsets as equivalent to the iPhone… even going so far as to advertise this weird iPhoneDroid rip-off, which boasts the design of the iPhone 4 and Android 2.3 Gingerbread as the operating system.


Pretty funny. We’re not sure if this is an actual handset or just exists in the mind  [Read More…]

Apple Gets Samsung Galaxy Tab Blocked in Most of the European Union

In what can only be regarded as a major victory for Apple on the world stage, German news agency DPA is reporting that Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy Tab 10.1. As a result, the tablet is effectively barred from distribution across all of the European Union, sans the Netherlands (for now, at least).

In light of Apple’s allegations that the Galaxy Tab is a blatant iPad rip-off that subsequently  [Read More…]