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Amazon explains the Silk browser on the Kindle Fire

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What do you get when you take a traditional web browser, crunch it through some cloud servers, compress the data and make it more mobile friendly by sharing the load locally as well as in the back end? That’s Amazon’s Silk browser. Actually, it sounds a bit familiar, but it’s going to get some prominent play on the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, which is likely to be a hot seller when  [Read More…]

Quell – Meditating on the reflections of raindrops and spikes [Game Review]


Quell is a very simple puzzler with a quality and value that make it an instant classic. Quell sets a new standard for smartphone games, and I almost let this gem of a game fall through the cracks. If it wasn’t for the Amazon Appstore, I may have never found it. While Quell may not be everyone’s  [Read More…]

Samsung coerced to pay licensing fee to Microsoft for their Android devices


Samsung is the latest manufacturer to get pulled into Microsoft’s web. Samsung and Microsoft have announced a cross-licensing agreement that involves patents from both sides. While the agreement is mutually beneficial, Samsung will be paying royalties to Microsoft for every Android powered device they sell. Not only will Microsoft be getting cash for Samsung’s Android phones, but Samsung has also agreed to develop and promote new handsets running Microsoft’s Windows Phone  [Read More…]

Rock Paper Scissors Combat brings strategic fun to a classic game [Video Game Reviews]


Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! It’s one of the most simplest games you can play to cure boredom or settle disputes, and it’s also the basis for an inventive new Android game.

Rock Paper Scissors Combat is a combination of chess and the rock, paper, scissors pastime. The object of the game is to capture an opponents flag,  [Read More…]

CMT and Sprint team up to create the latest Sprint ID pack for country music fans


If country music is your thing and you’re a Sprint customer, the latest Sprint ID may be right up your alley. The folks from CMT have teamed up with Sprint to create the ultimate country music Sprint ID pack complete with apps, widgets wallpapers and more. Included in the pack aside from Rhapsody, Soundhound and The Grand Ole Opry is quite a few CMT select items such as:

CMT Insider: CMT Insider gives  [Read More…]

Amazon Kindle Fire, the 7-inch sub-$200 Android tablet (Update)


Amazon is all set to unveil their 7-inch Android tablet to the market, with a press conference scheduled for 10 a.m. EST.  It seems Bloomberg has let the cat out of the bag a bit early this morning, and has revealed the official pricing for the upcoming tablet.

The 7-inch Amazon Fire will be unleashed for an incredibly affordable $ 199.

The Kindle Fire will feature:

Dual Core Processor Multi-Touch 7″  [Read More…]

Ice Cream Sandwich supposedly seen in short video – is it the real deal?


So here’s the story — supposedly an anonymous fellow purchased a Nexus S on eBay, and to his surprise found it running Ice Cream Sandwich.  There are quite a few visual differences, namely a new launcher style, a new “Google Apps” folder, a new notification bar, and a new lockscreen.  There’s also what looks to be a panorama feature in the camera, and the “Movie Studio” icon in the app drawer.  Everything is  [Read More…]

Isis NFC mobile payment group gets backing from handset manufacturers


Isis, a joint venture of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, has announced that the major hardware makers of Android  (and Windows 7) phones have climbed on board and will offer hardware that implements Isis’ NFC tech and standards.  The press release names LG, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry manufacturer RIM as hardware partners, as well as DeviceFidelity to offer solutions such as NFC enabled memory cards for phones built without NFC hardware.   [Read More…]

Microsoft reaches payment deal with Samsung over alleged patent violations


Microsoft has reached an agreement with Samsung over alleged intellectual property violations present in Samsung’s Galaxy phones and tablets. The two companies have agreed to a cross-licensing deal that will allow Samsung to use software and features in exchange for working with Windows Phone 7 and paying royalty fees for each device sold.

Samsung is the latest  [Read More…]

US Cellular adds the HTC Wildfire S, Hero S and Flyer to its lineup

USCC devices

US Cellular just droppeed word that it’s adding a trio of HTC devices to its lineup — devices that we outed back in July along with the rest of USCC’s roadmap. Here’s what’s on tap:

HTC Hero S — We can safely say this is the one that was labled the Desire II in our leaked roadmap. It’s got a 4-inch Super LCD display at qHD resolution, 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front-facing  [Read More…]