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Ice Cream Sandwich for international Motorola RAZR leaks

GSM Motoorola RAZR ICS leak

Calm down, Verizon Droid RAZR owners, this one’s not for you, unfortunately. Owners of the international (GSM/HSPA) Motorola RAZR XT910, however, are in luck, as an early build of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich appears to have leaked out for Moto’s flagship international phone.

The leaked build, which has surfaced over on fansite, shows firmware built just a week ago on Jan. 17, which exhibits characteristics of both  [Read More…]

Motorola RAZR Android 4.0 BLUR leaked


Based on the latest ROM leak, it looks like the Motorola RAZR may be one of the first devices in Motorola’s lineup to be updated to Android 4.0. The leaked build shows off some of the customizations Motorola is planning to implement on top of the new UI elements from Ice Cream Sandwich. So far, the camera and lock screen have been skinned, but we’re a bit surprised that the only  [Read More…]

Chevy Game Time gives Android users a chance to win a new car during Super Bowl XLVI

Chevy Game Time gives Android users a chance to win a new car during Super Bowl XLVI

My car is 10 years old and chugging along nicely, but I wouldn’t mind pushing something new for the new  [Read More…]

WatchESPN adds full-screen streaming on tablets, support for Ice Cream Sandwich

WatchESPN adds full-screen streaming on tablets, support for Ice Cream Sandwich

ESPN has finally updated its flagship live streaming app in order to be compatible with more devices; WatchESPN should now support phones running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and improved the playback experience  [Read More…]

Sonic 4 Episode 1 now available in the Android Market

Sonic Episode 4

Sega has been working hard to bring Sonic The Hedgehog games to Android and their latest release is now available in the Android Market. Sonic 4 Episode 1 picks up where the Sonic CD series left off and even includes some exclusive content:

2 Exclusive Levels – Two exclusive levels build specifically for smartphones using the accelerometer. New Moves – All of Sonic’s classic moves are available, including the newer Homing  [Read More…]

Ventev Dual USB Wall Charger [Accessory Review]


Before heading out to CES, Phil hopped on the ZenAndTech podcast to discuss the method to his madness in how he properly prepares himself and his electronics before heading out the door. This discussion made me realize that I am always hunting for power, and that most of the time I am looking for an extra place to plug in a device that charges via micro-usb. With this in mind I went out looking  [Read More…]

Android app developer is looking for answers, take a minute and help

Android Market

Android application developers work hard and don’t get nearly enough appreciation.  As you see mentioned just about everywhere, it’s the application support that makes or breaks a mobile platform, so their job is pretty important.  Luckily, we’re in good shape with Android, a look at the huge number of apps in just the official Android Market will confirm.  But there’s more than sheer numbers.  We all want applications and games that  [Read More…]

ESPN ScoreCenter gets an update, now includes scoring and breaking news notifications

ESPN Scorecenter

The popular sports app ESPN ScoreCenter has received a sizeable update which includes one the most requested features, notifications. Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but now you can receive scoring and breaking news notifications to your Android device.

Once you open the app, click the red tab at the bottom to bring up the menu, then select preferences. From there, you can manage which teams you follow and which alerts  [Read More…]

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD finally brings “tower offense” to Android

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Wildly popular “tower offense” game Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is now available for a cool $ 4 in the Android Market. A long-time iOS staple, the title picked up quite a bit of industry buzz, including a nomination for best Mobile Strategy Game from IGN and a Platinum Award from PocketGamer, among other accolades. Unlike other tower defense games, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD takes a different approach: you are on the offense rather  [Read More…]

What Google’s unified Privacy Policy means for Android


This week Google announced an upcoming change to their privacy policies that aims to provide a more intuitive user experience across all their products. Starting March 1, Google plans to consolidate more than 60 privacy documents into a single new Privacy Policy.

Now when signed in, Google will treat you as a single user across all their products, combining information you provided from one service with the others. As Danny Sullivan  [Read More…]