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Sprint saying so long to 1-year contracts

Sprint Playbook

Like doing one-year contracts on Sprint? Hope you’re not married to the idea, because starting Oct. 2, they’re history. Kaput. As in, you’re not going to get them anymore. That goes right along with the mobile hotspot changes we brought you last week, and the changes we’ve already seen to the Premier program. Guess it’s just a sign of the times.

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T-Mobile confirms they will be carrying the Galaxy Tab 10.1


In keeping with today’s trend of tablet related news, T-Mobile has used Twitter to announce that the carrier will indeed be carrying the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

No details on exactly which model will grace Magenta’s shelves have been released. It’s very possible that T-Mobile will release a 4G enabled Tab, but a WiFi-only device simply being sold in stores isn’t unheard of. We’ve been hearing rumors that the Tab will come  [Read More…]

Samsung and Google appear poised for some possible Ice Cream Sandwich at CTIA

Samsung-Google at CTIA

Allow us a little inside baseball here. We normally don’t post every event we’re invited to at the usual trade shows. We’ll be there, and you know we’ll be there. But this one’s a little different.

Behold the invitation to the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 “Google Episode” at CTIA in San Diego. So, first, it’s the “Google Episode.” That’s new. Second, they’re going to stream it for everyone to see, live  [Read More…]

HTC invites fans to London for Beats Audio event

Android Central

HTC UK is using its Facebook page to invite fans to London to celebrate the launch of “HTC with Beats Audio”, in a party at London’s Roundhouse next Thursday, Oct. 6. The party, which follows on from a press conference earlier in the day, features performances by Fedde le Grand, Martin Solveig as well as a “surprise headliner.” More importantly, we’ll also be there.

As far as shiny new HTC products go,  [Read More…]

Flickr Android app finally falls into Android Market



Someone at flickr must have gotten the memo that Android is quite popular with the young folks. After 2 years of promoting its iPhone app and doing absolutely nothing for the once-ignored mobile operating system, the official flickr Android app is finally official.

There’s a small silver lining to the neglect – Flickr for Android actually has features not  [Read More…]

Motorola Droid Bionic Review: Verizon’s answer to the Galaxy S II is fast, light, and thin


Verizon’s Droid Bionic is a hotly anticipated, ultimately delayed phone that has the fortune of facing its competition in the same launch timeframe. Bionic vs Samsung’s Galaxy S II phones has been a topic discussed non-stop since both were announced and delayed. Verizon even threw its confidence behind the Bionic while other carriers made they Galaxy S II  [Read More…] has a new app, and a loving video

Youtube link for mobile viewing has a new Android app out (news and the like). And to celebrate, it’s released the above video, which we’re still trying to wrap our heads around. But we couldn’t not share it with you.

And if you want to check out the app, links are after the break.

Android Market web link

Gameloft’s 9mm lives up to the hype, reminds parents about Android Market content filtering


Do you have young children with access to an Android device? It might be a good time to review Android Market’s content filtering feature now that Gameloft has finally released their crime/action game 9mm.

The game’s theme song opens with the line “Shoot first, ask questions last,” which perfectly describes what 9mm is about. The storyline follows John “Loose” Kannon who steals millions from a Mexican drug lord and then tries  [Read More…]

Motorola Xoom finally getting its 4G LTE upgrade starting Sept. 29

Xoom 4G LTE starts shipping Oct. 13 for $ 499

Motorola Xoom LTE

We’re starting to get word that the Motorola Xoom is finally getting ready for its upgrade to 4G LTE on Verizon. If you’ll recall, the Xoom was the first Honeycomb tablet, announced at CES in January. At the time, we knew it was going to launch as a 3G-only device, with a hardware upgrade to come sometime later. And later. And  [Read More…]

LG Esteem for MetroPCS gets unboxed

Youtube link for mobile viewing

We’re all over the place, but we can’t always be everywhere. That’s where you come in. And sniper1087 has done an excellent unboxing of the LG Esteem for MetroPCS. He’ll walk you through the UI, benchmarks, and don’t blink, or you’ll miss the very cool boot sound.

Need a reminder on specs?

4.3-inch display Gorilla Glass Android 2.3 Gingerbread 1GHz Snapdragon processor 512MB RAM 8GB on-board storage 5MP rear camera (capable of 720p  [Read More…]