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Acer introduces Iconia Tab 7 and Iconia One 7 tablets


Acer have today announced their new Iconia Tab 7 and Iconia One 7 tablets at its “A Touch More Connected” event in New York.

The Iconia Tab 7 is a tablet combined with phone functionality and 3G connectivity all in a 7-inch screen. The device is 0.89cm thin and 11.6cm wide, weighing in at only 298 grams. It comes in two screen options: a 7-inch  [Read More…]

Reddit seeks developers for official mobile app


Are you an app developer looking for work in the San Francisco area? Reddit may be the place for you!

Reddit is looking to go mobile, and would like to begin by hiring mobile application developers. Their aim is to develop a simple app for easier information consumption, and also work with third party developers to help build more successful apps.

The complete list of  [Read More…]

A dormant Google Glass will finally quit usurping your phone calls

A few more updates are on their way for Google Glass — and one in particular we’re pretty stoked to see.

First up is a change to backing up images — it’ll only automatically do it when you’re plugged in and on Wifi. You’ll also be able to force a backup, though. You’ll also be able to clear photos and videos out of your timeline, which is good if you’ve taken a whole bunch.

But perhaps more important  [Read More…]

PhoneSoap UV Charging System hands-on


The PhoneSoap UV Charger claims to be the first charger on the market that charges your phone while cleaning it.

By and large, we’re all clean people, right? We’re used to cleaning everything from our hands and bodies to our windows and smartphone screens.  Do you have bacteria on your mobile device? Of course; we all do. PhoneSoap’s UV-C System is here to save the  [Read More…]

LastPass update adds support for Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner

Up until now the Samsung Galaxy S5‘s fingerprint scanner was good for two things: unlocking the phone and paying with PayPal. Granted that’s one substantial thing more than Apple’s Touch ID on the iPhone 5s, but that still was a little limited. But Samsung had opened access to that scanner, and now password manager LastPass supports fingerprint swiping too.

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Up close and personal with the LG G3’s rear buttons

The LG G3 is very quickly becoming something of an open secret. We know the UI is getting a refresh, the screen will be 1440p, and the buttons, while redesigned, will still be on the back. Our first look at those redesigned buttons came over the weekend, and now courtesy of leaker @evleaks, we have a bigger and clearer look at them.

They’re like the buttons on the LG G2 and the LG G Flex, but  [Read More…]

Google’s precious Nexus line may soon be replaced by Android Silver


Could the Nexus line really be replaced?

A few months ago, Google was rumored to launch something called ‘Android Silver’. It’s basically a line of premium smartphones that could be closely controlled and monitored by Google, much like the Nexus line. These phones would be produced by the top Android manufacturers, and would receive timely updates, have a limit to bloatware, and would closely adhere to  [Read More…]

Acer announces new Chromebook with Intel i3 inside


During today’s press event in New York City, Acer announced a variation to their Chromebook (C720) lineup.  This new model will sport an Intel i3 processor within, dubbing it the “most powerful Chromebook on the market”.  This is a marked shift from the traditional Celeron/Haswell processors the current crop of Chromebooks contain.  A base 11/12″ model is expected this summer, with potentially larger screen models coming  [Read More…]

Field Trip gets voice control through Google Glass

Niantic Labs Field Trip app for Google Glass has received an update that enables voice controls. And all you have to say is “Okay Glass, Explore Nearby” to kick Field Trip into high gear. Field Trip hit Google Glass back in August of 2013, and it’s just now getting support for those voice commands that typify Glass.

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Privacy focused Blackphone to feature a Tegra 4i chipset


Running a modified version of Android called PrivatOS, the smartphone for the privacy concerned, made by Swiss mobile manufacturer SGP, just got a decision on the chipset it’ll be using.

SGP, a joint venture between Silent Circle and Geeksphone, have settled on using a Tegra 4i chipset for their Blackphone. SGP have also updated the spec sheet for the device, so here’s the full rundown:

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