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Google+ adds ability to start a hangout from mobile devices

Google+ will soon get a new update that makes it possible to initiate a Hangout directly from the Google+ Mobile app for Android. Announced a short while ago on the company’s official blog, Google+ will feature a button that makes it possible to tap a video icon and begin face-to-face chat, or face-to-face-to-face with up 10 people in a group hangout.

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Samsung Galaxy S II (I-9100) Ice Cream Sandwich ROM leaks out

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Whatdaya get when you slap TouchWiz on top of Ice Cream Sandwich on an original Samsung Galaxy S II? Something that looks very much like TouchWiz on top of Ice Cream Sandwich on an Original Galaxy S II. The enterprising folks at SamMobile managed to score themslves an early Android 4.0 ICS build for the I-9100 (that’s the original international version of the GSII). And just like with thie jump from Froyo to  [Read More…]

Verizon on Galaxy Nexus, still on track to launch “this year”


So much for Verizon being silent on the Galaxy Nexus launch. We finally received a statement from their corporate PR team.

The Galaxy Nexus is still on track to launch this year. We will definitely send a press release to announce availability. Feel free to visit to sign up for email alerts to be one of the first to know.Corporate PRVerizon Wireless

Back to waiting on that press release I  [Read More…]

Verizon announces white Droid RAZR in stores tomorrow, silent on Galaxy Nexus


Here’s some disappointing news for the masses that are waiting on Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus. Today Verizon took the time to issue a special press release to announce that the already available Droid RAZR will be coming in a new color variant tomorrow, but they failed to mention their most highly anticipated phone of the year – the Galaxy Nexus.

Pretty much everyone thinks that the Galaxy Nexus was going  [Read More…]

Japan getting the LG Optimus LTE on NTT Docomo

LG Optimus LTE in Japan

LG tonight announced that its first 720p Android smarpthone — the LG Optimus LTE — is coming to Japan on NTT Docomo. That follows launches in Korea and (surprise, surprise) the United States, with the latter enjoying phone on AT&T as the Nitro HD. (Read our full review)

NTT Docomo’s also getting a uniqe version of the Optimus LTE. Along with an optional red paint job, it’ll  [Read More…]

Plants vs Zombies finally available in the Android Market, brings Peggle with it

Android Central

Plants vs Zombies coming to Android was big news, albeit big news if you lived in the US and could access the Amazon Appstore. All that changes this week though, with the announcement from Popcap Games that Amazon’s exclusivity on the title is over.

And today, Plants vs Zombies along with other Amazon exclusive, Peggle, is in the Android Market for all the world to enjoy for $ 2.99

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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II getting fixes for caller ID, battery life, Wifi calling

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II is getting an update today to Android 2.3.5, software version T989VUVKL1. You’re getting a trio of “enhancements” (read: bugfixes) with this update, including caller ID, battery and Wifi calling. T-Mobile notes that the update’s not mandatory, but we can’t think of why you wouldn’t want a better phone.

You can get the update over the air, or use the Kies Mini desktop  [Read More…]

Android Game Review: Ozzy’s Odyssey

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Everyone, meet Ozzy. Ozzy, meet everyone. Ozzy is your typical robot (almost looks like a long lost cousin of Andy/Bugdroid), just floating around and doing his robot thing. Unfortunately for him, whoever built him left off that whole “ability to jump” thing. In its place, they gave him the power to suck things into his head using some robot technology, then dump it out at will. It is this that powers the  [Read More…]

HTC releases source code for Desire S Gingerbread update, and Sensation XL world versions


HTC has released the kernel source and other GPL bits for the Desire S Gingerbread update, and for the various Sensation XL versions across the globe.  As usual, average and well-adjusted people have no need for this, but for the true Android Geek and kernel developer, it’s time to party.  They can use these sources to further customize ROMs and streamline the kernel for better  [Read More…]

Available from Verizon Dec. 15 … the white Motorola Droid RAZR!

Motorola Droid RAZR in white

See what we did there?

Yes, folks, the white Motorola Droid RAZR will be available from Verizon on Dec. 15 for $ 299 on contract. Or, you can get it for $ 199 if you pony up for a Droid XYBOARD for another several hundred dollars — and yet another two-year contract.

Source: Verizon