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Poll: Are you keeping Amazon Prime?

Amazon today announced a $ 20 increase to its Amazon Prime service, which offers up “free” two-day shipping along with the tens of thousands of movies and TV shows you can stream for free, and half-million books available for borrowing. The fee increase means you’ll be paying $ 99 a year for the privilege — all of $ 5 more than what you’d pay Netflix for its basic streaming service. 

So will you be renewing?

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Zombie Gunship goes free-to-play with new ‘Zero’ release

It’s clear to most that Limbic has a hit on its hands in the original Zombie Gunship release, and now that hit game is going free-to-play for those who prefer a different gaming model. Even though the original demands just a $ 0.99 payment to get playiing, some folks want to have no investment to get started, and Zombie Gunship Zero follows in the footsteps of its TowerMadness Zero in being a free option.

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Minuum 2.0 keyboard now available on Google Play

Minuum, the Android keyboard app that shrinks its keys down into almost a single line of characters, has concluded beta testing of its version 2.0 release, and the new build is now available Google Play. The app, a product of Y-Combinator startup Whirlscape, has been available since last year, but the latest version brings reduced keyboard lag, new languages and bug fixes. It’s also available as a free 30-day trial if you don’t want to fork  [Read More…]

T-Mobile’s LTE rollout continues, 50% of EDGE to be converted to LTE by end of 2014

Substantial portion of current EDGE coverage to make jump straight to LTE by mid-2015

No matter what T-Mobile does, it seems like its biggest issue is the stigma surrounding its network quality and coverage. The nation’s fourth-place carrier is working to repair that reputation today with big announcements about its network coverage. This week marks one year since T-Mobile started its nationwide LTE network rollout, and it’s hard to deny that it’s made strides in getting  [Read More…]

Purported specs for Google’s smartwatch leak

Perpetual leaker evleaks today puts forth a series of specs that he says are for Google’s upcoming smartwatch manufacturered by LG. Nothing overly surprising — 1.65-inch IPS display at 280 by 280 pixels, 512MB of RAM, 4 gigabytes of internal storage. Should be interesting to see how that full-color display does with battery life.


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US Cellular increases data buckets on shared plans, keeps prices the same

U.S. Cellular’s shared data plans haven’t always been the best value out there, but they’re getting a bit more enticing after today’s upgrades in data allowances. Things break down pretty simply, with data buckets increasing at every price level:

$ 40 plan moves from 300MB to 1GB of data $ 50 plan moves from 1GB to 2GB $ 60 plan moves from 2GB to 3GB

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Samsung announces 3 accessories that enhance Galaxy Core Advance’s accessibility features

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Core Advance, it focused on the new accessibility options that set it apart from the regular Galaxy Core. Today the company is following up the phone’s launch with three new accessories that put those new accessibility features to good use, making it even easier for the visually impaired to interact with the device and the world around them. The Ultrasonic Cover, Optical Scan Stand and Voice Label are all aimed at  [Read More…]

AT&T completes Leap Wireless purchase, will now use Cricket brand for prepaid instead of Aio Wireless

Cricket customers have grace period before needing to move to a new phone and plan; Aio Wireless customers will see no changes

Just eight short months after agreeing to buy Leap Wireless, AT&T has closed the deal that brings the prepaid carrier under its big corporate umbrella. And if you were one of the few people who thought AT&T wouldn’t quickly mix things up after the purchase ended, you may be in for a little bit  [Read More…]

How to follow the 2014 Formula 1 season on Android

Follow every lap of the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship on your Android device

The 2014 Formula 1 season is officially here! It may seem like only yesterday we were watching the 2013 Brazilian GP wrap up the season, but a new one is upon us. Rule changes galore, drivers switching teams, it’s all shaping up to be one fantastic season and you can follow it all on your Android phone or tablet.

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This week’s sidebar poll: What brand of smartwatch do you have?

You’ve probably heard that 2014 is the year of the smartwatch. We’re not sure that we would label it as such, but we do agree that they are going to get more popular, especially if Google or Apple jump into the fray. We’ve already seen some great new stuff with the Pebble Steel and Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear Fit, and if the vendors at CES and MWC have their way we’re about to get flooded with  [Read More…]