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Rovio explains new permissions in Angry Birds Seasons update

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons just got a new holiday update. But along with the new levels in “Wreck the Halls” came a few new permissions, including phone state and SMS permission, that furrowed a few brows. We caught up with Rovio for a big of explantion. Here ’tis:

On Android, the Angry Birds game itself asks only for the permission to use the Internet. Versions of the game that include advertisements, support  [Read More…]

BaconReader – A Reddit reader even vegetarians can enjoy!


Everyone likes bacon right? Of course you do, and now you can take bacon with you around everywhere. Ok it’s BaconReader for Reddit, not actually bacon you can carry around. But it’s a pretty awesome Reddit reader that has a ton of features built in:

Full user profile support Color coded comment threads Easy to use, full featured inbox Rageface and look of disapproval support One-tap access to your favorite subreddits Search for  [Read More…]

EA FIFA 12 launches as exclusive game for Sony Ericsson Xperia phones

Electronics Arts has released FIFA 12, the mobile version of its flagship game for fans of soccer, or football depending on which side of the pond you call home. However, unlike previous editions, this game isn’t in the Android Market for everyone just yet. That’s because Sony Ericsson has secured an exclusive on the game until February 2012.

FIFA 12 is optimized for the  [Read More…]

Intel says Android 4.0 ready for their phones, Medfield beats the competition hands down


Will 2012 finally be the year we see an Android phone powered by Intel? We have asked a similar question the last two years, but so far Intel has failed to crack the smartphone market. However, we have noticed a recent change in Intel’s tone and it looks like CES could be their official coming out party.

Before we dig too deep, let me just cut to the latest rumor. Several  [Read More…]

Acer Iconia Tab A200 finally gets official

Acer officially announced the launch of its new 10.1 inch Android tablet the Acer Iconia Tab A200 which will be running Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual core platform. Acer has been making many versions of its Iconia line, including a 7-inch tab as of the last few months. This new Iconia slate will ship with the latest Honeycomb operating system (Android 3.2), but will quickly  [Read More…]

LG Nitro HD hands on (updated with video)

LG Nitro HD

We’re here in New York City tonight where LG just took the wraps off of its next major device, the Nitro HD. This one’s heading to AT&T, where it’ll surf the carrier’s latest and greatest 4G LTE network.

First thing you’ll notice about the Nitro HD is that big beautiful screen. It’s 4.5 inches all told with 720p HD IPS display technology. What does that mean? Well, for starters, LG managed  [Read More…]

AT&T teasing New York City with taste of LTE

AT&T LTE speeds

It looks like the LG Nitro HD wasn’t the only thing to hit New York City last night: the shiny new flagship is currently surfing on AT&T’s 4G LTE network, which hasn’t been “officially” switched on yet here in the Big Apple. We’ll go ahead and assume that AT&T is still in the testing phases here in the five boroughs, with an official statement on its way. Whether it’s here to  [Read More…]

Carrier IQ, in a new press release, reminds us it works for the carriers

Carrier IQ

Carrier IQ has issued a new press release defending its business and reminding us all that it works not unilaterally, but for the operator — the carrier. The nut:

Carrier IQ acts as an agent for the Operators. Each implementation is different and the diagnostic information actually gathered is determined by our customers – the mobile Operators. Carrier IQ does not gather any other data from devices.

Carrier IQ Updates Statement: Operators  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus car dock, desktop docks finally appear

Galaxy Nexus car dock

While most of us here in the states are still anxiously awaiting to get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the folks at MobileFun have got their hands on some pretty awesome accessories for it. They took some time to show off the accessories, such as the car dock, HDMI dock, spare battery charger, and the pin dock. Some pretty awesome accessories here that we hope will follow along  [Read More…]

Paper Zombie slice and dices its way into the Android Market


Looking for something new to get addicted to? Yeah, we figured as much, and today the folks at Wildbit Studios have launched a new free game into the Android Market called Paper Zombie. Combining a first person shooter style, with an action filled adventure this game is sure to draw your interest, and create hours of entertainment. Check out the video above for a quick overview, and then be sure to hit the break for download links!

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