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Samsung Galaxy F leaks yet again, release imminent?


The Samsung Galaxy F is a device that hasn’t exactly remained much of a secret, with various leaks already surfacing across the net.

The Galaxy F is a device which mimics Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 device but substitutes the plastic rear case for a metal body. A new leak seems to just reinforce what we know about the device, in that the Galaxy F appears  [Read More…]

Kyocera’s affordable waterproof LTE-enabled Hydro Icon announced for Boost Mobile

Interested in a waterproof smartphone, but don’t want to splurge on the Galaxy S5? Kyocera’s Hydro Icon may just be the device you’re looking for. Announced for Boost Mobile, the Hydro Icon will be available from June 17th for $ 149.99 off-contract.

Rovio spins Angry Birds Stella off into her own franchise


The newest series in the Angry Birds franchise is coming soon and will not only engage all, but will celebrate female heroism.

Rovio recently took to its company blog to announce Angry Birds Stella, a new chapter that will feature Stella, Poppy, Willow, Dahlia and Luca, who share a common love for adventure and fun, but yet have colorful personalities that sometimes clash. Rovio said that the  [Read More…]

Top app, device and accessory sales for June 9, 2014

No talking just great deals on Android apps, accessories and devices.

Today’s top app sales Ultra Burst Camera ($ 2.99, down from $ 5.33) DroidCam X Wireless Webcam ($ 2, down from $ 4 — but mind the user reviews.) Amazon Free App of the Day: Sudoku by Nikoli Easy]( Today’s top accessories sales Amazon Gold Box: SanDisk SD cards (save up to 60 percent)

As always, be sure to read app permissions before installing, and read  [Read More…]

Google Now is going to make sure you don’t miss your exit, ever again

google now________

Google Now keeps on getting some nifty features that will make your life easier. The service recently got offline sync and notifications for Chrome users. This time around we have a smaller but an interesting addition to Google Now.

If you’ve ever missed your stop while riding on a train for example and ended up miles and miles away from your destination, this Google  [Read More…]

CyanogenMod 11.0 M7 is now available for supported devices

CyanogenMod 11 M7 is being pushed to download servers starting today.The team at Cyanogen have indicated that this build still runs Android 4.4.2, but that the next major release, M8, will be based off Android 4.4.3. Google has started rolling out OTA Android 4.4.3 updates for several Nexus branded devices last week, and Motorola has also started pushing out the latest Android build to the Moto X, Moto G and the Moto E.

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AT&T considering offering NFL Sunday Ticket to wireless customers

In an analyst meeting this past week, where AT&T was discussing their acquisition of DirecTV, the subject of NFL Sunday Ticket was brought up as “a cornerstone of future product-bundle offerings it can market to its customers” according to sources at the Wall Street Journal. They even went as far as suggesting that streaming NFL games would not count against any data caps.

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Reminder: Moto X penny down test drive begins tomorrow

Motorola’s campaign to get the Moto X into the hands of more users begins tomorrow. Starting Monday, June 9, Motorola will allow users to build a custom Moto X through the Moto Maker Design Studio and try it for just $ 0.01. The in-home trial will last for two weeks, offering customers a relatively easy and risk free way to trial the Moto X and many of its unique features, including Active Display Notifications.

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Customize the Daydream feature in Android with Daydream Widgets

Daydream Widget

Like most of us, are you trying to make your Daydream feature in Android a little more useful? Daydream Widgets is the missing link in making one of the most underused features in Android actually useful.

Added in Android 4.2 Daydream is a feature that Android added that is more or less a screensaver for your device while idle or docked. The feature will allow the Daydream screensaver  [Read More…]

Google Now will tell you when to get off the bus

Google Now can now alert you when it’s time to get off your bus or train. When you open Google Now while on public transportation, you may find that it offers you an alarm for locations that you may have saved, such as home and work, and all you need to do is tap to activate it. Using Google’s public transit data, Now will tell you when to disembark when you reach the stop closest to  [Read More…]