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Android App Review: Seven+ Calculator

 Seven+ Calculator

Continuing our line of Windows Phone-inspired apps, we find ourselves looking at Seven+ Calculator. A calculator is a funny thing, because it’s one of those apps we never think to download, it comes preinstalled on our phones, and at one point or another, we’re going to need it.

While the typical calculator apps are basic in function (and Seven+ Calculator doesn’t deviate from this model), Seven+ at least has a  [Read More…]

Sprint Debuts ‘Sprint Drive First’ App to Alleviate Distracted Driving

Sprint announced a new application for their subscribers today which is designed to lessen distracted driving.  Called Sprint Drive First, it automatically locks a phone once it’s found to be going faster than 10 miles per hour.  The app will disable nearly all functions, directing calls to voice mail and auto-replying to text messages.  Parents can choose to have up to five phone numbers which can ring through as  [Read More…]

Removing the bloatware from your Motorola Droid 3

Droid 3 bloat

Drooooiiiiidddddd…  It’s a sound plenty of us know and love, and we realize that along with it comes some serious bloatware from the folks at Verizon and Motorola.  The Droid 3 is no exception.  Of course, that’s when the Android Central forums shine — we’ll help you twist and wrangle all the “value added” applications right off your D3, and get it set up to your liking.  Cory, our fearless  [Read More…]

Sony Tablet S now available from HSN for $599 – or 4 easy payments of $150

Sony Tablet

We knew the Sony Tablet S was coming to the US in September, we just didn’t expect the 16GB version to debut on the Home Shopping Network this weekend — but there it is, ready to ship (according to HSN) and it can be yours for $ 599.  That happens to be a cool $ 100 more expensive than Sony’s pre-order for the 16GB version, which makes us think this just  [Read More…]

30+ Must Have Android Apps for Football Fans

The College and Pro football season is officially underway, having kicked off (pun #1) over the last week.  As we head into a new season of following our favorite teams and athletes, we thought it would be a good idea to share our favorite football-related Android apps as well.  The AndroidGuys team huddled (pun #2) together and came up with a list of more than 30 apps  [Read More…]

50cent’s Uber50 theme for UberSocial now available on Android


Odds are that you have at some point in time heard of UberSocial, a rather large cross-platform Twitter client that is extremely popular amongst the celebrity variety. And if you know anything about the application, it is probably that 50cent is a huge supporter. With an existing theme available for the BlackBerry and iOS versions of UberSocial, today they announced that Android users can download the theme for their devices The theme is available  [Read More…]

HTC to unveil fall lineup at press event on September 20 in NYC?


HTC has just sent out invitations to a press event in New York City on September 20.  Unlike HTC’s invitations to past events, it doesn’t look like there are any hidden secrets to be found within the graphic. We know the HTC Holiday, Kingdom, Vigor, Bliss and Amaze (the phone formerly known as Ruby) should be making their way to major US carriers within the next month or two, but we’re  [Read More…]

Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G Now Available in Canada

The 4G LTE Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been available for some time in the United States from Verizon, but our Canadian counterparts have been stuck with WiFi-only models. That changes today, as Telus, Bell, Rogers, Virgin Mobile, and Sasktel, began selling 4G Tab 10.1’s to the Canadian world. Pricing may vary from carrier to carrier, but the important thing here is that Canadians now have the choice of WiFi-only  [Read More…]

Smozzy lets T-Mobile users surf the web without a data plan (It’s inefficient but cool)


A new beta app allows T-Mobile USA customers to browse the Internet without needing a data plan. Through a clever workaround compatible with Android 2.1 or higher, users can send out requests to the web and have the results – slowly and rather inefficiently – returned.

Smozzy works in an interesting manner. The app sends out a  [Read More…]

US Airways Making Mobile Boarding Passes More Prevalent

In the world of travel, smartphones have become one-stop mobile travel agents. With a smartphone and an internet connection you can take care of just about any travel arrangement necessary (and unnecessary). That single device you own can be used to book everything from flights to hotels and can also be used to take care of everything in-between (directions, restaurants, bars and attractions). As more and more  [Read More…]