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Deal of the Day: Amzer Hybrid Case with Kickstand for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hybrid case provides serious protection against drops and scratches while providing you with a built-in kickstand that can be used for watching movies, slideshows and more. The inner-most layer is made of a shock absorbing silicone that sits underneath a thick plastic exterior.

The Amzer Hybrid Case with Kickstand is available for just $ 9.95, 50% off today only. Backed by our 60-day return policy and fast shipping!

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Sony: Unlocked Xperia Z2 headed to U.S. online store

While Sony continues to struggle to get its Xperia phones directly into U.S. carrier stores, there’s good news for American Sony fans wanting to pick up GSM unlocked versions of the company’s latest Xperia Z2. Engadget reports that the Japanese firm has confirmed its intention to sell the Z2 on its online store in the U.S. at some point “in the near future.” The move would be a continuation of Sony’s existing strategy which has seen  [Read More…]

Google scoops up Foxconn communications patents

Taiwanese electronics producer Foxconn has sold “a number” of its communications-related tech patents to Google for an undisclosed sum, according to The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper reports that Foxconn, best known in mobile circles for assembling Apple’s iPhone, has applied for 128,400 patents and has been granted more than 64,300 worldwide, though the exact number of patents sold to Google remains unclear.

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S Translator on the Samsung Galaxy S5

One of the preloaded apps on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a new text and speech translator. It’s a really helpful way to get by in foreign countries thanks to a conversation mode that translates the spoekn word from one language into another with an impressive amount of speed. The Samsung App Store provides high quality language packs for just about every region, so you’ll be covered just about anywhere in the world. The one downside  [Read More…]

Specs and images for Samsung Galaxy Core 2 leak out

We’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Core LTE and the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance, but what about a replacement for the year-old Samsung Galaxy Core? Well, we’re getting that too, if the latest leak is to be believed.

Galaxy S5 owners with ‘Warning: Camera Failed’ errors advised to contact support

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fantastic camera, but it seems that enough owners of the new Samsung flagship have experienced errors that Verizon is taking support action to rectify. The error, simply described as “Warning: Camera Failed” freezes the camera app on launch and requires a reboot of the phone. Needless to say, that’s not an acceptable issue for any user, and Galaxy S5 owners that encounter the issue are being advised to contact their  [Read More…]

Apple v. Motorola brought back from the dead for another round

A U.S. appeals court has revived previously-dismissed patent cases which Apple and Motorola Mobility had brought against each other. The cases had originally been consolidated in the Northern Illinois District of the U.S. District Court before being thrown out in June 2012 due to lack of evidence on both sides. Despite reviving Motorola’s case, the appeals court ruled that Motorola could not press for a sales ban on Apple’s products despite any patent infringement, due to  [Read More…]

NVIDIA is giving away 50 Jetson TK1 Dev Kits for those with a vision of the future

NVIDIA is looking for the most innovative idea for an embedded application for its Tegra K1 CUDA Vision Challenge. The company will give the developers of the top fifty ideas a fancy new Jetson TK1 Developer Kit, designed for embedded systems. The Jetson comes with a Tegra K1, 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage.

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Android 4.4.2 KitKat rolling out for Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon and U.S. Cellular

Heads up, Samsung Galaxy S4 owners on Verizon, there’s an update coming your way. And it’s for Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Yep, KitKat is here for you.

Friday Freebie: Win a Seidio Ledger Flip Case for Nexus 5!

Protect all sides of your Nexus 5 and carry a few credit cards with you at the same time.

We recently reviewed the Seidio Ledger Flip case for the Nexus 5, and found it a good choice for those who want screen protection and a little more utility from their phone case. Some awkward styling aside, this is a great case for a certain kind of user. The case is on sale from ShopAndroid, of course,  [Read More…]