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Hangouts update adds custom notification sounds for each chat

Hangouts is receiving a small update today, and while the changelog hasn’t been updated on the Play Store just yet there are a few small differences we’re noticing. First up is a new “hidden contacts” area of the settings separate from the “blocked people,” giving you a way to hide folks from your contact listing but not block their messages completely. Individual chats can now have different notification sounds as well, letting you differentiate messages from  [Read More…]

New Pebble firmware lets you control music volume, rearrange apps in launcher

A firmware update has made its way this evening from Palo Alto, Calif., to a Pebble smartwatch near you, and version 2.2 brings a couple of welcome improvements.

First up is that you can now rearrange apps in the launcher. Just highlight it, then hold down the select button (that’s the one in the middle on the right), then move the item up or down. It’s especially useful because now apps that you use frequently aren’t  [Read More…]

Sprint nearing deal to purchase T-Mobile for $40 per share, according to reports

Sprint and T-Mobile may actually, finally (no, really this time) be ready to announce a deal in which Sprint would take over its rival. According to reports from Bloomberg and Reuters, the carriers are nearing a deal where Sprint would buy T-Mobile for almost $ 40 per share, comprised of half stock and half cash. That’s a total deal north of $ 32 billion, and a solid premium over the current price of T-Mobile, which has  [Read More…]

Nova Launcher reached version 3.0, Google’s voice hotword included in the update

nova launcher_____

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers on Android, no doubt. It is smooth, feature-rich and beautiful. Nova has been updated and reached a 3.0 version after being in beta version for a while.

Full changelog:

OK, Google – Use Google’s voice hotword from within Nova Launcher. Requires Jellybean and a device/locale Google supports for hotword. Subgrid positioning – More flexible layouts by  [Read More…]

YouTube update allows users to select streaming quality

Google had just pushed out an update to the YouTube app to allow you to choose your video streaming quality on the fly. Now, with the update, you can choose if you want your videos to stream at 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, or an auto mode that detects your connection. It seems that an option for full 1080p HD isn’t available as a selection, however.

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LG Exec: LG G3 almost had even smaller bezels


The LG G3 is renowned for its slim bezels and is an engineering marvel when it comes to design, but the company were constantly pushing for even slimmer bezels.

According to Chul Bae Lee, the VP of LG Mobile’s design lab, the executive team were constantly urging the engineers to decrease the width of the LG G3′s bezel even more, but were only stopped by technical  [Read More…]

Chrome Web Store lets you search for apps with Android counterparts

As Google works to unify its Chrome and Android efforts, the Chrome Web Store will now let you filter searches to only apps with Android counterparts in the Play Store. The top bar of the Web Store homepage now has a selection for “For Android” alongside Runs Offline, By Google and Free. The wording is a bit misleading, but when you hit that For Android selection you’ll see the homepage change to feature apps that you  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Edition leaks, allegedly

GS5- Google-Play

When HTC announced its new One (M8), a Google Play Edition was also released, replacing last year’s model. With the Galaxy S5, we haven’t been so lucky yet, but according to a recent leak, one is on the way.

TK Tech News shared the photo of the device, which appears to be gold, but it could also be available in other colors as well.  [Read More…]

Google Glass allows you to view notifications by a simple glance

Google is now experimenting with a feature for Google Glass where users can open and view the full notifications by simply glancing at the screen. Prior to this update, whenever a notification chime was heard, users either had to nod their head or touch on the touchpad to open up the notification alert. With this update, Google Glass becomes even more hands-free and users can just look at the screen and Glass will let you know  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy F leaked with premium design

Samsung Logo

From last year, we have been hearing that Samsung will release a premium flagship device this year, known as Samsung Galaxy F. It was rumored to show up with the Galaxy S5, and we heard about its specs several times. Now after all this time, we finally get to have a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy F or also know as the Samsung Galaxy S5  [Read More…]