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The best zombie games for Android

Prepare for the pending zombie apocalypse with these games

We all know that the zombie apocalypse is coming. Sure, we could talk until we’re all blue in the face about how to survive in such desperate times. Even better, we could get some practice in with some awesome games on our Android devices.

There are so many great games out there, it’s hard to list them all. However, these are some that really catch out attention.

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Win an NVIDIA Shield in our Father’s Day Contest!

Let’s face it. Your dad is awesome. Most of them are. And what better way to show your love and appreciation than winning an Android-powered, super portable, tons-o-fun gaming system on his behalf. Am I right, or am I right!?

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday, we thought it would be fun to team up with our friends at NVIDIA to give away some cool gear. With that in mind, we’re giving away an NVIDIA  [Read More…]

Why Microsoft can’t simply bring Cortana to Android


Experience is what matters, project manager tells search conference

An interesting couple of articles today from our sister site Windows Phone Central, regarding the possibility of Microsoft bringing its Cortana voice assistant (think Google Now) to other platforms, including Android. Of course, bringing Cortana to Android isn’t as simple as just saying “Hey, let’s bring Cortana to Android.” And Cortana project manager Marcus Ash does a great job explaining the thought process that goes into even considering such  [Read More…]

Belkin’s new folding covers will protect and prop up your new Galaxy Tab S

After yesterday’s announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S line-up, Belkin has followed with their own accessories for the tablet. Specifically, a set of folding flip covers that serve double protective and standing-up duties. The aptly-named “Tri-Fold Cover with Stand for Galaxy Tab S” comes in both 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch sizes, and purple or black flavors.

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Detailed AT&T customer data inappropriately accessed by unlocking company

If you’re an AT&T customer you may have received an email recently about a security breach within the organization. AT&T has now confirmed personal information such as Social Security numbers and call records may have been accessed by individuals not authorized to view such information.

Google Maps, preinstalled on, well, most phones, passes the 1 billion mark

Google now has two apps that have amassed more than 1 billion installations each. Gmail was the first, and now there’s Google Maps. To be clear, though, that’s a little different than 1 billion downloads of, say, the Android Central App, which doesn’t come preinstalled on any phone that has access to Google services. As we wrote when Gmail hit the Big B, “there are downloads, and then there are downloads.” (If Google wants to bundle  [Read More…]

1080p and 480p streaming options added to latest YouTube app

Last week we told you that a change in the latest YouTube app allowed better control over the resolution when streaming, and now two new (and requested) options have been added — 1080p and 480p streaming.

Android Central 189: Tabs, keyboards and redesigns — oh, my!

Strap in, folks. This one’s gonna be big. We’ve got the lowdown on the all new Samsung Galaxy S Tab tablets — both of them — from Thursday event in New York City.

Plus we talk with SwiftKey’s chief marketing officer about the popular keyboard going free, adding emjoi and serving up a theme store. You’ll find that starting at 40 minutes in — in the audio-only version of the podcast, which you can stream or download  [Read More…]

Take a spin through the eyes of dads, thanks to Google Glass

Sunday is Father’s Day, so here’s a Google Glass video of one of the small pleasures of being a dad. It might not be as touching as their Mother’s Day vide, but it’ll still put a smile on your face.

Android Central Podcast – Live!

Live at 4 p.m. EDT June 13

The Android Central Podcast is recorded live in front of a live studio audience, so you can catch us in the act.

To take part in the live Q&A, hit this link. Or watch us live from your phone with the all-new Android Central app!

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