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Video walkthrough of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus navigation vehicle mount and spare battery charger

Youtube link for mobile viewing

What we have here is an excellent video walkthrough of a couple of Verizon Galaxy Nexus accessories that should be available in the morning — the navigation vehicle mount and the spare battery charging kit — from forums member Aatrek.

Note it’s a “Navigation vehicle mount” and not a “Car dock” or anything. It’s a hunk of plastic that the phone sits in, that’s all. No contact charging, no Bluetooth audio.  [Read More…]

Carrier IQ being grilled by FTC, but who’s asking questions of the carriers?

all sorts of evil

We’re all getting tired of the whole Carrier IQ mess.  Analytics are necessary evil, but in this case done in a totally bullshit way, with little or no regard to how the consumer might feel about it.  No wonder it caused a huge uproar, which has now found its way to Washington.  Federal lawmakers have executives from Carrier IQ in front of them today, hammering them about how the software  [Read More…]

American Airlines adding Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to select flights

Samsung Galaxy Tab

American Airlines has announced that it has begun rolling out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to select flights in place of current media devices available in the first-class section. These tablets will come preloaded with more than 70 movies, 30 of which will be new releases and three exclusives from Paramount, all in addition to some TV shows and other media. The Galaxy Tab’s will offer a special touchscreen interface which is aimed  [Read More…]

Available from Verizon Dec. 15 … More cities get 4G LTE

Verizon 4G LTE

See what we did there (again)?

Verizon today announced that on Dec. 15 (that’d be tomorrow) it’s adding the following cities to its 4G LTE roster:

Dover, Del. Lafayette, Ind. Fitchburg/Leominster, Mass. Duluth, The Rochester Area and St. Cloud, Minn. Manchester/Nashua, N.H. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Findlay/Tiffin and Youngstown/Warren, Ohio Indiana, Pa.

Verizon also announced 4G LTE expansions in San Diego and San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; Savannah, Ga.; Chicagoland, Ill.; and Baltimore and  [Read More…]

More info on Google’s Majel, moving a little faster towards that Star Trek future


A couple days ago we posted about Majel, and now some more tips are starting to come in. We compared Majel to Apple’s Siri voice assistant because that’s how it was described to us, but the project could be much larger than we initially imagined. Read on for new details and some interesting quotes from Google employees.

First we had a tip from “Ted,” who described his experience with an early release  [Read More…]

Google’s 10 cent deals – Day 10

android app giveaway

Well, this is it! Today is the final day of Google’s ten cent paid app deal on the Android Market. We’ve compiled the final list of apps which can be yours for only a dime. We know most of you are focused on getting your Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon sometime today, but we think your shiny new Android 4.0 handset would be pleased if you purchased  [Read More…]

TSF UI looks an awful lot like TAT Home, the lost 3D launcher from The Astonishing Tribe

A few minutes ago while making my rounds on Google+, I came across a video of TSF UI, a new Android home screen launcher with a high-powered 3D UI. The launcher relies heavily on animation, widgets, and flair to draw people into what looks like an interesting concept. It’s also a familiar concept.

A few seconds into the video, I immediately said that it reminded  [Read More…]

F***ing Finally! $299 Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE officially announced for Dec. 15!

Forgive the expletive in the headline, but if ever there was a time that you would excuse my profanity, would this not be it? After months of speculation and wondering when the Galaxy Nexus would finally be announced for Verizon, Big Red has just confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G will go on sale tomorrow, December 15, 2011. Interested? Well, pony-up $ 299.99  [Read More…]

Telstra is the latest carrier to have the Galaxy Nexus before Verizon

Galaxy Nexus on Telstra

As if the warm weather, beautiful people, and awesome accents weren’t enough for us to be jealous of our friends down under, here’s another kick: Australian carrier Telstra is now offering Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, becoming the latest carrier to scoop Verizon  for the device. On the carrier’s cheapest $ 59/month plan, you’ll be responsible for a $ 10/month handset payment; on the carrier’s $ 79, $ 99, and $ 129/month plans,  [Read More…]

‘Almost CyanogenMod 7’ ROM for LG Thrill 4G and Optimus 3D coming along nicely

Thrill 4G

Have an Optimus 3D or LG Thrill 4G (the U.S. version on AT&T)?  Here’s news you’ll love — Ricardo Cerqueira, an Android hacking mastermind when it comes to high-end LG devices, has released a new version of his “Almost CyanogenMod 7″ ROM today.  Why the “Almost” tag?  Ricardo explains thusly:

This early release is based off the current CyanogenMod code, but unlike CM its components aren’t public yet, so you can not  [Read More…]