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OnePlus 7 vs. Xiaomi Mi 9: Which should you buy?

The value flagship space is getting more and more competitive. OnePlus continues to dominate in this category, but Xiaomi has shown that it can mount an effective challenge. We’ve used the OnePlus 7 and Mi 9 extensively, and are here to help you pick the phone that’s right for your needs.

OnePlus 7

Redefining fast

£499 at OnePlus

Pros Powerful hardware UFS 3.0 storage Clean software with timely updates Decent value Cons No wireless charging No  [Read More…]

Leaked timeline indicates Pixel 4 is launching in October

The Pixel 4 will be the first Pixel phone with more than one camera.

What you need to know Verizon marketing roadmap shows the Pixel 4 will launch this October. This lines up with previous launches of past Pixel phones Google recently confirmed the Pixel 4’s design with an official render.

The leaks are starting early this year for the Pixel 4, and what’s even more shocking is Google is confirming them. If you had your hopes  [Read More…]

iFreezer Go20 Mobile Fridge review: A cool tech upgrade for any patio party

I get really excited whenever a product review gets me out of my home office — especially if it leads to me enjoying the spoils of summer with delicious food. You see, I’m one of those outdoorsy tech nerds who’s always busting out some new drone or portable speaker at the cabin or around the campfire at night. There’s just something about using the right tech to enhance the mood that makes me happy.

So when the opportunity  [Read More…]

Pay what you want and become an Excel master with this eight-course bundle

Beat the average price and take home the entire eight-course Excel Mastery Bundle!

If you’ve worked in an office (or even at home) at some point during the past three decades, chances are you’ve worked with Microsoft Excel — that number-crunching powerhouse that can be found at the heart of some of the biggest and most successful corporations on earth.

But having only a baseline understanding of this incredibly powerful program is no longer sufficient if you want to  [Read More…]

PNY’s minuscule 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive is down to $10 for one day only

There are just a few hours left to snatch PNY’s tiny Elite-X Fit 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $ 9.99 at Amazon before its price rises back to normal. Thanks to the site’s Deals of the Day, this sale saves you nearly $ 12 off its average price there, and it also matches the lowest we’ve ever seen this product reach.

Big Savings, Tiny Drive

PNY Elite-X Fit 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The  [Read More…]

Is the Amazon Echo Show 5 better than the Google Nest Hub?

It can be hard to determine which smart home display to purchase, especially given that there are so many on the market. To help you out, we’ve compared the Google Nest Hub against the new Echo Show 5 so you can see which is the better device. Here’s what we discovered.

Google Nest Hub

The better touchscreen

$ 130 at Best Buy

Pros Larger screen Isn’t constantly recording Light sensor Gives better directions Better access to  [Read More…]

UMIDIGI Ubeats debut as low-cost Xiaomi earphone killer

Sport earphones are becoming pretty popular as of late, likely do to their comfort, weight, and battery life. And, like phones, there seems to be a race to the bottom when it comes to price. Who can argue with getting more for their money?

As we’ve it do with phones and wearables, Xiaomi introduced its Mi Neckband Earphone at a about half the price of what larger US names charge. However, UMIDIGI just raised the stakes a bit with its  [Read More…]

Google ‘leaking’ its Pixel 4 makes sense, here’s why

Even though there are presumably four months before the Pixel 4 makes its debut, Android enthusiasts already have a good idea how the phone looks. Why?  Because Google has officially shared a render of the device. That’s a big deal.

More often than not, major phone releases from Samsung, Google, and Apple are spoiled weeks or months in advance. It seems that multiple times a year we could term a handset’s launch as “the worst kept secret in mobile.” People  [Read More…]

Baldur’s Gate 3 for Stadia: Everything you need to know

The Illithid are back and they are ready to conquer all of the Forgotten Realms.

When you think of truly iconic Dungeons and Dragons videogames the first name that will always come to mind is Baldur’s Gate. There are others — Neverwinter Nights comes to mind — but none of them hold the hallowed place in people’s hearts like the Baldur’s Gate Series.

It’s taken a long time, but Wizards of the Coast, the owners of D&D,  [Read More…]

Pay what you want for antivirus and lifetime VPN

It’s fairly common knowledge that your internet connection isn’t exactly safe on its own. A lot of the open Wi-Fi connections and seemingly free ways to connect your device tend to come with a hitch, poor privacy and security.

It doesn’t take a bunch of complicated or expensive software to protect yourself from malware and/or viruses. Sometimes you can arm yourself with the right tools without spending much money at all. Take, for instance, the “Pay What You Want: The FastestVPN  [Read More…]