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Samsung Galaxy Nexus appears in 5 minute hands-on video before big unveiling


Dieses Video wurde von einem Android-Telefon hochgeladen. Oh you don’t speak German? This random video just appeared on YouTube with the description, “This video was uploaded from an Android phone.” Looks real to me. Real sexy. What do you think? Developing…

[Thank you @yorickr for the tip!]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus shows off its back side as we near the official unveiling

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

We’ve seen quite a bit of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the past little while but as we get settled in for the full unveiling things are starting to come together — like the Galaxy Nexus website. When that happens, people tend to get nosy and start poking around and oh what wonders they find. Along with a good look at the front side of the device we can now get  [Read More…]

RIM shows how easy it is to port Android apps to BlackBerry; does anybody really care?

RIM BlackBerry

RIM has been touting upcoming Android app compatibility on the PlayBook for quite some time now. We’ve seen demos and they’ve made announcements, but the process has – for the most part – been shrouded in confusion. Today, RIM cleared some of that confusion up by posting a video detailing just how easy it is to port Android apps to BlackBerry.

To port an Android app over to BlackBerry,  [Read More…]

ZiiLABS demos 50-core Jaguar3 Android tablet


Dual-core, quad-core, or cinco-core? This week ZiiLabs decided to take advantage of the multi-core frenzy by demoing their new JAGUAR3 reference Android tablet which sports a “50-core” processor.

“The explosive tablet market is pure ruthless in every sense. Even a slight delay in a fasttrack 6-month design cycle can be lethal. This is a whole new ballgame where only the fastest can survive,” said Sim Wong Hoo, Chairman and CEO of  [Read More…]

Dear @georgiatipb: We have a watch for you

iPod Nano and MotoACTV

One straps to your wrist, plays music and tracks your workout. The other does the same for almost half the price. OK, OK. So the $ 249 price (for the 8GB model) of the MOTOACTV is going to be a bit much for some to swallow. We get that.

But here’s the thing: It actually goes one further than the iPod Nano and connects to your phone  [Read More…]

A.I. type Keyboard out of beta with more features, still predicts like a psychic

ai type

Back in April we wrote about an innovative keyboard called A.I. type that really impressed us with its ability to predict text. It was in beta back then but has graduated recently with some exciting new features, including customization of the bottom row keys and improvements to the prediction engine.

If you’re not one of the 100,000 beta testers, A.I. type is a keyboard that specializes in contextual text prediction to make  [Read More…]

SpeaktoIt Asisstant – Android’s boost to voice search & command [Beta]

Android Voice Actions are nothing new. We’ve been telling our phone to search and change functions since last year, and apps like Vlingo have enhanced those functions even further. However, voice is all the range now that Apple has introduced Siri, a voice search and command tool that not only provides hands-free navigation, but does it in an interactive way.

SpeaktoIt Assistant is a  [Read More…]

T-Mobile Galaxy S II Review: A new classic that rocks

The Samsung Galaxy S II debuted at Mobile World Congress 2011, and I called it “sweet,” which proved to be an understatement. The hardware was wonderful, the software was a promising upgrade from the mistakes of Touchwiz UI, and things just flat-out worked.

At the time, we felt it could be the most impressive Android phone. Engadget took it a step further to call  [Read More…]

Doodle Physics is puzzle gaming with imagination [Android Game Reviews]

The typical physics game presents a target and object, then tells the player to get the two together. There’s usually only one or two ways to do that effectively and earn a lot of points, but Doodle Physics is a game where there is no set way to hit the target. Instead of asking players to recognize a pattern to solve a puzzle, this  [Read More…]

Android 2.3.4 update beginning to roll out for Xperia Arc

Android Central

A new software update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is rolling out in Europe and the Middle East, according to reports from Xperia Blog and XDA. The new software version 4.0.2.A.0.42 brings Android 2.3.4, along with a handful of bug fixes for SE’s Gingerbread-powered 4.2-incher.

The update isn’t yet available in the UK, but seems to now be rolling out via the Sony Ericsson PC Companion in mainland Europe, India, Pakistan  [Read More…]