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Galaxy Nexus shows up in Verizon, Best Buy systems


With the continuing hype of the Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime), more details and leaks have started to flood the internet. We now have another announcement date in Hong Kong set for October 19, the Ice Cream Sandwich statue is up, and the next Nexus device is now showing up in retail systems.

Our friends at Droid-Life received a couple treats from some ninjas at Verizon and Best Buy. These companies seem to  [Read More…]

Motorola Xoom Family Edition still can’t beat the Fire?


Engadget received a tip about a suppossed Motorola Xoom Family Edition last week. We didn’t make much out of it, but Best Buy has now released an official announcement. The tablet is basically a Xoom with a slightly modified look, some apps for kids and a reduced price.

This tablet will come preloaded with about $ 40 worth of applications. This includes some basic apps that will help kids and adults  [Read More…]

Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound priced at $299 and launching on November 10th?


Verizon’s latest minimum advertised pricing (MAP) list has added two devices that are no doubt on everyones short list for the holidays. The fan favorite has to be the Galaxy Nexus (Prime), but the HTC Rezound (Vigor) is no slouch in the specs department and HTC certainly has a loyal following amongst the Android faithful.

Considering what these phones have to offer it will probably come as no surprise that they  [Read More…]

Site that sells phones gets early SEO love by posting unannounced device at a higher price than you’ll likely actually pay

Galaxy Nexus

Make sense?

This happens a lot, folks, so let’s explain it again: A website that sells phones — a third-party retailer, if you will — knows just as well as you or I that the Galaxy Nexus (aka the Nexus Prime, aka the Samsung GT-i9250) is going to be announced next week. So it takes a leaked picture and slaps it up on its site, and gets us all to write about  [Read More…]

Grab the Motorola Atrix 2 or Samsung Stratosphere from Costco next week


If you’re eyeing the Motorola Atrix 2 (releasing on Oct. 16), or the Samsung Stratosphere (released Oct. 13), and are a member at Costco, you may want to hold off until next week, when both are available at the warehouse giant.  A lot of little perks come with buying a phone from Costco, the best of which is their generous return policy, and whatever news comes on Oct. 19 from Hong Kong from  [Read More…]

Google Voice slowly gaining MMS support

Google Voice

Some great news for Google Voice users has arrived today. MMS support has now become a priority and is slowly rolling out to users accounts. As noted on the Google Voice Blog:

MMS has been one of the constant feature requests since we launched Google Voice and we’ve been hard at work trying to make this happen.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made the first step in our efforts to  [Read More…]

Google lightens their load – Buzz, Code Search and Jaiku laid to rest

Google Buzz

It had to happen at some point considering it was noted during Google Q3 earnings call on Thursday. Google Buzz, the short-lived social service that was never widely used and flawed from the start has been put to rest. Along with it, Code Search and Jaiku will soon be wiped from the interwebs. As noted on the Google Blog:

Code Search, which was designed to help people search for open source code  [Read More…]

HTC Rezound shows up in Verizon’s database, LTE and global roaming support confirmed


After a few weeks of silence, it looks like the HTC Rezound (aka the HTC Vigor) is back with a new leak. The latest information on the HTC Rezound comes to us as a picture of Verizon’s device management system, showing the handset name (Rezound), global roaming capabilities and support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

HTC Rezound rumors and leaks have been surfacing on a regular basis for the past few  [Read More…]

U.S. shoppers geek out over Google Wallet…will Brits do the same? [Video]

I’ve read a lot about Google Wallet today. Earlier this morning, I saw a report from a research company, reprinted by The Telegraph, that claims most consumers in the UK are fearful of near field communications. Only 17 percent of 1,000-plus people surveyed by Intersperience say that they want to use their phone to make mobile payments. A perceived lack of security worried 44  [Read More…]

Google Voice lands MMS to email forwarding support


One of the most heavily requested features for Google Voice has undoubtedly been MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) support. The Google Voice app for Android has been tackling voice and text with ease for quite some time now, but pictures have always been an issue for the service. Thanks to a clever workaround from the Google Voice team, that’s becoming a thing of the past.

From now on, when someone tries to  [Read More…]