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Android Market on the Kindle Fire? Done!

Android Market on Kindle Fire

T’was only a matter of time, right? The Android Market — and all of its hidden secrets apps — now runs just fine on the Amazon Kindle Fire. There are a couple of caveats (albeit not huge ones) if you want to get this done. You’re going to need to root your Kindle Fire, and you’re going to need to be a little familiar with file explorers and apps  [Read More…]

Google patent on lockscreen gestures shows what might happen in future version of Android

Google has been granted a patent for its pattern gesture to unlock a phone. But Google, not satisfied with merely using facial recognition software for lock screens, also has plans to make gestures perform functions while the phone remains locked.

The United States Patent & Trademark Office granted Google a patent for its existing gesture unlock feature, but 9to5Google spotted that it also showed  [Read More…]

ShopSavvy takes on Craigslist, adds mobile wallet and marketplace for selling your stuff

ShopSavvy was one of the first “wow” apps on Android thanks to its ability to scan a barcode and provide a quick price comparison between local and online retailers. The app has since faced pressure from several competing companies, including Google, but the latest version really pushes the company’s strength in the buying and selling process.

Yes, buying and selling. ShopSavvy 5 now supports  [Read More…]

Android Market refund window apparently expands to 48 hours (update: Or not?)

Android Market

Update: We’re being told by one developer that actually this wording is unchanged, and the 15-minute window still applies, it’s just that Google has that long to refund the money. We’re seeking clarification from Google, and watching our hope wane.

Google caused a fairly big stink nearly a year ago when it changed the window to uninstall and refund a purchased application to just 15 minutes — a far  [Read More…]

Express from Sprint brings Android 2.3 and QWERTY keyboard for just $19.99

Express from Sprint

Sprint’s taken the wraps off the awkwardly named Express from Sprint. And just as we first showed you a few weeks ago, you’re looking at a physical QWERTY keyiboard with center jog wheel, a 2.6-inch touchscreen, and Android 2.3. It’s got a 3.2MP camera ’round the back, a 1500 mAh battery and can serve as a 3G Wifi hotspot for up to five devices. And, yes, it looks like a BlackBerry.

  [Read More…]

RadioShack says get your free Android phone early so you don’t need Black Friday

BlackFriday is typically the day people get out of bed in the early morning and head to the mall in search of deals. But RadioShack says consumers should sleep in this Friday and avoid that turkey hangover a few extra hours. Instead, get your free Android phone during normal business hours before Thanksgiving.

RadioShack is running a promotion from Sunday November 20 to Wednesday  [Read More…]

Catch Notes launches Streams for note sharing and collaboration [new website too]

Catch Notes has redesigned its note-taking app that gives users the option to open up their notebooks to others. While Catch has primarily been a private dynamic note-taking app with some sharing abilities, the latest version of the app actually supports sharing notes with others and allowing for members to give each other feedback.

The brand-new Catch Streams function – available in the  [Read More…]

Mobile anti-virus app makers are “charlatans and scammers” says Google employee

Chris DiBona is no fan of mobile anti-virus software, and he’s not afraid to say it. DiBona took to Google+ to decry companies who, as he believes, stoke fear and misinformation about mobile device “virus” threats in order to sell software.

“Yes, virus companies are playing on your fears to try to sell you bs protection software for Android, RIM and IOS,” DiBona wrote  [Read More…]

Dead On Arrival – Fight off an endless horde of zombies exclusively on your Xperia Play

Dead On Arrival

Zombies, guns, mayham and chaos — what more could you want? Dead On Arrival is the latest game released for the Xperia Play as an exclusive for a limited time and it’s pretty awesome. Featuring top down 3D gameplay, Dead On Arrival uses comic-style cut scenes tell the story of a endless horde of zombies after you but you get an a massive catalog of weapons to blast them to bits  [Read More…]

So how well does the Galaxy Nexus stand up against keys?

Android Central

So the Galaxy Nexus is officially and actually now out in the wild (in the UK at least) and in the treasured hands of some eager Android fans. One such fan has done what to many would be unthinkable, and rubbed a set of keys all over the screen!

As we all know by now, there is no Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus. Curious for the results? Check out  [Read More…]