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Google Now rolls out Police Alert cards

Google Now is getting more and more useful by the day. The latest addition to the assistant in your pocket is the inclusion of police alerts. Thanks to a tipster, we’ve gotten a look at an example of these new cards which allow users to track criminal activity in their area.

My Tracks gets updated to support Android Wear

For those of you who have a Android Wear and use the My Tracks will be happy to hear that Google has updated their app to support My Tracks. Google+ Rens Blom noticed this and shared with the public this news. You won’t be able to take just your smartwatch without your smartphone, but it’s… Read more »

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AT&T has just shared their earnings report for the third quarter. The company was able to gain two million new customers, but missed their earnings estimate. Shares of AT&T are down in after-hours trading following the earnings report.

Microsoft is on a roll with Android support today. The company’s Garage program has just launched an app for Android Wear that makes searching Bing a bit more convenient. The app presumably takes its name from its main feature: twisting your wrist will open a Bing query, at which point you simply speak to ask your question.

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Motorola continues to try to deliver a “timeless” timepiece with the Moto 360. A new update has struck with additional features like “Timely Time Checks” and “Mood Lighting”. You can view what this update entails below, or visit the Official Motorola Blog to read about what they have to say about their system update. Smart… Read more »

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Nexus 6 not likely to hit the UK before December!


It’s bad news unfortunately if you live in the UK and are looking forward to holding that Nexus 6 in your hands, since the guy that correctly predicted the Nexus 6 release and general accurate rumour reporter says that the device won’t be hitting the UK until at least December.

Paul O’Brien tweeted out the following:

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The latest batch of blurry photos of the unannounced Motorola Droid Turbo that’s said to be headed to Verizon’s 4G LTE network confirms the specs that we think we may already know from prior leaks. The Android smartphone would join the Moto X 2014 and Motorola-made Google Nexus 6 on Verizon’s network. Unlike the Nexus 6, however, the Droid Turbo in the leaked photo is shown running Android 4.4.4 rather than Google’s latest sweet flavor of  [Read More...]

A few quick thoughts on Google Inbox

Can Google’s new Inbox change the way we fail at email? Quite possibly, but it’s early yet.

Google today announced Inbox, a sort of Gmail with training wheels. That is, it tries to make your email experience easier by automatically grouping emails together into categories. It’s not unlike what Gmail already does with its tabbed inbox — primary, social, promotions, updates and forums sections — but Inbox makes it look good, far less clinical than Gmail proper.

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Although Google made an announcement today with its currently beta Inbox app, that hasn’t stopped Yahoo from releasing a Yahoo Mail update for its Android and iOS apps that brings travel and event notifications right into the app.

According to Yahoo’s blog, if you visit the “Today” section in the app, it will let you know if your flight is on-time, delayed or cancelled, then a  [Read More...]

This is great news for developers. Google has updated the popular AppCompat library to version 21, and introduced a new Toolbar widget that will allow for a more Material Design look and feel in apps built for devices running older firmware. This update is exactly what we’re all seeing in recent updates for Google Apps like the Play Store or Play Newsstand, and is how we can have the new design language on the majority of  [Read More...]