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Google Fiber bringing free gigabit internet to public housing in select cities

Google has announced that it will be bringing its gigabit Fiber internet service to residents of public housing in all cities where Google Fiber is offered at no extra cost. Working with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, along with local partners, Google will start the rollout in Kansas City, Missouri, its first Fiber city.

From Google Fiber:

Working side-by-side with the Housing Authority of Kansas City, we’re launching the program today at West Bluff,  [Read More…]

Snag a spare battery for the Galaxy Note 4 today and save 43%

Perfect as a spare or replacement, this genuine Samsung battery features a 3220mAh capacity and fits like a glove in the back of the Galaxy Note 4. Grab one today while they’re only $ 16.95!

BlackBerry Priv now available in Australia through Optus

If you happen to reside in Australia and are interested in the BlackBerry Priv, you’ll be excited to find out that it is now available through Optus. In January, BlackBerry released the Priv in Italy, Spain, France and other locations, and now Australia is the latest to join the fun. Optus will be offering the Priv on a range of post-paid plans, and if you would rather purchase it at full price, you can do just that.

  [Read More…]

Honor to begin preloading Deezer on upcoming phones

Deezer has announced a new partnership with Honor, the sub-brand of Huawei, that will preload the app on all upcoming smartphones. Between Honor continuing to push forward and become an even stronger player in the smartphone market and Deezer’s footprint in 180 countries, preloading the app on the phone will give owners a chance to try and app they may not have heard of previously. Deezer has curated stations, podcasts, audiobooks and more in its rich catalog  [Read More…]

Google’s self-driving cars hit the roads in Kirkland, Washington

Google has expanded its self-driving car project to Kirkland, Washington. The company will be deploying its self-driving Lexus RX450h SUVs around the city starting this week.

From Google:

Hello Kirkland, WA! We’ve chosen your beautiful city by Lake Washington as the next location of our self-driving car testing program. After self-driving 1.4 million miles, we’re ready to give our cars more experience driving new environments, traffic patterns, and road conditions. (And we definitely don’t mind the  [Read More…]

Tronsmart Titan 10A/90W 5-port USB charger charging station: review

Being a mobile enthusiast is a fun hobby. I find technology vital to staying connected while it helps me be efficient and on task. With that comes the need to charge a wide range of devices. And I can honestly tell you that with different charging specs on tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, speakers and cameras that having the right charger can mean the difference between destroying a battery and staying powered up.

I have been using the Tronsmart Titan 90W Charging  [Read More…]

Pebble introduces Health API for developers, adds custom canned replies

Pebble is pushing out an update that enables some new functionality for its recently-announced Health app, as well as improvements to replying to messages from your wrist. First up is a new Health API that allows developers to hook related information into their watchfaces and apps. Additionally, Health has become more accurate in tracking your data, and it now gives you the option to show your step distance in kilometers.

You can now reply to incoming  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Galaxy A 2016 series debuts in India

Samsung has announced the 2016 refresh of the Galaxy A series in India. The Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 will go on sale starting February 15, with both models available in gold, black, and white. The Galaxy A5 2016 will retail for ₹29,400 ($ 433), while the Galaxy A7 2016 will set you back ₹33,400 ($ 492).

Last year’s Galaxy A series featured all-metallic designs, but Samsung is going with a metal chassis and glass back  [Read More…]

Get a $10 Google Play credit with the purchase of a Chromecast or Chromecast Audio

Google is offering a sweet deal for those who purchase a new Chromecast or Chromecast Audio: they will give you $ 10 in Google Play credit following your purchase. That’s right, purchasing a new Chromecast from the Google Store nets you $ 10 to buy apps, games, movies and more from Google Play. Google doesn’t specify whether the promotion is only valid on Chromecasts purchased directly from its store or if other retailers are included, but based  [Read More…]

Line Ninja; The simplest, hardest game you’ll ever try [Review]


You’re a ninja, and you have exactly two goals in life; dodge giant spikes, and collect ninja stars.


If you run into a spike – even if it’s the flat, not-pointy side – you die. If you manage to run into the red ninja stars – which are as large as you and pointy on all sides – you score a point. How this is possible when the spikes are only pointy in one spot but ninja  [Read More…]