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Samsung’s wireless everything strategy doesn’t seem to have a downside yet, but it’s still early.

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. The curved display on the edge and overall improved design with Samsung’ latest Galaxy generation takes this brand to new heights, but more than that there’s an opportunity to be truly wireless with this phone. The dual Qi/PMA charging solution baked into the back  [Read More...]

The ultimate guide to Google+

This is everything you need to know about Google+, in one handy guide.

Google+ is the social backbone of the Google platform and a pretty decent social network for the millions of users who inhabit it. Thanks to its ties to Hangouts, Google+ can also become your own personal podcast, meeting space, or impromptu concert. Google+ Photos‘s freedoms and features have attracted photographers from around the world, and its simple editing  [Read More...]

In a world dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, there’s little room for another player to take control. There are those who fear that Google’s services will monopolize the mobile industry, and Cyanogen is one of them.

Cyanogen is getting big. Really big. With an $ 80 million investment from various tech companies such as Qualcomm, Twitter, Telefónica and more, Cyanogen plans to build a mobile ecosystem that doesn’t need Google in the picture at all.

“We’re putting a  [Read More...]

Google is reportedly planning a reinvigorated push for its live streaming platform that will go live later this year and focus on game streaming and esports.

Called YouTube Live, the service would go up against popular streaming service Twitch, which has already amassed the lion’s share of the game streaming market.

If you’re craving some trippy vector-styled running action, you may want to check out Fotonica which which just made the jump from iOS to Android.

Fotonica tasks you with running and jumping your way through a world of colorful, vector-style graphics at crazy speeds.

Pay with OpenTable Now Available for Android

OpenTable is a utility whereby participating restaurants allow bookings to be made using the companion app, and now it has come to Android and more than 32,000 restaurants with it.

Simply add a credit card in the OpenTable Android app and not only can you book a table at a restaurant but can also pay your bill.

To pay with OpenTable, diners who book at participating restaurants simply add a credit card in the OpenTable Android app  [Read More...]

Reading, as they say, is fundamental, and reading has never been easier to do.

Thanks to eBook readers, apps, and scores of eBook collections — free or paid — you can have a whole library in your pocket anywhere in the world. And while you could be spending your time on your smartphone or tablet buying and playing your way through another conquest on Clash of Clans or zipping around reddit or Twitter looking for funny  [Read More...]

Kingdom Come takes a different approach when it comes to traditional RPGs by adding in some match-three puzzle elements. While this is not the most common form of RPGs, after downloading Kingdom Come, I am now a huge fan. You start off playing as the heroic warrior Macarius (Exodus the wizard and Elena archer are the two other playable character that are unlocked later on ) as you guide him on his quest to save the kingdom  [Read More...]

When to use HDR for photos on your Android

Shooting in HDR isn’t a cure-all solution, but it can definitely make up for shortcomings in your camera.

It’s clear to see smartphone cameras have come a long way in just a couple of years, but what you may not realize is that a lot of the advancement can be attributed to software. When dealing with small camera sensors and lenses, like those on your Android, it takes finely-tuned processing to  [Read More...]

The joys of reading on Android

Smartphones and tablets have become the default browsing and quick-read device for many people, but diving into entire books is often another matter entirely.

Much in the same way the best camera is the one you have with you at all times, if you’re a constant reader the thing you’re most likely to do all of your reading on is whatever you have with you at all times. This isn’t universally true, which is why Kindles  [Read More...]