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Outside of the rugged hardware, there isn’t a ton that separates the basic use of the Galaxy S6 active from its standard counterpart. The one notable exception is the extra hardware button — the “Active key” — found directly above the volume rocker on the left side of the phone.

It’s tied into a new bit of software found exclusively on the active version of the device called the “Activity Zone,” which is a neat little dashboard  [Read More...]

Yahoo Aviate gains new powers with ‘Smart Stream’

Yahoo’s Aviate home screen launcher gets even smarter this week with the introduction of a new Smart Stream feature. Not unlike what Google Now does for users, Smart Stream adjusts itself throughout the day to deliver timely and relevant information to the user. What’s more, it can also offer up details and tidbits based on location.

aviate_collections aviate_contacts aviate_entertainment [Read More...]

Wildly popular free-to-play title, Clash of Clans, has scored a pretty big update. Coming along for the ride is the new Dark Spell Factory, units, and all new leagues for the best of the best to compete in.

Google Play has switched it up this week, with some movies going free instead of apps. This time around we have All Creatures Big and Small listed as free in the US, while the UK is seeing Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry.

Half-Life 2 and other hit games released for SHIELD

The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console, which was designed to do more than stream Android TV, has announced that four new gaming titles joined its library today.  The titles are Half-Life 2; Episode 2, Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut, Never Alone, and Funk of Titans.  The major hit of these four titles is Half-Life 2 which has a large fan-base from its PC series.

Here is a description of each app from NVIDIA’s blog;

Half-Life 2, Episode Two

Half-Life 2, Episode Two, is the second critically-acclaimed followup to Valve’s Half  [Read More...]

LG hasn’t been shy about prodding your temptation to buy their G4.  The flagship’s initial promotion included an extra battery and microSD card, and even received an extension to run until the end of June.  But now that it has ended, LG is quick to renew the deal and see if another goody might get you to make the leap.

The new promotion still includes a free battery and charging cradle, but forgoes the microSD card for a leather back cover.  You get to choose between five  [Read More...]

Another great photo contest has come to a close, and there are dozens of wonderful entries in the forums all meeting the contest prompt of “light bulb.” We’ve gone through each entry and narrowed it down to the two that will receive prizes — read along and see them for yourself.

Linux Learner Bundle

Linux, the operating system on which Android was built, is an attractive alternative to many developers and tech-savvy user who can’t get their kicks from Windows or OSX. Designed for open-source distribution, Linux was developed in 1991 and remains one of the most prominent examples of free software available. If you’re one of the folks that craves something “more” and have a desire to grow and learn, Linux is probably for you.

Worried about a learning curve? We’ve got you covered  [Read More...]

Users who have the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge on Verizon may have already noticed an update hitting their device, but unfortunately it is not Android 5.1.1. The update, which is rolling out now, brings two small fixes to both devices.

Looks like the Droid Turbo won’t be the only device getting Lollipop today, as Verizon has also started pushing out an update for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. This update, which brings Android 5.0 to the device, carries the version number of N915VVRU2BOF2.