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Connectedly Show 04: Digital Knob

In this episode of the Connectedly Show, I was joined by Kevin, Phil, and Rene to talk all about smartwatches. We covered everything from the new Android Wear devices to the even newer Apple Watch and everything in between. More and more smartwatches are hitting the streets, and we’re here to help you make sense of it all.

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Regularly priced at $ 24.99, these headphones are part of a time-sensitive deal that Amazon is offering today. The magnetic earbuds, coupled with a flat cord, are designed to keep you tangle-free while pumping crystal-clear sound comfortably to your ears. Calls are supported with the built-in mic and remote. At only $ 9.99 (Prime eligible) and having 3.5/5 star reviews, these little wired headphones are  [Read More...]

Good news, everyone! If you’re looking to go the carrier-free, “Pure Edition” route with your new Moto X, Motorola says it’ll work on both T-Mobile and AT&T LTE bands. (Last year’s unlocked model was more TMo-friendly.)

The bad news? Motorola’s website is still getting hammered.

Commiserate in our Moto X forums if you’d like.

A quick reminder, folks, that the Moto X, Moto Hint and Turbo Charger are available for preorder this morning, starting at noon EDT. Additionally, the Moto 360 is back in stock. Chances are very good Motorola’s website will start to creak under the pressure.

Good luck, everyone!

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Remember when 1TB of data seemed like some mythical foreign figure that would never be reached in your lifetime? I remember. The truth is, however, that I have three 1TB external storage drives sitting right here in front of me, filled to the gills. With resolutions and megapixel counts climbing faster than gas prices, you’re going to need some extra space.

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Following an announcement a few weeks ago, we’ve got release dates for the HTC Desire 510 on Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. Sprint is getting it on September 19 for $ 0 down on contract ($ 199.99 without a contract) or $ 8.34 monthly on Easy Pay. Boost will have the Desire 510 starting September 22 for $ 99.99. Virgin Mobile will have theirs out a day after on the 23rd. for $ 99.99.

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Eight reasons to buy a Moto X ‘Pure Edition’

We’re picking on AT&T because that’s what we currently have, but the other carriers are just as guilty of bloating up what otherwise is a pretty clean implementation of Android on the new Moto X.

You can pre-order the AT&T Moto X Bloatware Edition now; the Pure Edition goes up at noon EDT.

Although Motorola announced that the new Moto X would be making its way to India later this month, the manufacturer failed to mention which variants would be available to customers in the country. Thanks to a premature listing of the device on Flipkart, we now know that the Moto X will be available in Black, Bamboo White and Black Leather options.

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Nexus 9 keyboard cover leaked


With the Nexus 9 looking set for the third quarter of 2014, a recent leak claims to show off the rumoured keyboard accessory which is said to come with the Nexus 9 in a Microsoft Surface-like addon.

The seemingly large space above the keys is actually where the Nexus 9 will fold out and stand, covering up the seemingly unused space.

The inclusion of a  [Read More...]

CyanogenMod 11 M10 release is upon us, and is as the case with new builds, M10 features a host of new features that include a new bug tracker, ability to access the last used app by long pressing the recent apps button, a soft reboot option and support for glove mode and smart covers (like this one).

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