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Before reviewing this app, I have never used a battery saving app. In the early days of Android, I used task managers, but that eventually went to the wayside as Android eventually became fairly efficient at managing the phones memory. I ended up in the school of thought that Android itself was better at managing its memory than a 3rd party app. Battery savers have generally been in that same category for me until now.

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Facebook has started testing M, a new virtual assistant that lives inside its Messenger app. Rolling out first in the San Francisco Bay Area, M’s artificial intelligence in trained and supervised by people. One of the big selling points of M is its ability to do things for you in the course of completing a task.

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Samsung Wireless Speakers

These past few weeks have been mighty busy for the folks over at Samsung. With the release of the Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and IFA 2015 coming up around the corner, with the expected announcement of new smartwatches. Well they are still working their tails off and announced three new wireless speakers. These ones are a bit more special though.

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Google is finally making its move to battle Twitch in the popular live game streaming market with the previously announced launch of YouTube Gaming. The new service aims to put the power and reach YouTube into the hands of game streaming content creators and fans.

Amazon’s Fire Phone never took off as the company had hoped, but that has yet to stop the retail giant from attempting to entice buyers with it still. The latest attempt drops the price down to just $ 130, with free shipping. Considering the Fire Phone comes with a free year of Amazon Prime, a $ 99 value, the company is basically selling the phone for just $ 30.

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We can always rely on Google to make our lives that much more efficient.  This time, communication between Google apps are updated to help us save time (and trouble) when planning our business trips or vacations.


Specifically, Google Calendar will now automatically extracts traveling information from relevant Gmail emails.  The goal is to make a seamless experience (and to save you planning work).

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Everybody loves free apps. Unfortunately, there aren’t THAT many opportunities to catch app giveaways via the Play Store. But we have always had the Amazon App Store to thank for picking up the slack. With their free giveaways and random bundles of free apps, we were always able to get some of the best apps and games without paying a dime.

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In a slightly odd series of events, Amazon has ended its Free App of the Day promotion and introduced a new app, Amazon Underground. The new app brings over $ 10,000 worth of apps, games and even in-app items that the company states ‘are actually free.’

Finally. A car charger that provides Quick Charge 2.0 on not just one, but both USB outputs.

We’ve had our hands on a bunch of car chargers in the past, many of them supporting Quick Charge 2.0. The real drawback being that you’re limited to a single port that provides the technology. TYLT’s new Y-Charge QUIK Car Charger is making the change, cramming 4.8A (48W) inside its goofy build for a quick boost in battery life  [Read More...]

This spring clip holster keeps your device clipped in tight, no matter the hustle and bustle. Just snap it to your belt, pants or bag and pop in your device. The top spring clip is extremely tough and provides quick-release access when you need to answer a call, text or email. On sale today for only $ 16.95!