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Masked Shooters review: a fun FPS with some kinks

Masked Shooters screenFirst-person shooters are always fun to play and are an easy way to pass the time. It’s easy to start playing one and then realize that you have been playing for hours. The Play Store is full of these games, and Masked Shooters is one that is fun if you can look past some of the bugs.

Masked Shooters gameplay

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Twitter account ViziLeaks has tweeted that Sony plans to change up the Xperia design by “going all metal” and even changing their iconic power button. Sony has kept a relatively similar design to their Xperia line since the first Xperia Z smartphone.

The tweet also states that Sony may be including a finger print sensor on their flagship as well, following the latest trend among flagship smartphones. Whether the sensor will be on the front or back is still a  [Read More...]

Boost Mobile today announced a new prepaid plan for customers in Miami making calls to Cuba.

For $ 50 per month, Cuba Monthly Connect plan from Boost Mobile gives customers unlimited texts and 15 minutes of talk time to Cuba at 33 cents per minute. After the first 15 minutes of talk time to Cuba, the rate bumps up to the standard rate of 99 cents per minute.

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Tips and leaks in technology news


Once upon a time, when Android was a dream and iOS was a new operating system, the announcement of a new smartphone was a huge surprise to all who attended the press conference. Why was this a surprise?  Well, when the iPhone was announced, no phone could efficiently surf the web. No QWERTY keyboard was available unless you had a Blackberry, and yes, manufacturers were better at keeping secrets. iOS was a  [Read More...]

Disney released the second trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens during the beginning of Star Wars Celebration.

The trailer debuted online today following the panel for The Force Awakens at Star Wars Celebration, taking place April 16-19 in Anaheim, California The seventh live action film in the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens takes place about thirty years after the last film, Return of the Jedi.

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Google has changed the way that app indexing is handled on Google Search and is now showing any available related apps instead of just ones you already have installed.

Apps have been indexed in Google Search for quite some time already, but today Google has made some changes to the way it displays results. Previously, Google Search only showed the option to open results into apps that you already had installed on your device, but now  [Read More...]

LG confirms that leather backs will be used on G4

LG has confirmed via its Facebook page that the G4 will have leather variants for the back of the design. The above photo has a G4 with what the company calls a vegetable-tanned leather cover.

With less than two weeks until the events on April 28th and April 29th, will know soon what internals will grace the smartphone’s design.

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Ask AndroidGuys Anything!

As an Android website, AndroidGuys seeks to stand out from other websites. Seeing there are dozens of Android websites, this is more difficult than you might think. That’s why you will occasionally see us start something new, only for us to stop doing it. In another effort to connect with our audience, we’re going to start a new series called “Ask AndroidGuys Anything”.

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WWE 2K brings real pro wrestling action to Android

2K Games has released WWE 2K for Android for 99 cents. It’s the first simulation-based mobile game launched based on the pro wrestling franchise.

The game features many past and present WWE pro wrestlers in a variety of different modes.

Adobe has now promised to launch more of its design, photo and editing apps for Android devices, starting sometime this summer.

While the company does offer many apps on the Android platform like Photoshop Express, many of Adobe’s more recent mobile apps have been made exclusively for the iPad, such as Comp CC and Slate.