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Moto G4 Plus coming to Canada to replace the Moto X Play

Lenovo’s most powerful Moto G variant, the Moto G4 Plus, is coming to Canada in early summer — likely the first or second week of June — to replace the well-received Moto X Play.

The Moto G4 Plus, which features a 5.5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 617 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of expandable storage, a 16MP rear camera, and a 3,000mAh battery, shares much in common with the Moto X Play unveiled last summer, but in a brand that continues  [Read More…]

AT&T offers more data for the same price on its high-speed GoPhone plans

AT&T has announced it is adding more high-speed data for customers who are signed up for their pre-paid GoPhone plans.

AT&T stated:

If you’re on the $ 60 plan, now get 6GB of high-speed data. If you have the $ 45 plan, now get 3GB of high-speed data. Either way, this is on top of unlimited talk and text and rollover data! Plus, customers on these plans can save $ 5 a month when they sign  [Read More…]

Verykool Spark LTE SL5011 review: All that glitters is not gold

If you haven’t caught wind of verykool yet, it’s an affordable phone maker that you should be keeping an eye on. The company has been around for a while now, which means that its phone-building skills are now to very compelling levels. Earlier in the year, I reviewed the verykool Maverick SL5550 and came out fairly impressed. Now

You can be in the new ‘Ready Player One’ movie without leaving your house

When real life mimics art, things get a little creepy.

Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is one of my favorite science fiction novels of the 21st century, and director Steven Spielberg is taking the helm for the upcoming Warner Bros film. And Spielberg is currently looking for people that want to be extras — extras in the MMO world, that is.

For those that have not read Ready Player One, it is the  [Read More…]

Google Developers is answering your burning Firebase questions with a live Q&A session on May 26

For developers who attended or followed Google I/O 2016, the word “Firebase” picked up a lot of importance this last week. The powerful set of tools from Google that helps developers create, deploy, monetize and upgrade their apps saw a lot of attention at Google’s yearly developer conference, and naturally that generated a lot of questions.

To help get developers up to speed, Google is hosting a live Q&A session on May 26 at 3:30 p.m. PT (that’s 6:30 p.m.  [Read More…]

Get the GSM connected Rthyn L6 smartwatch for just $30 with free shipping

Looking for a smartwatch but don’t want to spend hundreds on a device that might be obsolete in a few months? You’re not alone, and we know that as nice as smartwatches are, they can be a significant investment. That’s why we have partnered with to bring you great deals. Today Gearbest is offering the GSM

Canadian carriers are preparing for 5G, but don’t get too excited yet

Canadian carriers are poised to begin tests for next-generation 5G service in the run-up to a public launch in the next five years.

According to The Star, Bell and Telus already have plans to begin 5G trials in their labs, and are working with international telecom standards bodies to finalize the 5G spec, which should happen over the next couple of years. Rogers is sitting tight, but is also eager to begin trials.

Bell, Rogers and Telus  [Read More…]

Nexus Player makes its exit from the Google Store

Google is no longer directly selling the Nexus Player, its premiere Android TV set-top box that launched alongside Google’s second (and more successful) attempt at entering the living room.

If you visit the Google Store now, the Nexus Player is no longer listed under the TV & Audio section, and its direct link no longer works either. Meanwhile, the Nexus Player remains out of stock across online retail outlets, so your best bet for securing one  [Read More…]

Seven music apps you need on your Android phone this summer

  Summer is almost here, bringing long road trips, days spent on the beach, and flights to other cities and countries. It’s time to plug into some new music on your Android device and create an epic summer 2016 playlist. doubleTwist Image via One of the best free music players you can download to

How do you use your phone for messaging?

Technology has made it easier than ever to talk to the people in your life.

Communicating using technology has become second nature for most of us. We use our phones to talk to coworkers, friends, and family alike. Phones have been a part of how we communicate with the people in our lives for decades. However, the way we communicate using them has definitely changed since smartphones because a normal part of life. That’s because we  [Read More…]