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We’re back from yet another week on the road, this time for Verizon’s Motorola Droid Turbo event, as well as Google’s Lollipop open house. (Be sure to check out our hands-ons with the Nexus 9, as well as the Nexus 6.)

Plus, we answer a whole bunch of your questions live on air. Join us!

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How to manually make an Auto Awesome in Google+

Auto Awesome photos and videos are somewhat enigmatic to many, due in large part to the usually random way that they’re picked and gussied up by Google. There’s animated (Motion) Auto Awesomes, there’s collage (Mix) Auto Awesomes, and then there are Movie Auto Awesomes. And while they’ll show up on any device on their own, only the lucky users on Android can make them on command.

Let’s get awesome.

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Google’s Copresence: Sharing for all


After breaking down an update to Google Play Services APK, Simon Tucker found Chrome APIs along with a series of photos for Copresence. In an email tip, Simon Tucker explains his findings to TechAeris.

Google is going to launch a service titled “Copresence” in the coming weeks. The goal of the service will be to allow cross communication between Android and iOS devices through Bluetooth, Wifi (possibly Wifi  [Read More...]

Poll results: Who is running the Lollipop preview?

Earlier in the week everyone was asked if they were running the Lollipop preview on their phones. We know that availability is very limited, but we also know that Nexus users are over-represented here at AC. I needed to get a feel for just how many of us were excited about what’s coming — excited enough to install a potentially broken developer preview. The numbers surprised me a little bit.

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The need for a Galaxy Note 4 root has reached new levels over at the XDA Forums as members have set up a bounty to encourage someone to come forward with a solution.

The Verizon/AT&T Galaxy Note 4 is yet to be rooted and those members have taken it upon themselves to raise a bounty, which at the time of posting totals $ 4,285.

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Craving some more fantasy action on your Android device? You can now get your fantasy RPG on in “Battleheart Legacy,” released today as a follow up to the very popular “Battleheart.” For anyone not familiar with the original, Battleheart Legacy features an immersive fantasy world, engaging real-time combat system, and loads of character customization.


The Google Play Store was only just recently updated to bring more Material Design aspects to the app, and now we see the version updated bringing the Google Play Store to version 5.0.37.

What’s New

There’s a new permission bucket called Wearable sensors/activity data, which will allow the app to access data from wearable sensors, possibly to use for recommendations on apps. The information it can  [Read More...]

Need more data for that new Droid Turbo? Verizon has just announced that it is upping data allotment on its midrange More Everything plans for a limited time. $ 80 will now score you 10GB of data per month, while $ 100 will net you 15GB. Perhaps even better, the deal isn’t limited to new customers; existing More Everything customers can get in on the action too.

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With Google’s new Nexus devices being offered in the Google Play Store and shipping in the next few weeks we got to wondering: Will you be picking up one of these new products?

Are you a faithful smartphone buyer who likes to grab the latest and greatest? Perhaps you’re wanting to get in on HTC’s return to tablets. Or, maybe you’re down to add some  [Read More...]

Sony SmartWatch 3 now available in US via Expansys


Looking to get your hands (or wrist, rather) on a Sony SmartWatch 3? Great news!  The Android Wear-powered device is now available in the United States. No, they haven’t begun shipping from the Google Play Store just yet. Expansys is the first outlet to announce it has acquired stock of the watch. And, like you’ll find elsewhere, the wearable is priced $ 249.99; Expansys is  [Read More...]