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AT&T’s prepaid carrier Cricket is increasing the data allotment for all of their plans without making any changes to the pricing. It’s a bit of a shake-up, offering one of the best data packages among prepaid carriers. Additionally, they’re offering the first-generation Moto G for just $ 24.99, and discounts on several other the best phones on Cricket.

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Looking for a new Android smartphone? Before you head off to your local carrier or start searching online you may want to swing by Expansys today. The online retailer is offering up some serious discounts on a range of devices, many of which are Android-powered and unlocked. In addition to that you’ll also find other handsets and accessories. According to Expansys there are more than 50 products with prices  [Read More...]

Pandora Radio announced an upcoming update late last year, which included a redesign of its mobile apps. The new design was available as a beta to just a fraction of Pandora users, but the update has hit supported Android hardware today.

This ultra-clear screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a bubble-free and easy installation. All purchases come with a lifetime warranty and the reviews are through the roof. At $ 7.97 (Prime), this 3-pack is a must buy for anyone looking to protect their beautiful S4 screen.

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Cards Against Humanity – $ 25 Jackery GIANT+ Portable Charger – $ 39.95  [Read More...]

LG executives have admitted today there were issues with the first batch of the Snapdragon 810 chips from Qualcomm. However, the smartphone company said those issues have been fixed and won’t delay the launch of their recently announced LG G Flex 2 smartphone.

The fantastic upcoming first-person shooter Evolve is being reimagined for mobile as a match-3 Android game called Hunters Quest, available for free today in the Google Play Store. As in the original, players are hunting a big, bad alien and have to work together to make sure they don’t become the prey. Over time you earn ability mastery points in the mobile title which carry over to the full-fledged console game.

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A no-frills case that just keeps your Note 4 safe without adding much bulk

The Galaxy Note 4′s metal frame is nice to look at, even nice to hold, but we all know it won’t stay looking and feeling that nice for long without a case. If you’re someone who’s rough on a phone you’ll need some protection, and the Incipio Octane case for the Note 4 adds solid coverage with no extra frills. There’s no  [Read More...]

Wait. This isn’t T-Mobile? Shots fired.

As a standalone device, Nest is cool. The ‘Works with Nest’ program makes it invaluable

In the first part of our Nest Thermostat series, I called this device the first connected home appliance everyone should want to own. Curiously, this statement had very little to do with the hardware itself (although I do still think it’s one of the nicest looking thermostats out there today) or even really the apps that help make that hardware useful.  [Read More...]

Microsoft Office open to Android Tablet Users

It is official. Microsoft is opening their Office products to Android tablet users. For a couple of months, Microsoft had allowed select Android tablet users to preview and offer feedback so they could refine and improve what they needed to. There were 3,000 Android devices of over 500 models with different sizes and hardware capabilitiesSo far, there have been at least more than 80 million downloads of Office on the iPhone and iPad worldwide. That number is  [Read More...]