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Sony teases new Xperia phone on August 3rd

Sony Mobile has just let us in on a new Xperia phone coming our way soon.  It’s just a tease, so not much was said.  But we know that its camera abilities are in focus.


Lately, we’ve been seeing manufacturers ramp up autofocusing speed in their smartphone cameras, using either phase detection or laser autofocus methods.  Last year, Sony revealed that they managed to squeeze their 192-point phase detection focusing  [Read More...]

These may be specs for the LG G Flex 3

We always welcome a little peak into what’s to come.  Some details regarding the next iteration in LG’s Flex line have sneaked in, with “top-end” written all over it.

Relayed to us via MobiPicker, the LG G Flex 3 is said to come packing Qualcomm’s latest, the Snapdragon 820 octa-core SoC.  4GB of RAM will accompany the beastly processor.

What’s interesting is the report states it will have a 6″ QHD screen.  We saw LG reduce the size of this year’s G Flex  [Read More...]

If there are two things we love in the modern home, it’s Tasker and Sonos. Tasker is an absurdly powerful Android app that can fire off actions when certain triggers are met. Sonos is a polished lineup of connected home speakers that talk to each other seamlessly and plug into every streaming music service out there.

Without an IFTTT channel, it can be a little hard dealing with your Sonos using anything but the official apps, but  [Read More...]

Hands-on the Case-Mate Naked Tough Case for LG G4

This hard case rocks transparent, dual-layer protection against damage for your LG G4.

It’s hard to find a decent case for the LG G4 that’s compatible with the leather battery door. Many claim they’ll fit, but end up putting way too much pressure on the leather, stretching it out, and just looks terrible. We got our hands on Case-Mate’s Naked Tough Case this time around, and found that while installation is certainly easier on the plastic  [Read More...]

Wizards Maze HD: Spooky Fun (App Review)

Halloween might still be a while away, but who says we can’t have a bit of spooky fun? In Wizards Maze, the creepiness comes to life as you find your way through, you guessed it a maze. Can you handle the monsters, the confusing paths and elusive keys? Read on!


You’re greeted by the main menu upon opening up the game. The eerie font ushers you in, there’s a list of levels surrounded by various buttons, you select the  [Read More...]

Ghost Armor giveaway and review

The American dream. People from all over the world have flocked to the shores of America in search of it and the tech world is full of examples of that dream becoming realized. Stories of people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Serge Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, and much more. People who took an idea and turned it into something great.

This is a story like that. A story of a few friends with an idea. At the time, they had  [Read More...]

Android Central’s summer accessory guide

Gear up for the summer!

We’ve spent a little over a week diving into phone accessories that are perfect for the summertime. Now we’re ready to wrap it all up. There’s been a big focus on rugged and waterproof accessories to handle your extreme adventures, though you’re likely to find many of these useful year-round.

[Read More...]

If you own a Sony Xperia Z3 then you can now get your hands on the concept Android software Sony have been developing for the past few months. It comes courtesy of XDA Developers and is a leaked ROM, so before proceeding please appreciate this will probably be extremely buggy.

You don’t need root access or even an unlocked bootloader, just  the firmware itself and the Flashtool utility for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

How to install

1. Head on over  [Read More...]

The first five things to know about the new Moto G

We tend to pride ourselves on using the latest and greatest phones. Better specs. Faster processors. (More heat!) More megapixels. Pick your poison. But there’s absolutely something to be said for the mid-range these days, that category of phone that tries to balance style and performance with a price that doesn’t break your wallet.

And there are all sorts of options out there. Motorola arguably started the newest generation of these devices with the Moto G in  [Read More...]

Samsung released its numbers this week and they continue to disappoint.  Operating profits declined four percent to $ 5.9 billion, and the mobile division took a huge hit with sales declining from $ 3.8 billion to $ 2.4 billion from the same quarter last year.  While still profitable, Samsung’s profits are not meeting expectations and they are planning to discount the Galaxy devices to make them more attractive to consumers.  Dropping prices on any electronic device is to be expected,  [Read More...]