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Save $23 on this Galaxy S5 battery today!

Is the battery in your Galaxy S5 not lasting as long as it used to? If so, you should consider swapping in a new one so you can regain some of that lost life. The replacement battery can just be swapped in your phone, charged up and used as normal. Right now you can save $ 23 on the purchase, dropping the price to just $ 16.95!

Samsung launches the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with stylus

On Friday, October 28th Samsung will begin to sell the new Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with a stylus. This new device debuts with an MSRP of $ 349.99. This is not Samsung’s first Tab A tablet with a stylus as the Tab A 9.7-inch version had the ‘S-Pen’ available previously. It seems odd that Samsung would

Xiaomi Mi Robot review: Your weekends just got lazier

The Mi Robot raises the bar for robot vacuum cleaners.

Xiaomi isn’t just a phone manufacturer. The Chinese brand has ventured into the home appliances category with its Mi Ecosystem products, launching utilities like light bulbs, air purifiers, rice cookers, fitness bands, and even a smart screwdriver. Xiaomi doesn’t make the products in the lifestyle category itself. Instead, it invests in or partners with startups in this segment, and then makes its vast supply chain available  [Read More…]

Digital Offers: Grab the Immersive Angular 2 bundle for just $41

Coding languages continue to evolve, and there are several new players that have been introduced over the last couple of years. Keeping up with all of them can be difficult, and switching can be even harder. Google created a new Javascript framework called Angular 2, and odds are you want to see what it is all about. Well, you don’t have to spend a ton of cash to find out if it is right for you.

Luckily, you can save  [Read More…]

Monday’s best tech deals and discount codes

Happy Monday! Today is my last day on vacation and I get back into San Diego late tonight. I apologize for the brevity of this opening, but I’ll be back at full speed starting tomorrow. Don’t forget about the Amazon Echo Dot. It’s one of the coolest products of 2016 and it provides a whole

GIVEAWAY: Win 1 of 5 phone mounts from Omaker

Hey you! Yes… you. Want a free phone mount from Omaker? You do? That’s awesome, because we are giving away five of them and you have a chance to win one. About the Prize Up for grabs this week is the Omaker Magic Air Vent One Step Mounting Magnetic Car Mount Holder. While it might say

Android Pay links up with Visa Checkout and Masterpass for quicker online payments

Google just loves making it even simpler to buy things online.

Alongside Google’s initiative to have Android Pay be a standalone mobile payment solution for e-commerce sites, it has also today announced a partnership that will let Android Pay users use their payment methods anywhere that Visa Checkout and Mastercard Masterpass are accepted. That means any site that has integrated with Visa Checkout or Masterpass is now available for you to pay via Android Pay on your phone once  [Read More…]

Save an additional $30 on the ad-powered Moto G4 at Amazon

Right now you can save an additional $ 30 on the ad-powered Moto G4 at Amazon, dropping the price to just $ 120. Normally, the 4th-gen Moto G retails for $ 199, but Amazon offers it with lock screen ads at a lower cost, as long as you are an Amazon Prime member. The phone features a 5.5-inch display, 16GB of storage, and comes unlocked to be used on the carrier of your choice.

This deal is  [Read More…]

I used a Pixel XL for 4 days and all I want is a Note 7

In many ways, Google Pixel is the best phone I’ve ever used. However…

Google Pixel is priced at a point where people expect a premium experience — and in many ways, Google has delivered. The aluminum body looks and feels nice, the software is incredibly smooth and capable, the camera is out of this world excellent almost every time, and the battery life is on the higher end of functional. This is a great phone, and  [Read More…]

Twilight: filter your phone’s blue light for a better nights sleep

Developer: Urbandroid Team Price: Free w/$ 2.99 Pro unlock Category: Like to sleep better What you need to know No, this is not the tween 2010 vampire vs werewolves movies. This is the Twilight app. Do you use your phone at night? That was obviously rhetorical, of course, you do! If you are anything like me, your phone