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All Nest Cams have a dangerous bug, but it will be fixed ‘in the coming days’

Nest Cams are incredibly convenient, but having a permanent connection to the Internet can also be a security risk.

Nest, the Alphabet company that scooped up to take over its smart home ambitions, has a problem. Its Nest Cam line, which includes the (admittedly excellent) Outdoor model, has a dangerous bug that allows a would-be thief or hacker (or hacker thief) to send a signal over Bluetooth to force the camera into a reboot, disabling the unit for up  [Read More…]

Google Maps now lets users share real-time location

Google today made it possible for Google Maps mobile app users to share their exact location with other users. The updated version of the app allows for one to share real-time location with Google contacts or by sending a link through a messenger app. If you are sharing your location, you will see an icon above the compass […]

Scoop up a 2-pack of magnetic microUSB cables for $35 (Deal of the Day)

While most of the new phones and devices on the horizon feature the USB Type-C charging standard, a lot of what we currently own does not. We venture to guess that you’ve got a number of gadgets lying around the house that need microUSB for charging. If there’s one thing we like about having Type-C charging, […]

Location sharing is finally coming back to Google Maps

You will once again be able to share your location without using Google+.

A long time ago, we used to be able to share location data with friends through this app called Google Latitude. When Latitude and other apps were folded into Google Maps, the location sharing feature was migrated over to Google+. It looks like even Google has given up on people using that social network, as the feature is moving back to Google Maps in  [Read More…]

Deal: Unlimited Calls, Text and 2GB of 4G LTE data for $11.67 per month

Right now, Mint SIM has an amazing deal on high-speed 4G LTE data in the U.S.!

In the U.S., between the Big Four carriers, it’s become a game of race to the top — with that top being unlimited data.

But most people don’t need unlimited data. In fact, most Americans don’t use more than a couple of gigabytes per month, and even the top percentage rarely go over 10GB. 1

That’s why Mint SIM is such  [Read More…]

Button Mapper: Full customization options for your phone’s buttons (Review)

Modern phones currently have so many different shortcuts for all kinds of things. My current phone lets me double push the home key to get to the camera. Prior to that, I had a phone where you only had to twist your wrist twice to open the camera, and if I did a chopping motion […]

Craving some VR? Check out these deals

Ah VR – the realm of budding possibilities! Virtual Reality has an immense potential and more and more companies are tapping into it. The consumer VR era kicked off in 2015 with the launch of the affordable Gear VR. So if you are curious to see what this VR fuss is all about, you should […]

OnePlus is letting anyone buy this slick Midnight Black OnePlus 3T

There’s a new special edition OnePlus 3T, and you may actually be able to buy it this time.

A lot of going right for OnePlus these days. The company was among the first manufacturers to release Android 7.1.1 to two of its devices on the same day, and it managed to make all the nerds swoon in unison with the announcement of a special edition all-black OnePlus 3T in collaboration with Parisian fashion house, colette.

While that  [Read More…]

Huawei Mate9 is now an Alexa-ready phone

Remember that back at CES 2017, Huawei announced the Mate9 will be the first phone in the world to have the Amazon Alexa voice assistant onboard. The company also said it will send out a software update that will bestow Alexa capabilities on the phablet in February 2017. Well as it turns out Huawei had […]

10 Best Alexa Skills you can use right now

Your Amazon Echo only gets smarter from here.

Once you’ve become familiar with all of the commands that come included with your Amazon Echo, it’s time to make this little bundle of microphones even smarter by adding some Skills. These are like apps you can add to your Echo and control entirely with your voice, and there are thousands of them to choose from. To help narrow things down a bit and help get you started, I’ve  [Read More…]