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Grab this Quick Charge 3.0 USB-C car charger for 50% off!

Tronsmart is currently offering its Quick Charge 3.0 car charger for just $ 8 at Amazon with coupon code USBCCHAR, a savings of $ 8. The charger itself offers two ports, one USB-A (without Quick Chare) and one USB-C (Quick Charge 3.0), so you can charge multiple devices while on the go. Using a USB C-to-C cable you can get super-fast charging speeds, allowing you to get maximum battery life, even during a short commute. It is made from premium  [Read More…]

Google just made a new blog called The Keyword

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Google… Yesterday, Google created a sweet new blog called The Keyword. It’s meant to be a central repository of Google news and product announcements. Similar to how Alphabet was created to reign in all of Google’s projects, The Keyword was created to unite Google’s blogs.

Best Android Phone Under $700

Want to ensure you’re wielding the best around for your budget? The Galaxy S7 is the best phone under $ 700, when you factor in performance, size, camera quality, and battery life.

Best Overall Samsung Galaxy S7

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The Galaxy S7 is the best version of Samsung’s flagship yet. It’s equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear IconX review: Bluetooth earbuds that do more

Are the Samsung IconX worth your money?

Bluetooth earbuds have a single job: to deliver audio wirelessly from somewhere else. We muse about the quality of that audio and the battery life of the various products delivering that audio to help determine which is “best” for everyone. Sometimes we find models with nice things like touch controls or the ability to connect with Google Now, but the core feature of your average Bluetooth headset is to  [Read More…]

So many new and exclusive discount codes for AndroidGuys’ readers it’s an early Black Friday!

Happy Friday! China is celebrating its National Day Holiday week which means they gave AndroidGuys readers over 20 new and exclusive discount codes in commemoration of that event! There are seriously so many deals, with some items costing $ 2 that it feels like an early Black Friday. A couple of my favorite deals are the

Shopping for a first phone for a child

Today, smartphones are everywhere. Your parents have them, your grandparents might have them and now it’s quite possible your child has one–or really wants one. But, how do you go about finding a phone that is a reasonable option for a young child? Stopping by your local carrier store will give you an idea of

How to get a PlayStation VR on launch day

Where can I get a PlayStation VR on launch day?

With Sony’s multiple pre-order waves evaporating minutes after they were opened, a lot of people hoping to get their hands on PlayStation VR before 2017 are faced with a single option. It’s time to find a store to camp out in front of the night before launch in hopes of snatching up one of the few extras that will be available at select retailers. We’ve all  [Read More…]

Best Android Phones with Expandable Memory

Looking for the best phones with expandable memory to store your movies and music? You’ve come to the right place.

Best overall Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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The Galaxy S7 edge is the total package. The phone features a stunning metal-and-glass exterior backed by an excellent 5.5-inch display. The dual curved display is easily one of the best you’ll  [Read More…]

Chromebox vs Chromebit — Which should you buy?

They’re two awesome devices that don’t get the attention they deserve. Knowing which one you should buy is all about knowing what you want to use it for.

Most of the time when we’re talking about Chrome OS, we’re talking about Chromebooks. The lightweight operating system is perfect for smaller, more inexpensive laptops because it’s just not very resource intensive. Those same qualities make it perfect for the Chrome-branded devices that don’t get as much attention  [Read More…]

TinyBouncer: Jump your way into fun (App Review)

TinyBouncer is an Indie style game that involves a whole lot of bouncing and swiping. Jumping on a bouncy caterpillar, you have to gain sufficient height to reach the distance goal, while also weaving through the endless amount of diverse obstacles. The game requires concentration and a will to accomplish in order to advance. The