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Android Central 232: Gray Wookiee

We’re back with some new hardware this week after the London launch event for the Huawei P8. Plus, the latest on the upcoming LG G4 after another flurry of leaks and official teasers, more on the Samsung Galaxy S6, and we’ll answer even more of your questions live on air!


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DODOcase Cardboard VR viewer being offered for free

After writing up my post concerning Works with Google Cardboard, I started looking around for a virtual reality viewer for myself and stumbled upon this deal.

DODOcase is currently offering their take on Google Cardboard for free! That’s right free. Well, sort of free. This deal comes with the heafty shipping fee of $ 12, but that is still really cheap for a VR headset.

If you weren’t sure that Cardboard is worth $ 25, maybe you will find it worth  [Read More...]

OnePlus issues invitation for April 20th event

We learned recently that OnePlus was negotiating for additional funding from Silicon Valley venture capitalists. Now, we see a post from the company on its Google+ page inviting us to some event, scheduled for April 20th.

All we can do at this point is speculate. Could it be possible that the much anticipated OnePlus Two may be announced far earlier than originally thought? Or maybe another handset launch, like a budget smartphone? In either case, I’m sure it will be fun  [Read More...]

A few tips to make the first hours easier … and more fun.

Setting up a new Android can be fun. It can also be easy — just follow the setup application when you first start the phone. This will get you where you need to be with little or no fuss. The folks making our phones have really worked out ways to make setup easy and frustration-free.

Of course, you don’t have to follow the  [Read More...]

T-Mobile will add more data to their Walmart Family Mobile data offering starting Saturday, April 18.

The Walmart Family Mobile plans, powered by T-Mobile’s network, will now come with more data for the same prices.

The unlocked phone is priced $ 50 lower for early adopters

Alcatel is now offering its OneTouch Idol 3 smartphone for pre-oder some days ahead of expectation. What’s more, the handset carries a lower price point than anticipated – albeit for a limited time.

alcatel_one_touch_idol_3If you place a pre-order for the OneTouch Idol 3 before 11:59PM PST on April 20 you can secure one for $ 199.99, down $ 50 from it’s normal  [Read More...]

App of the Day: TAP SPORTS BASEBALL 2015

Baseball has long been called one of America’s favorite pastimes and today you can enjoy it without having having to get out of that comfy chair of yours. Our App of the Day is Tap Sports Baseball 2015 and it provides the user with a fun, digital way to experience the age old sport.

Tap Sports Baseball gives the user the ability to choose from real MLBPA players which gives the game a more authentic feeling as nobody likes just  [Read More...]

Google has started rolling out an update to Google Plus on Android today that brings a new and refreshed look to community pages.

The new look brings Google Plus Communities a bit more in line with the look of profile pages, with a large header image at the top of the page just above the community name.

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OnePlus teases an announcement for April 20

It looks like OnePlus is up to something, as the company has just teased an event or announcement of some sort for April 20.

OnePlus took to Google Plus today to post an image saying “You’re Invited” to something on April 20, but we aren’t quite sure what that something might be.

OnePlus, the maverick smartphone manufacturer that attempted to turn the world on its head, is in talks to obtain additional funding from Silicon Valley venture capitalists . The purpose: to increase and improve its manufacturing and talent. The company hopes to accomplish this before announcing the OnePlus Two. The company is already attempting to lure talent from the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi, and Lenovo.

It’s unknown how far in negotiations they are. However, the reputation of the company could be a factor  [Read More...]