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The Big Android Dev Interview: Paul Lammertsma

From the Big Android BBQ Europe: Pixplicity CTO Paul Lammertsma on the importance of bouncing ideas off other developers, and Android’s future beyond apps.

The Big Android BBQ Europe, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands recently, brings together some of Europe’s top Android developers, enthusiasts and other community members in a celebration of Android, code and cooked meat. A spin-off from the U.S.-based Big Android BBQ, the European event is now in its second year.

In addition to the actual BBQ  [Read More…]

Opera rolls out a dedicated VPN app for your phone

After integrating a built-in VPN in its desktop browser and rolling out a dedicated VPN app for iOS, Opera is now bringing the service to Android users. While there are several VPN services available for Android, Opera is looking to differentiate its offering by providing free unlimited access.

The VPN is powered by SurfEasy, a company Opera acquired last year. The app offers a quick way to mask your location, access content that’s locked to a  [Read More…]

Samsung unveils first 4G-enabled Tizen phone in India for ₹4,590 ($68)

Samsung has rolled out its third Tizen handset in the Indian market, the Z2 (the first was the Z1, and then Samsung launched the Z3). The phone is the first in the Tizen range to offer LTE connectivity, and will go up for sale starting August 29 via Samsung’s offline channels and e-commerce store Paytm. Much like its predecessors, the Z2 is aimed at the entry-level segment, with a retail price of ₹4,590 ($ 68).

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Lenovo and Motorola phones will come with Office, Skype, and OneDrive pre-installed

Motorola’s phones have stayed relatively free of any pre-loaded apps, but that’s changing now as part of a new patent cross-licensing deal between Lenovo and Microsoft. The move will see select Lenovo and Motorola phones offering the Office suite along with Skype and OneDrive out of the box.

Microsoft has inked similar deals with top Android manufacturers over the years, including Samsung, ASUS, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, and HTC. There’s no mention as to which specific models  [Read More…]

Stay powered all day and night with the Mophie Powerstation XL external battery

No matter how much we ask manufacturers for better battery life, the standard still seems to be one day of usage on our smartphones. There are a few phones with larger batteries, but those are mainly phones from overseas. Until the day arrives when we have phones that last two to three days away from

MIUI 8 now rolling out for Redmi Note and Mi 4i, coming soon for other devices

It’s time for a software update.

After months of beta testing, MIUI 8 is now available for download on select Xiaomi phones. The stable ROM is being rolled out via an OTA update to the Redmi Note (3G and 4G editions) and Mi 4i starting today, with other devices slated to receive the update in the coming days and weeks.

MIUI 8 will be available on these devices:

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Pop Quiz! How much do your monthly subscriptions add up to?

Netflix. Hulu Plus. Sling TV. MLB TV. Tidal. Google Play Music. Amazon Prime. Texture. Wall Street Journal. HBO Now. $ 157.91 a month in subscriptions. Embarrassingly that is my monthly bill for multimedia content that I subscribe to. The worst part of this exercise is that I finally figured out how much I spend every month

Tronsmart’s latest power bank is perfect for the Galaxy Note 7 and Nexus 6P

As you have witnessed, the mobile industry is slowly transitioning from microUSB to USB Type C. One of the first major smartphones to move to USB Type C was the Android enthusiast’s favorite, Google’s Nexus 6P. Since that phone was released there have been many other devices that followed suit including the LG G5, HTC

Here’s the quickest way to disable carrier bloatware on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is without question a great phone. The hardware, camera, processor, build, and just about everything else make the Note 7 one of the best phones of the year. There is a major downside to the Galaxy Note 7 and that is carrier bloat. In the US, Samsung has decided to

Android 7.0 Nougat available today for Nexus devices

Launch day for the next version of Android!

After a five-month developer preview program, the next version of Android is finally upon us! Google has announced that Android 7.0 Nougat is complete, and Nexus devices will begin receiving the update from today.

Nougat brings a host of new features, including split-screen multi-window, improved notifications and longer battery life through the improved Doze feature.

We’re not expecting the final version of Android 7.0 to feature any  [Read More…]