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Mobvoi TicWatch S2 review: Decent rugged smartwatch letdown by Wear OS

The TicWatch S2 is a decent option if you’re in the market for an affordable Wear OS smartwatch, but that’s not saying much.

Wear OS hasn’t gotten much love recently, and while Google rolled out a new Tiles feature that easily lets you view news headlines and your fitness goals, the platform as a whole needs an overhaul. Wear OS 2.0 was introduced last year, and while it brought forth a new interface, the underlying problems with  [Read More…]

How to take better photos with a Galaxy phone

Shooting phenomenal photographs with your DSLR can be relatively easy, but getting the same stunning quality and clarity with your smartphone is a bit more of a challenge. Luckily, there are some surefire ways to get high-quality photographs with your Galaxy phone. Here are a couple of things to try the next time you’re lining up a shot to capture that picture-perfect moment!

Accessories to improve your picture game Stabilize your shots: UBeesize Phone Tripod ($ 14 at  [Read More…]

Ring Smart Spotlight vs. Smart Floodlight

If you’re looking for something to help you keep and eye on the goings on outside your home, a security light is what you need. Ring has a new line of them available to buy and we’re here to help you choose the right one for you.

Ring Smart Spotlight

Smart lights

Ring Smart Spotlight

$ 40 at Amazon

Pros Quick and easy installation Small and compact Cons Battery life [Read More…]

The June 2019 security patches have arrived for Pixel devices

Improvements include better “Ok Google” detection and fixes for Netflix hanging.

What you need to know Updates have rolled out for the Pixel lineup with June security patches and bug fixes. The update includes improved accuracy for the “Ok Google” hot word and a fix that caused Netflix to hang. This is the first update for the Pixel 3a devices.

It’s officially June, and you know what that means — time for Google to roll out the  [Read More…]

The Google Trips app is being shut down come August 5

Another day, another Google app being killed.

What you need to know The Google Trips app will be discontinued come August 5. Google Trips’ online counterpart recently received a makeover. Features from the app will move to Google Search and Google Maps.

After beefing up its online counterpart last month, Google is discontinuing its Google Trips app come August 5. Rumors have been circulating that the standalone app was headed to the Google graveyard ever since the  [Read More…]

Cash app and debit card are a nice combo for modern banking

I’m not a finance guy by any means. I do OK and happen to be a son of a retired bank manager, but I don’t really think about those things much. However, I’ve recently started using the Cash app for peer-to-peer transfers and snagged the optional debit card as well. It’s become my go-to combo for most of my daily purchases.

Now, let’s not go crazy and say that the Cash app has completely replaced other banks. It has, however,  [Read More…]

Google Pay is gaining better online transactions and transit pass support

Google is making its Pay platform much more robust and convenient.

What you need to know Online checkout with Google Pay now displays total cost and shipping options. You can now check into flights directly from Google Assistant. Boarding passes and transit tickets can now be stored in Google Pay.

During this year’s I/O keynote, Google showed off a number of ways that it’s improving its Google Pay service for online businesses and, in turn, their customers.  [Read More…]

ADP Mobile review: How a benefits app should be done

It’s a time saver and time manager, plus an example of a great mobile app.

If your employer uses ADP for payroll or benefits, you need the ADP Mobile app. I hate to throw out a conclusion at the beginning of any review, but that’s what I think every time I check out a feature or fire it up to see how something is done while I’m writing this, so that’s where I’ll begin. And that’s coming  [Read More…]

The Samsung Galaxy Home will now be released in Q3 2019

Just a reminder that Samsung announced this thing ten months ago.

What you need to know The Galaxy Home is now expected to be launched in Q3 of 2019. The speaker was supposed to have been released in the first half of the year. A recent rumor suggests that Samsung’s also working on a smaller version of it.

The Galaxy Home, Samsung’s smart speaker that was announced nearly ten months ago, just got one step closer to  [Read More…]

You don’t need PlayStation Plus to play Dauntless

Best answer: No, you do not need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play Dauntless on PS4. It is a free-to-play game with free cross-play and online play.

Monster Hunter-lite: Dauntless (Free at PlayStation) PS Plus exclusive: Dauntless Model P Weapon Pack (Free at PlayStation) Try it out: PlayStation Plus Membership (From $ 10 at Amazon) Does not having a PS Plus membership affect its cross-play support?

No. As long as you have a PlayStation Network account and  [Read More…]