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Star Knight: A welcome change from the typical Play Store platformers (review)

Sometimes I feel like the Play Store will never evolve from providing these short, simple games that offer very basic gameplay, no progression, no story and almost null replay value. But then I encounter games as Star Knight and my hopes return. If more games were like Star Knight and less like these short attention

Put some island beauty on your desktop with these Moana wallpapers

Get the island vibe with these Moana-themed wallpapers!

Moana came out today in the U.S., and if there’s anything I want to do more than sit around a table filled with stuffed birds and mediocre sides, it’s go to the movies. Moana couldn’t have shown up at a better time, and to celebrate, we’ve got some wallpapers of our new favorite Disney heroine.

Yeah, I wish this movie were cel animation, too.  [Read More…]

With its recent update, the Pixel is now almost perfect

A small update makes a big difference.

A lot of people were very upset by a fairly big omission in the Pixel’s Android 7.1-based Nougat software when it first came out: the fact that, unlike the Nexus 6P, the phone’s useful ambient display didn’t magically appear whenever the phone was picked up. It seemed like a strange thing to leave out given the phone’s lineage, but I am happy to say that with build NPF26J, first  [Read More…]

Xiaomi Mi MIX Nano rumored to make a debut in early December

Last week a few pictures showcasing the smaller variant of the Xiaomi Mi MIX, dubbed Nano surfaced online. According to the leak, the phone will abandon the huge 6.4-inch form factor of the Mi MIX and will feature a more acceptable 5.5-inch display. Well according to the most recent word on the street coming to

Spoiler Alert! If you’re using a Note 7 ROM, you’re going to get Note 7 notifications

No, Samsung is not collecting your ROM’d phones.

Samsung’s recall of the Note 7 means two things — lots of people curious about whether their phone might be next, and lots of misinformation about how Samsung is handling the recall. We’ve seen reports claiming Samsung will send kill signals to phones, claims that Samsung has been monitoring existing Note 7 users, and now claims that Samsung is pulling phones running Note 7 software.

The one thing  [Read More…]

The making of UMi Plus E – the pinnacle of craftsmanship

Nowadays, a lot of companies promise premium build quality on their smartphones, but not everyone manages to match the expectations when their product is released. UMi, on the other hand, has always been confident about the quality of its products. The company has shown different times in the past how its products are manufactured, showing

Samsung Galaxy S7 Android 7.0 Nougat release date: When to expect the GS7’s biggest software upgrade

It’s possible — but by no means guaranteed — that updates for some models could arrive by the end of the year.

The Galaxy Beta Program is allowing some Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners to get an early taste of Android 7.0 Nougat. But as for anyone who doesn’t want to use potentially buggy pre-release software, we’re left waiting on an official rollout for what’s turning out to be a substantial update.

So when’s it  [Read More…]

HTC kicks off Black Friday deals with $200 off HTC 10, RE Camera for $75

Other offers include 40% off accessories, A9 for $ 275.

HTC is the latest phone maker to given an early launch its Black Friday deals, with a wide range of offers on some of its high-profile phones and accessories. The flagship HTC 10 is down to $ 499 unlocked, $ 200 off the standard price, in all four color options. The RE camera — HTC’s fun, if underappreciated little action cam — is yours for a  [Read More…]

Huawei gets crowned most profitable Android OEM in Q3

Major Android OEMs like Samsung, HTC and LG might be losing a lot of money through their mobile division, but others are thriving. A new report coming out of Strategy Analytics reveals more data on the smartphone market in Q3. According to the information, the mobile industry posted $ 9.4 billion in profits. As you can

T-Mobile offers free Galaxy S7, LG V20 on Black Friday

We’re days away from all the Black Friday promotions going live. Like most retailers and carriers, T-Mobile has also pulled out the Black Friday big guns, following the extended Magenta Friday savings spree. Starting tomorrow on November 24 (Thanksgiving Day), the Magenta carrier says customers will be able to get their hands on a free