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GameStop steps into the tablet world


Technology is evolving, and so are games. GameStop knows that gaming has migrated out of the gaming consoles, and is now very mobile, available from our phones and tablets. While these devices are not as powerful for gaming (compared to consoles), they are getting close. Without a doubt, mobile gaming has gained immense popularity, even defeating the purpose of buying gaming consoles for many.

GameStop has fulfilled our gaming needs for  [Read More...]

Android Theme Review: Ice Cream Sandwich CM7 Theme

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Ed. note: This theme requires use of the Theme Chooser.

When Google finally unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich to the world, we all knew it was going to be the new hotness. How much it changed things, though, I’m not sure anyone could have really predicted. Fortunately, it didn’t matter. Once the event was over, I knew I wanted it, period.

Thanks to one enterprising developer, there’s a wicked theme for CM7 that  [Read More...]


OrangePixel has an awesome collection of games for Android, and their latest, Stardash, is a true gem if you’re addicted to platforming games. In the vein of Super Mario and Mega Man, Stardash is level upon level of jumps, dashes, and difficulty. Platforming is great, but Stardash turns it up a notch from the cutesy Mario titles so if  [Read More...]


Not to long ago a rumor popped up that video game retailer, GameStop — would be developing their own Android tablet to sell in their retail locations. Seems a portion of the rumors were true at this point as GameStop has now reportedly teamed up with Asus, Acer, and Samsung to offer up ‘specialized’ Android tablets pre-loaded with seven quality Android games and support for the GamesStops own tablet controller.

Right now, its been  [Read More...]

Android Central

Having been previously announced as arriving ‘in time for the holidays’, T-Mobile has now given more firm dates for the T-Mobile myTouch and myTouch Q availablity. Planned roll-out will start happening on the T-Mobile website come Nov. 2, with Nationwide availability happening on November 9th,  No matter which device you pick, each will cost $ 79.99 after a $ 50 mail-in-rebate, with a two-year service agreement and qualifying classic voice and data  [Read More...]

Galaxy Note

Samsung recently gave more details on the availability of the Galaxy Note across Europe. The device launched over the weekend in Germany, and will roll out across the UK and mainland Europe between now and Nov. 25 on a variety of carriers.

Here’s your country-by-country breakdown:

Germany (out now) – Vodafone, DT, O2 Netherlands (Nov. 1) – KPN, Vodafone Belgium (Nov. 1) – KPN, Vodafone United Kingdom (Nov. 2) – Carphone Warehouse,  [Read More...]


GetGlue has often been described as “Foursquare for TV” because of its similarities to the location-aware service. But instead of checking-in to physical venues, GetGlue members check-in to television shows, movies, music, books, and video games. They then earn “stickers” (badges) for certain actions and connect with others who enjoy similar programming or activities.

A new wrinkle to that  [Read More...]

galaxy tab update

Frozen Yogurt is delicious, but you have to change things up after a while. The original Samsung Galaxy Tab has been around for about a year now, marking the beginning of the tablet wars. While it is definitely not the best tablet around, many of us hold it very close to our hearts.

If you happen to still be a proud owner of one of these 7-inch  [Read More...]

Android Central

According to reports from multiple sources, the HTC Desire S is currently receiving an update to Android 2.3.5, which also bumps the mid-range handset from HTC Sense 2.1 right up to Sense 3.0. The new version of Sense, which first shipped on the Sensation earlier in the year, features a redesigned 3D launcher and lock screen setup, amongst other enhancements.

Apparently unbranded Desire S owners in the UK, as well as owners  [Read More...]


According to the Italian blog Android.HD, Samsung has confirmed that they will be providing the Ice Cream Sandwich update to their latest top-tier devices. Phones and tablets set to get a bit of the latest tasty treat are:

Galaxy S II Galaxy Note Galaxy Tab 10.1 Galaxy Tab 8.9 Galaxy Tab 7.7 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

This is a pretty obvious list, and we came up with something very similar ourselves.  Samsung is  [Read More...]