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How hot is your Android smartphone?

We used the FLIR One Pro to measure how hot the LG G6, Galaxy S8, and Pixel XL become when they’re charging or running applications.

Naturally, when you’re equipped with a thermal imaging camera, you want to point it at all the things. The FLIR One Pro thermal imaging camera is certainly fun to play with, even though its battery life is finicky. I rounded up a couple of the latest Android-powered smartphones I had laying around,  [Read More…]

Andy Rubin’s Essential phone will be a Sprint exclusive

So far Andy Rubin’s Essential smartphone has been available for pre-order only from the Essential website for $ 699 a pop. Now a report coming out of USA Today reveals one of the major US carriers will also be selling the phone. According to the information. Sprint will exclusively carry the Essential phone in its stores. […]

HD HomeRun modernizes the old-school over-the-air TV game

HDHomerun is the perfect over-the-air addition to an already excellent Android TV experience.

The thing about being a cord-cutter is that you’re always trying to plug holes. It doesn’t matter what streaming video service you ultimately go with — there’s almost always something missing. For many of us, that hole comes down to local channels. And while services like YouTube TV are trying to fill that hole, there’s still something to be said for a good, old-fashioned broadcast antenna.

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Essential Phone will be carrier-exclusive to Sprint in the U.S.

The Essential Phone will be prominently showcased at thousands of Sprint stores across the country.

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone will be available to buy unlocked direct from the company’s website, but if you’re looking to go the carrier route in the U.S., then your only option is Sprint. The phone itself supports all four major carriers in the U.S., but when it comes to picking up the device from a retail store, Essential is going with the “network of  [Read More…]

You can now buy the Daydream View VR headset in India for ₹6,499

Google’s mobile VR headset is now available in India exclusively on Flipkart.

Google has launched the Daydream View VR headset in India. The headset is available exclusively on Flipkart for ₹6,499 ($ 100), and comes with a one-year warranty. Currently, the Daydream View is compatible with the Pixel and Pixel XL as well as the Moto Z, with Google stating that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will pick up support shortly.

The headset is made out  [Read More…]

Tip: How to speed up your Samsung Galaxy S7

Whilst the Galaxy S7 is no slouch when it comes to specs, the device is not as new as it once was and with apps getting more resourcing demand you could find the S7 to be slowing down. Luckily there is a hidden feature that you can change that will instantly speed up your device. […]

Xbox One X versus PlayStation 4 Pro: Which high-end console brings the better hardware?

Microsoft’s new Xbox One X brings some beefy specs.

Tonight at E3 in Los Angeles Microsoft introduced the new Xbox One X and it’s time to compare their best to Sonys.

The Xbox has become more than just a game console as Microsoft has focused on making it another part of the expansive Windows platform. Meanwhile, Sony has focused on adding features to the PlayStation to bolster the gaming experience as well, though they don’t have software  [Read More…]

Take a deep dive into Python with this programming bundle!

Python is one of the most popular programming languages out there thanks to a fast edit-test-debug cycle and wide versatility. Jumping into Python from a beginner’s standpoint isn’t exactly easy, as there are many routes you can take. The training required to become a Python expert is also generally quite expensive.

Become a Python master and save over 90% with this bundle! Learn more

What if there was a bundle of courses that included teaching for beginners as  [Read More…]

Death and the (Google) photo in your wallet

A few words about an extraordinary woman.

Last week, at 94 years, my grandmother Annette passed away. It was a peaceful passing, in her sleep, after only a brief illness. For that, I’m grateful. In her life, she was a mother and wife whose empathy and patience was bottomless; a generous friend and advocate for those around her; and a brilliant and award-winning chemistry teacher.

When I was 12 years old, she emigrated from South Africa to  [Read More…]

How to set up local multiplayer in Star Trek: Bridge Crew

This is the best way to enjoy local Star Trek: Bridge Crew matches.

Some of us want nothing more than to put on our Starfleet uniform, head into a room with four VR headsets and three similarly dressed friends, and play Star Trek: Bridge Crew all day. That doesn’t really work out well in reality for several reasons, not the least of which is actually putting four VR headsets in a large enough room can be complicated  [Read More…]