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Modern Combat 3

As the resident Gameloft-obsessed-dude I felt compelled to share with you the latest hands-on preview of Modern Combat 3, which happens to be our most anticipated Android game. We previously saw the trailer for MC3 back in August and now Simon Sage of IntoMobile visited Gameloft’s San Francisco offices to spend some quality time with the latest build of the game.

This time around we get a closer look at the  [Read More...]

HTC open source

HTC has (finally) released the GPL kernel source for the myTouch 4G Slide, and they have tossed in the Gingerbread update kernel source for the Desire, and the code for the Raider 4G (Korea) kernel.  It’s a case of better late than never, and I know more than a few developers have been waiting for that Doubleshot kernel source code.  Let the CM7 games begin.

Most of us won’t be in  [Read More...]

HTC Amaze 4G hands-on and first impressions


Everyone is still hyped about the recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. That does not mean there’s no room for some other powerhouse devices, though. The HTC Amaze 4G was released last week, and sure is a huge step up compared to most devices out there.

Overall, this device is fast and smooth with the amazing build quality we always expect from HTC. After using it for a day, there’s  [Read More...]

Transformer 2

Johnny Shih, chairman at ASUS, had a few things to say of interest to Android fans about the popular ASUS Transformer tablets at the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong this morning.  When asked about the next generation Transformer (check out the teaser video here), Shih said to expect the formal announcement on November 9, and tonight was a sneak peek of what he dubbed the “Transformer Prime”.  He went on to mention  [Read More...]


We caught a pretty good look at what we then called the Transformer 2 in the teaser video we showed you this morning, but a a few hours can make all the difference as when Jonney Shih pulled the tablet out of his briefcase at the Asia D Conference he identified it as the Transformer Prime.

It feels nice to have another Prime device around to talk about. The next generation  [Read More...]

Tegra 3 gets an unofficial official promo video

So the world has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of NVIDIA’s latest mobile offering, the quad-core Tegra 3 (Kal-El). While the actual goods are still not out in the wild, a short teaser video has been leaked to keep our interest in the meantime.

While not revealing anything about any devices the Tegra 3 may be appearing in, the emphasis is as expected on performance. Although, a clear bezel on a tablet could be pretty cool.

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ICS Easter Egg

For those who hadn’t seen it yet: Yes, the Ice Cream Sandwich Easter Egg looks a little familiar. I’m still kind of partial to the Gingerbread Easter Egg myself.


In a post on the Android-building Google group, Dan Morrill announced that the AOSP tree (the “Master” and “Gingerbread” branches) are once again available online.  Because of problems with the servers, the source has been MIA for a while, and in the downtime Google ramped up work for their own git hosting on Google’s servers.

For now, only the code is available.  Google is working hard to get the Gerrit code review  [Read More...]

Android vs. iOS: This changes everything


News about Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and the Galaxy Nexus has been bombarding the internet since yesterday. While the Android and Me team has been busy at work, there’s always time for a few minutes of roaming around Google+. It’s always good to clear your mind. And it was definitely great to run across this image.

This picture displays the superficial progress iOS and Android have undergone in a period of  [Read More...]

Ice Cream Sandwich should have melted by now. It should have been kept locked away in a freezer until ready for consumption, but months worth of leaks, speculations, and the anxious demands of users prevented any chance of that happening.But by now, you’ve surely seen our detailed list of the new features available or at least watched the full presentation for yourself.

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