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Samsung Galaxy S8 expected to come with AKG headphones, audio tuning

You just can’t stop the rumors.

We were on hand to watch Samsung unveil its new Galaxy Tab S3 tablet here in Barcelona, which includes audio tuned by AKG. And while we were taking in all of the latest news, an interesting side comment really caught our attention: when talking about the audio tuning and headphones included with the Tab S3, it was mentioned that “our next flagship smartphone” will also have AKG headphones and audio tuning.

Well, that  [Read More…]

Hands on with Nokia’s new Android phones: the 3, 5, and 6

The rebirth of another storied smartphone brand begins. This time it’s Nokia.

Nokia is still a company that is focusing on their core business: networking technology. They’re quite good at it; there’s a good chance you’re using Nokia tech on a regular basis through your cellular network, even if it’s not a Nokia. But the Nokia brand? That’s all about smartphones. And while Nokia knew that, they also sold their phone business to Microsoft in 2015 (which  [Read More…]

The Huawei P10 and P10 Plus arrive with front and rear Leica cameras in tow

Mobile World Congress 2017 has gotten off to a fast and furious start. Hot on the heels of LG, Huawei has unveiled the P10 and P10 Plus, its newest phones with Leica branded cameras. The P10 will have a 5.1″ 1080P display, while its big brother, the P10 Plus, will have a 5.5″ 2560 x […]

Everything you need to know about the Gear VR Controller

The Samsung Gear VR finally has an official contrtoller.

Through Samsung’s partnership with Oculus, the Gear VR was the first smartphone-based VR headset with controls built right into the side of the body. This design enables a lot of unique control mechanisms, which has turned into hundreds of fun games and apps every user can enjoy.

In much the same way the headset itself has changed and grown from generation to generation, this control mechanism has been  [Read More…]

Blackberry unveils its latest attempt at reincarnation with the KeyONE.

After two utter failures to break back into the smartphone market in the form of the Priv and Passport, Blackberry – or more specifically, hardware partner TCL – has stormed back onto the scene with the KeyONE, a 4.5″ device complete with Blackberry security and a touch-sensitive signature Blackberry keyboard. Let’s take a look: Snapdragon […]

Samsung releases the Tab S3, Galaxy Book 10.6″ and 12″

As you probably by this point, Mobile World Congress 2017 is well under way over in Barcelona, Spain. We’ve seen announcements from LG, Motorola, and more at the industry’s largest trade show. Samsung took the stage today not to release the new Galaxy S8, but the Tab 3 and Samsung Galaxy Book. Samsung Galaxy Tab […]

Official: Samsung Galaxy S8 lands March 29!

New flagship breaks cover in just over a month.

Samsung’s 2017 flagship phones are about to move beyond mere rumor and speculation — Samsung appears to have jumped the gun, and is teasing the arrival of the Galaxy S8 on March 29 through invites sent out to press.

The launch event will take place in New York City, with satellite events likely to take place around the globe.

In any case, the Galaxy S8 just became a whole lot  [Read More…]

Motorola debuts the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus at Mobile World Congress 2017

The announcements are heating up at Mobile World Congress 2017. Motorola has taken the stage to release the newest entry to its Moto G lineup, the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus. The budget-friendly phones are spruced up this year with an all new metal design and a premium camera while still remaining light on […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 hands-on preview: The ghost of the Note 7 lives on in this tablet

This svelte tablet is not only a performer, but it comes bundled with the software tricks and S Pen that made its phablet predecessor so popular.

I always say that the last great, fully-featured Android tablet was Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 because it fulfilled all the right criteria: it was stylish, thin, extremely light and came equipped with a vibrant Super AMOLED display that was really quite perfect for binge watching video.

That was nearly two years  [Read More…]

Motorola launching an Alexa-powered speaker Moto Mod with Amazon

Amazon Alexa is expanding into phones, and Motorola’s implementation is definitely the most interesting.

Motorola is set to launch a new Moto Mod for its Moto Z line that sits on a bedside table or at an office, providing Amazon Alexa connectivity through a Harman-branded speaker while docked.

Announced at the company’s press conference for the Moto G5, Motorola says that its Moto Mods will take three forms in the future: first-party, collaborations, and full third-party creations.  [Read More…]