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Daily Briefing: The Pixel is too popular for its own good

Tuesday, October 25 feels like a Thursday. You know?

Xiaomi is an interesting company. The same day that it announces a phone that looks almost identical to the Galaxy Note 7, it follows up with another that looks like nothing else out there. The Mi Note 2 could stand in for any Samsung or Huawei phone from the past year, but Xiaomi says that the future is all-screen, no bezel, and that includes pioneering a number  [Read More…]

Google Cast rebranded as Home with UI refresh

The Google Cast app just got a refresh. It’s now called Home, and offers UI tweaks and support for new devices like the Chromecast Ultra. The rebrand brings Cast more in line with the new Google Home device. You probably won’t notice much unless you have a Google Home device or a Chromecast Ultra. You

Samsung Pay adds online and in-app purchases, expands to new countries

A year after launching, Samsung Pay makes a big expansion to new countries and platforms.

After growing its base of compatible banks and credit unions to over 500, Samsung is now targeting an expansion of Samsung Pay starting with the addition of Malaysia, Russia and Thailand — bringing the service to 10 countries in total. Further, Samsung has inked a deal with Mastercard to integrate Samsung Pay with its Masterpass online payment service.

This new  [Read More…]

Tuesday’s best tech deals and discount codes

Happy Tuesday! It’s Halloween weekend which means if you have kids, there’s a high chance they will be Trick or Treating. The MYNT Tracker only costs $ 20 and can help you keep track of your loved ones. It’s a good backup to have even if you’re going out with your child. The darkness and flood

Kinivo BTH260 Bluetooth Headphones: 20+ hours of battery life at a good price

  As companies like Apple and Motorola remove headphone jacks to accelerate our move towards the wireless age, the search for cheap wireless alternatives is at an all time high. Consumers quickly realize that going wireless is about much more than just cutting the cord. While Bluetooth technology has solved many issues like tangled cords,

Samsung to push OTA to European Note 7s limiting battery to 60% capacity

Plenty of people have yet to return their Note 7 to Samsung.

In an attempt to get remaining Galaxy Note 7s out of the hands of customers and returned to the company, Samsung is pushing out an update starting on October 31 to phones in Europe that will limit the capacity of the battery to 60%. Samsung is touting this as yet another way it’s working to get phones returned to the company, adding to regular push notifications, media  [Read More…]

Get notifications on the cheap with the Martian Notifier Smartwatch (save 76%)

Today’s AndroidGuys deal of the day is an awesome one: The Martian Notifier Smartwatch on sale for just $ 29.99 with free shipping included. Rather than build a full fledged Android Wear device that is pricey and short on battery life, Martian created a real watch that blends style with function. It has a real analog

How to recycle or donate your old Android phone

Experts suggest that 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of worldwide every year. We need to make sure we’re doing what we can to help manage it all.

How many phones are you in your house right now? I’m not just talking about the one(s) in your pocket, I’m talking about the ones stuffed in drawers, under other obsolete pieces of electronics that will likely never get looked at again until you  [Read More…]

How to create an emergency contact on your smartphone (ICE)

We live in a connected world where everyone has access to the internet at almost all times. We have computers, smartphones, tablets and gaming gadgets that allow us to connect to information and others at any time. Many people carry their smartphones on them all the time in order to have access to email, Facebook, Twitter

Cheap Chromecast Speakers: Best Under $35

Just because you want a great sounding speaker doesn’t mean you have to spend more than you did on your Chromecast Audio.

Chromecast Audio provides us with an easy way to stream media from our mobile devices to our favorite speakers, whether they feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or neither. We’ve selected five of the best portable speakers that go great with this audio accessory and cost no more than the Chromecast Audio itself. Keep one in  [Read More…]