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Huawei P9 review: Dual cameras meet the best EMUI yet

With but a few minor software annoyances and a wealth of options, this is easily Huawei’s best mainstream phone yet.

The quick take

Huawei’s newest flagship phone — the P9 — isn’t the most inspired design you’ve ever seen. It’s sort of your basic smartphone. But this is the best iteration of its EMUI software yet, full of features you might want in a third-party launcher. Huawei’s Kirin 955 processor sings, and Huawei’s new dual-camera setup works very  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Bedtime VR Stories could bring busy parents and their kids together

Virtual reality has the potential to transform the way we think about all kinds of interactions, and Samsung’s latest idea is a perfect example of that. Called Bedtime VR Stories, the in-development app seeks to bridge the divide between busy parents and their children by bringing the two together for story time in virtual reality.

From Samsung:

Sharing a bedtime story is incredibly special. But longer working days and hectic schedules make this harder to do. At Samsung we  [Read More…]

Best clear cases for the Galaxy S7

Protect your phone without cramping your style!

Wanting to protect your phone from scratches, nicks, and dents without having to dress your phone in medieval battle armor is a reasonable request. After all, you did spend a hefty chunk of change on your phone and you would like to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its design. There are plenty of good clear cases out there for the Galaxy S7, which will allow you to keep  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo’s latest trick makes ordering your Mother’s Day flowers easier

The Amazon Echo continues to see its capabilities expand, with the voice-powered, connected speaker now letting you order flowers just in time for Mother’s Day. Orders can be placed through 1-800-Flowers once you connect an account, and you can choose from one of four arrangements for each order.

The Echo and Alexa are now ready for Star Wars Day, which is coming up on Wednesday, May 4. You can ask Alexa to tell you a Star  [Read More…]

SpaceX completing a successful droneship landing is why 360-degree video exists

SpaceX is all like “Hey everyone, check this out!”

We’ve seen some cool things done with 360-degree video already. We’ve even captured a couple of things ourselves. Collectively, early adopters are learning what to do with these relatively new cameras, and that includes a look at when to put the tech away. It’s fascinating stuff, especially if you’re looking at things through Google Cardboard, but it’s not always clear what video you should choose to introduce  [Read More…]

The HTC 10 is now available for preorder, but only at one carrier

Starting today you can now preorder and test the HTC 10 from Verizon! So far, Verizon is the first wireless carrier to offer the HTC 10 when it comes out on May 5. If you want to try before you buy, you can also go to any Verizon Wireless store today and get a hands-on

Inside Marshmallow: Adoptable storage

Android has had limited support for removable storage in one form or another since the beginning. With Marshmallow, the new Adoptable storage feature lets you turn your removable SD card option into a more or less permanent (and no longer removable) part of the device.

The whole thing is simple, really, and most of the confusion surrounding Adoptable storage is easy to clear up. There are a few things to keep in mind so you understand  [Read More…]

Android N Developer Preview 2 now available for the Nexus Player

Though it’s a little late to the party, the second Android N Developer Preview release is now available for the Nexus Player. The update was announced by Android Developer Advocate Ian Lake, who notes that the release moves the build number up to NPC91O.

According to Lake, there are a few Nexus Player-specific issues to be aware of after installing, however:

Playback of Netflix HD content may fail on Nexus Player. Any application that relies on dynamic  [Read More…]

Step up your headphone game with Munitio NINES Tactical Earphones

Face it, the earbuds you got with your new phone suck. That is, if your phone even came with some in the box. What to do? Drop an exorbitant amount on some Beats? No way, bro. You need something different; you need some Munition NINES Tactical Earphones. Designed with a more active user in mind, these

Chuwi set to celebrate 12th anniversary with ‘2016 Chuwi Fans Party’

Chuwi, a Chinese brand that some of you are likely familiar with, is set to celebrate its 12th anniversary soon. To honor the occasion, and to thank customers for support, the company is hosting a “Chuwi Fans Party” across multiple online retailers and e-tailers. May 2-15 Look for savings and big discounts on hot products on Gearbest, Aliexpress, Geekbuying