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Samsung Pay will come to the Gear S2 this November

In addition to cross-manufacturer compatibility, Samsung announced that Samsung Pay will be coming to the Gear S2 sometime in November. This will be possible due to the fact that there will be a Gear S2-specific application built into the smartwatch for easy use.

In order to keep your Gear S2 from being used for malicious purposes, Samsung has a two-step verification process built-in.

The watch continuously monitors your heart rate, so if you haven’t taken the watch off since the  [Read More...]

Smartwatches are coming a long way in a short amount of time, and so it’s fitting that we had the LG Watch Urbane on our wrist as we went to check out the new (and Tizen-powered) Samsung Gear S2. LG mostly has been our favorite Android Wear manufacturer thus far — thanks in no small part to the excellent P-AMOLED display it’s been using — and Samsung’s brought something special in the Gear  [Read More...]

With IFA 2015 still happening, it seems that the majority of the major announcements have died down. Now the manufacturers are filling in the holes such as pricing and availability, compatibility, and other questions that may pop up about these new devices.

Speaking of developing information, Samsung is starting to reveal a bit more about the Gear S2. The first bit of news is pretty surprising and awesome at the same time. Those who were intrigued by Samsung’s previous wearable  [Read More...]

After it wrapped up officially unveiling the new Gear S2 smartwatch, Samsung once again gave us a tease for a new product — this time it’s the “Galaxy View” tablet. The limited views we got of the device show a big, wide-screen form factor with some sort of a kickstand or case on the back. Obviously leaving the rest up to our imaginations.

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Samsung Gear S2 versus Apple Watch

There’s a new smartwatch in town.

Since the launch of the Apple Watch, there hasn’t been much in the way of true competition. Sure, Samsung had their older (and weirder) Gear S2 smartwatch with its relatively large curved rectangular display and built-in 3G radio. And sure, Android Wear watches have been steadily improving in capability, performance, and design. But when it came to hardware quality, interface design, and snappy performance,  [Read More...]

Ball Climb

Ball Climb is a great game for someone who simply doesn’t have time to play strenuous racing or zombie-killing games. You can play whenever, wherever thanks to the fact that it doesn’t require internet. Ready? Bounce!


As you may have guessed, Ball Climb is a simple game that doesn’t require many resources. As such, there is very little settings and setup that you have to through. You’re prompted to connected to a Google account for Play Games, and then  [Read More...]

The London-based startup Wileyfox has officially announced that its first smartphone, the Wileyfox Swift, will go on sale online in Europe on September 22 at 9 a.m. UK time. The price for the phone will be £129 in the UK, €179 in the European Union, and it will be available via Wileyfox’s site.

Huawei Watch pre-orders hit Amazon again

The Huawei Watch is nearly here. With Huawei’s first Android Wear device set to ship on September 2, Huawei thought it would give you the opportunity to pre-order yours though Amazon. While most other Android Wear watches have been available with two or three different color and band options, the Huawei Watch features six unique combinations, ranging from the entry-level stainless steel model with a black leather strap that starts at $ 349, all the way up to the gold plated  [Read More...]

The Case-Mate Tough Air Case ports an advanced unibody design with a unique 3D pattern that creates shock-absorbing air channels for enhanced impact control. The color-contrasting internal frame provides extra protection with easy access to ports and buttons. Choose your favorite color and save over 50%

Samsung introduces new SmartThings portfolio

smartthings-hubIFA is always full of new and exciting products, but Samsung is taking a different approach with their newly-acquired SmartThings brand. Samsung announced an updated version of the SmartThings Hub at IFA, along with some new devices — called “things,” of course — that can be paired with the hub. The new hub, which is available now direct from Samsung, is sporting an ARM Cortex-A9 processor clocked at 1GHz, a faster chip than we  [Read More...]