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Coolicool flash sale drops Ulefone Future price to $169.99

Online retailer Coolicool is having a flash deal which puts 200 units of the bezel-less Ulefone Future on sale for the crazy low price of USD $ 169.99. Moreover, it also comes with a TPU bumper case and Type-C adapter as gifts, too. Normally the phone sells for $ 269.99 so you could save quite a bit! […]

These are the first five things you should do with your Samsung Gear VR

You’ve got a new Gear VR! Now what?

Your shiny new Samsung phone came with a headset capable of immersing you in some really cool games and videos, but there’s a lot more to the Samsung Gear VR. This is basically a portable entertainment center, and if you’re prepared for the best possible experience you’re going to get it. All you need to do is make sure you’re set up to have a lot of fun in  [Read More…]

Bring the beauty of nature to your wallpaper this Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

This oft-ignored holiday deserves better than to be relegated to documentary films and the occasional tree-planting! This is the only life-sustaining planet we’ve got (for now), and it’s our job to love and protect our home planet. There are plenty of charities that you can donate to, such as the World Wildlife Fund and the aptly-named Earth Day Network, and you should consider using Amazon Smile so that every time you buy a new  [Read More…]

iClever 15,000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter review

We’ve long been fans of having a portable power bank on hand in case your phone runs low on juice. It seems that no matter how big our batteries are that we find ourselves looking around for a charger every so often. It’s definitely not as bad as it was a few years back, especially […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Amp Prime 2 Land at Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless today welcomes two new Samsung smartphones into its portfolio – the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Amp Prime 2. The Galaxy S8 goes live at Cricket with a $ 699.99 price-tag with the activation of a smartphone plan, while the Galaxy Amp Prime 2 can be purchased for $ 144.99.  The carrier also offers the Phone […]

HTC’s upcoming flagship will be called the HTC U 11

The new name signifies HTC’s strategy for streamlining its mobile branding.

We’ve already seen what HTC’s latest flagship will look like, and today we learn its name — the HTC U 11. This info comes from Evan Blass of VentureBeat who spoke with an individual briefed on the company’s plans who also confirmed that the new device will be available in five different color options.

Previously known to the world as the HTC Ocean, the new name  [Read More…]

Moto plugs its past, present, and future with a rap lyric video

Oh, Moto…

I get that it’s hard to cut through the noise and get your name back out there, especially in a market that’s been dominated by Samsung and Apple, but Motorola, you’ve got the best cheap Android phone on the market. Your Moto Mods are one of the best takes on a modular phone that we’ve seen commercially.

You don’t have to come on this strong.

The 56-second video harkens back to the original cell phone  [Read More…]

Save 27% on the Kodak HD WiFi Pet Monitor and keep an eye on your furry friends

With the weather getting warm and some of us starting to plan ahead for vacation, one thing that needs to be considered is what to do with the pets. Do you board your dogs up in a kennel? Do you keep them home and let the neighbor come over to take care of them for […]

Dragonstone: Guilds & Heroes – Preview

Dragonstone: Guilds & Heroes is a game in progress by Ember Entertainment, the guys that made Empire Z and Bingo Beach (with cats?) and others. The game is available now on Google Play and the Apple app store. It is very kid friendly – until you look at the in-app purchases, more on that later – and is surprisingly […]

How much does security factor into your buying decisions? [Roundtable]

How the AC staff thinks about security when they’re buying cool stuff.

There are plenty of reasons to want a new phone or cool tech gadget, and everyone has different reasons. And of course, there are plenty of phones and cool tech gadgets to buy. We find the right gadget for the right reasons and lighten our wallets.

In the midst of all the talk about specs and software and updates and cameras and everything else about  [Read More…]