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All major US carriers now exchanging “safe” Note 7s for other devices

Earlier today, we reported that Sprint users could get replacement devices for their “safe” Note 7s. Following reports of what was supposed to be a “safe” Note 7 exploding on Southwest Airlines, AndroidPolice is reporting that all four major US carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) have now elected to exchange safe Note 7s for any other

SmartOmi Convertible wireless/wired earbuds: You can enjoy the best of both worlds with these hybrids (review)

The debate over wireless headphones has never been hotter with Apple removing the 3.5mm audio jack from its most recent smartphone. Sure others like Lenovo/Moto beat Apple to the punch, but no other manufacturer makes a bigger impact on the future development of smartphones than Apple. Some companies chose to stick with the 3.5mm audio

Should you get Device Protection insurance for your Pixel?

Should you buy Pixel Protect with your new Google phone? For an extra $ 100, you’re paying for peace of mind.

You might not think you need that device protection add-on for your shiny new device, but with Google’s new Pixel smartphones, you might consider springing for it in the case of an emergency.

Google’s new device insurance program is simply called Device Protection for your Pixel. For a flat fee or $ 99 ($  [Read More…]

How to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on an Android phone

How to share your Android phone’s mobile data connection with laptops, tablets and other devices.

Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot is an easy way to share your phone’s data connection with another device, like a tablet, Mac or PC. Tethering to your phone over Wi-Fi is often easier than using a cable, and you can have multiple devices connected if need be.

Android has had Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities built in for years now, though depending on  [Read More…]

AT&T will now let Note 7 owners return their replacement phone

The plot thickens.

AT&T has reached out to Android Central to let us know that they are offering to replace the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for another phone if you have any concerns over the safety of the device.

If a customer would like to exchange a replacement Note7 for a different device we will do so.

The short official statement comes on the heels of a replacement Note 7 phone catching fire on a  [Read More…]

If you want a Pixel phone, don’t buy it from Verizon

When Google’s Pixel phones were announced, we found out that aside from Google’s own store, Verizon is the exclusive carrier to sell the models. How does this affect updates? Due to the open nature of Android, carriers and phone manufacturers are notorious for delaying important updates months or years later. Google confirmed that the updates

The Pixel camera team posts more sample photos for us to oogle

In the right hands, the Pixel camera certainly looks ready to take great pictures.

Isaac Reynolds the product lead for the Pixel’s camera has a few more Pixel photo samples to share with us.

Posted in the Google Pixel user community, Reynolds reiterates that they think the camera is one of the best features of the new Google phone and wants to share a handful of their favorite images. As Reynolds says, seeing is believing!

  [Read More…]

The world’s most expensive Android smartphones

Most people look at the price of a new smartphone and think, “can I really afford this right now?” What if you didn’t have to worry about the cost of your next upgrade? While many of us have become accustomed to paying off a device over time with installment billing or a discounted rate through a

Daily brief: Samsung faces flat earnings, Verizon spends money on Pixels

It’s hard to go a full day without some big news regarding Samsung.

There’s a combination of news hits relating to the Galaxy Note 7, and none of it is good. Samsung Electronics released its earnings guidance (what it expects its numbers to look like) for Q3 2016, and both sales and operating profit are about flat from Q2 — that doesn’t bode well for its Q4, which is traditionally big thanks to the holiday buying  [Read More…]

Google is demoting Hangouts to be replaced by Duo

“Today, we are announcing that Google Duo will replace Hangouts within the suite of core GMS apps, and Hangouts will become GMS Optional for telephony products. This change will take effect on December 1, 2016.” So reads an email sent by Google to Google Mobile Services partners. If you’ve ever flashed a custom ROM onto