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What we’re Streaming

Welcome to “What we’re Streaming.” This is a new recurring segment we are going to be running, detailing the hottest shows and content available for streaming on your devices. It will usually feature around 10 entries each run, with all of the media selected by our staff, and features a short summary and where to

The weekend’s best deals and discount codes on awesome tech gear

Welcome to the weekend edition of the best tech deals and discount codes from across the web. What an insane week in tech. With the whole Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall and additional reports of fires, it’s now time you return them if you haven’t already. If anyone understands your desire to keep it until

10 Nintendo titles that I’d love to see in the Google Play Store

I’m old enough to remember playing and owning the first major video game console from Nintendo, the Nintendo Entertainment System. I was five years old when it was released in 1985 and it shaped my love of video games with all of its 8-bit glory. If you owned the same gray box, you can remember blowing

From the Editor’s Desk: The point of no return

The Galaxy Note 7 will always be ‘Samsung’s exploding smartphone.’

It’s not been a great week for the Galaxy Note 7, following on from Samsung’s unprecedented global recall earlier in the month. The following have happened in the past seven days:

A Note 7 reportedly caught fire in an Australian hotel room, causing AU$ 1,870 worth of damage. Midweek it was reported that a charging Note 7 may have been behind the incineration of a  [Read More…]

Android Central 305: Recall me maybe

This week, Daniel, Andrew, Jerry and Flo chat about — what else? — the Galaxy Note 7 recall. What Samsung and carriers have done well, and how they’ve let us down. Trust us, there’s a bunch of both.

Plus, the LG V20 is a great big phone, but will it be a great big success for LG when the company really needs one?

And there was another “courageous” phone announcement this week. The team dives deep into the new water  [Read More…]

This Galaxy S6 case and holster combo is just $9.95 today!

Want to keep your Galaxy S6 protected both while using and transporting it? If so, Qmadix’s hard shell case and holster combo may be the best option. The case will add great protection to the phone while you are using it and the holster will keep it safe on your hip. Right now you can pick the combo up for just $ 9.95.

Action Launcher’s September update brings rumored Pixel phone features

It’s September, which means another update to Chris Lacy’s excellent Action Launcher, our favorite third-party launcher.

This month, Action Launcher offers a set of features that are rumored to be coming to the upcoming Pixel phones when they are expected to launch next month. Many of the improvements, such as swiping up from the dock to reveal All Apps, have been built through leaks and off-hand experiences.

The full change log is below:

Integration of Nexus Launcher’s rumored All  [Read More…]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 review: Another budget winner

The quick take

When it comes to budget smartphones, the Redmi series from Xiaomi is a force to reckon with not just in China, but also in markets like India – the company’s second home.

Xiaomi launches phones in quick succession, and pushes the envelope further each time. There’s much hype, and a lot of anticipation. Not undeserved, one would say. Launched in China last month, the Redmi Note 4 is a turbo charged Redmi Note 3,  [Read More…]

Transport Canada advises airline passengers not to place Note 7 in checked baggage

Transport Canada has issued a statement about taking the Galaxy Note 7 on planes following a global recall and subsequent statement from the FAA.

In the statement, the airline regulator recommends Canadians traveling with the beleaguered device “be carried in the cabin, where an incident can be immediately mitigated,” and to avoid keeping the phone in checked luggage where a fire “could easily overwhelm the fire suppression system of an aircraft.”

The move mirrors a similar statement  [Read More…]

BB-8 now comes in a battle-damaged Special Edition with Force Band!

It still won’t give you a thumbs up, though.

BB-8 is adorable, fun to play with, and without a doubt one of the most successful Star Wars toys to arrive with The Force Awakens last year. Sphero, the company behind this clever robot ball, promised several updates to BB-8 over time and so far has delivered in big ways. BB-8 will sit with you and watch The Force Awakens now, and holographic projection messaging has improved  [Read More…]