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Google shows new Material Design UI for mobile web

At the Google I/O 2014 keynote presentation in San Francisco today, the company showed off a new mobile web UI that is based on its just revealed Material Design.

Google announces Android One


Google has just announced that they will release Android One for developing nations. Android One devices will be updated directly from Google just like Nexus devices. The first Android one device is coming from Micromax and will feature a 4.5 screen, FM radio, dual sim, and a SD card port. The device will also be under $ 100. Well have more on Android One and the  [Read More...]

Garage door maker LiftMaster has announced a new partnership with Google subsidiary Nest that will enable the company’s MyQ app to work with the thermostat so it can better regulate heating and cooling use in the home.


We’ve got some bad news for all of you who purchased the Nokia X, X+, or Nokia XL. None of these devices will be updated to software platform 2.0. Nokia says that the upgrade isn’t possible due to hardware limitations.

Nokia’s software platform 2.0 is based on a forked version of Android 4.3 and it is believed that 4.3 may have a requirement of at least  [Read More...]

samsung galaxy tab 4 8.0____

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 is a capable “little” tablet. It got announced a few months ago and is now available at Verizon for $ 279.

This tablet is powered by a 1.2 quad-core processor along with 1.5GB of RAM. On the front you’ll find an 8″ 1280×800 (189ppi) capacitive touchscreen and 1.3MP front facing camera along with the usual slew  [Read More...]

Plants vs. Zombies 2 goes medieval in latest update

The Plants vs. Zombies 2 update we scoped out at E3 is now available! The Dark Ages Part 1 brings back the mushrooms we all know and love from the original, affording a new and interesting way of collecting sunshine. The Zombies are following with the theme, donning full plate and sending in frenzied berserkers that fling pellets back at you.

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Yahoo Aviate: Flight out of beta


Yahoo Aviate, after spending quite some time in beta, is finally ready for the public. Yahoo has removed the invite system and the app no longer requires you to have an invite code for access. They have also added a UI update providing a cleaner launcher than before.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with this home replacement app, Aviate is an “intelligent” homescreen  [Read More...]

Barnes & Noble spinning off Nook business

Following years of rumors and speculation, Barnes & Noble has confirmed that it will be splitting its Nook hardware line and its brick and mortar retail business into two different companies. The move will be finalized by the end of the financial year.

LG G Watch goes up on pre-order for $255



It’s just a matter of time now until we expect to see the LG G Watch officially announced at Google I/O alongside the Moto 360, both of which will be Android Wear’s first flag-ship devices.So with launch of the LG G Watch imminent, it was obvious that some retailers would be chomping at the bit to… Read more »

The post LG G Watch goes  [Read More...]

The BBC today sent out some weird push notifications to the broadcaster’s official news apps on both Android and iOS. It’s a developer’s worst fear when testing some new functionality goes live somehow and this is exactly what happened to the BBC. Push notifications were inadvertently sent out to live apps on both mobile platforms with some sample text. It is what’s contained in these push notifications that makes this report rather humorous.

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