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Opera Mini update brings improved language support, download manager and more

Opera Mini, one of the popular browser replacements for Android, has been updated with support for many new languages, improvements to the download manager and more. Following this update, the browser now supports 90 languages for you to choose from, with the most common language in your country being shown at the top of the list. In addition to the new languages, Opera Mini introduces a new QR-code reader and generator, for those times you need to  [Read More…]

Verizon spent $70 million to triple Bay Area LTE capacity ahead of the Super Bowl

Verizon wants to make sure that all of its customers who are headed to the Super Bowl have full coverage, so the carrier has more than tripled its 4G LTE network capacity in the Bay Area. The carrier spent $ 70 million in what it calls a “long-term investment” to boost network performance from San Francisco to Santa Clara. With the additional capacity, Verizon will be able to deliver a more reliable connection, even when the area is overly  [Read More…]

Our ZenFone Zoom review unit included a weird version of Cards Against Humanity

We’re no strangers to promo material showing up with review units, but this one was too strange to not share. Our review box from Asus with the ZenFone Zoom came with a little owl figurine named Zenny and a card game called Zencredible Cards. The game is simple — place a white card with a black card with Zenny in front of whatever you are taking a picture of, and take that picture with the ZenFone Zoom.

  [Read More…]

Hangouts update brings notification quick replies, design tweaks and more

Hangouts has received a pretty nifty update that introduces some interface tweaks along with a long-requested feature: quick replies from notifications. The latest version clocks in at 7.0, and now allows users to compose replies directly from notifications — just expand the notification, tap “reply” and type a short message into the box to send without opening the app.

Another notable addition in the latest Hangouts update is the ability to save shortcuts to conversations directly to  [Read More…]

Samsung to reportedly launch phone upgrade program alongside Galaxy S7

According to a new report, Samsung may be planning to launch a phone upgrade program starting with the launch of the upcoming Galaxy S7 flagship. Though details are light, the report from South Korea’s Electronic Times, says that the program would be similar to the iPhone upgrade program launched by Apple in 2015 with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Samsung is said to be considering a March launch for the program in South Korea, coinciding with  [Read More…]

Do features in third-party UI’s outweigh the latest from Android?

It’s pretty well understood that Android is fragmented. Phone manufacturers nearly always tweak the baseline Android OS beyond recognition in an effort to stand out in the crowd. Enthusiasts who swear by a pure Android experience (the way Google made it to be) shun the crime that manufacturers continue to commit over and over again.

LG V10 with UX 4.0+ user interface

LG V10 with UX 4.0+ user interface

But what I’m questioning today  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll: Do you prep your tech before a bad storm?

When a bad snowstorm is on the horizon, your thoughts might immediately turn to a grocery store run to pick up the essentials before the shelves are picked bare, or making sure that you have salt and a shovel to handle the snow after it’s hit the ground. What you probably didn’t immediately think about is whether your tech is properly prepped to get through a bad storm unscathed. You can’t check to see if the grocery  [Read More…]

Snapchat update brings video rewind filter to Android

Ephemeral messaging favorite Snapchat has received an update that brings the addition of the long-awaited Rewind filter to Android users. Snapchat originally added some fun filters to the app that let you speed up and slow down video snaps late in 2015. However, the Rewind filter, which was present in the update on iOS, was conspicuously missing from the Android app.

As you’d expect, the Rewind filter simply takes your recorded video snap and plays it in  [Read More…]

Get $50 off the Nexus 5X and 6P from the Google Store

The Google Store is currently offering a decent discount on both the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, offering both devices for $ 50 off. This brings the starting price of the Nexus 5X down to $ 299, while the Nexus 6P now starts at $ 449.

Both phones were originally announced in September, and since then have been subject to a number of deals and discounts. The Nexus 5X also received a permanent price cut  [Read More…]

AT&T reports Q4 2015 earnings: $42.1 billion in revenue, adds 2.8 million wireless customers

AT&T has reported its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2015, noting a pretty sizable bump in consolidated revenues due to its DirecTV acquisition, along with respectable wireless subscriber growth. In all, AT&T says that it brought in consolidated revenues of $ 42.1 billion in Q4, which is up 22 percent from the year prior. For full-year results, AT&T said it brought in total consolidated revenues of $ 146.8 billion in 2015, which is up 10.8 percent  [Read More…]