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Dropbox today announced a brand new app for handling photos called Carousel. In it, you’ll be able to instantly back up pictures as you take them to the cloud, share photos with friends, view images by date and location, and leave comments on photos shared by friends.

No word on update for original Galaxy S4 on the carrier

The tri-band Galaxy S4 (that’s the one with Sprint Spark capabilities) is the latest Sprint device to get the recently-introduced Wifi Calling feature. This means after the update you’ll be able to make completely free calls when connected to Wifi without the potential of using up your minutes if you don’t have an unlimited talk plan.

Best of all the service itself is free, with  [Read More...]

From concrete skyscrapers to wooden barns, we saw great photos of architecture this week

This week’s photo contest was focused on taking great pictures of architectural features, and as usual the turnout was great. We saw dozens of great entries come into the forums over the last week, all showing off great architecture in an artistic fashion. No two pictures were alike this week, each making use of great vision and some clever editing.

Unfortunately we  [Read More...]

HTC Flip Case for One M8 now in stock at ShopAndroid!

Got a new HTC One M8 and you’re wondering just how to protect it? Fret not, for is here to save you with a shipment of brand new HTC One M8 Flip Cases! This case, made by HTC for their brand new flagship, wraps your precious in a colorful and protective layer of premium material, while also allowing access to important features like buttons and cameras. There are even cut-outs for the speakers so you  [Read More...]

Low-end devices with constrained resources can keep using in-app messaging

Facebook is working on transitioning users somewhat forcefully to using their dedicated Messenger app. Warning messages have been sent out to some European users that in about two weeks time, they wouldn’t be able to use the core Facebook app to do their chatting. Though this change will be rolling out globally, there will be exceptions in place for lower-powered Android devices that apparently can’t handle  [Read More...]


What’s potentially the most hyped phone so far this year, OnePlus has outed some more specs for the OnePlus One. If you recall, the One will be announced on April 23rd. Just in time for their weekly hint, OnePlus has outed some more specs.

It has been confirmed that the new phone will be toting a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB RAM. The Snapdragon  [Read More...]

Still no indication of an update rolling out on this side of the pond

As much as we enjoy using the LG G Pad 8.3, it pretty sorely needed an update to a more modern version of Android. Well, the time as come for an update, at least if you’re using a European or U.K. version of the tablet. Several members in our forums and folks who have tipped us are indicating that their LG G  [Read More...]

Dropbox announces Mailbox for Android


For quite awhile now, Mailbox has been an iOS exclusive. If you aren’t familiar with the app, it’s a very nice email client that was acquired by Dropbox about a year ago. Android users, it’s finally your day! Mailbox is officially in the Google Play Store!

The reason why it is so popular is a mixture of great design and functionality. The design is mostly  [Read More...]

Buy a Galaxy S5 from Rogers, get a Gear 2 Neo for $49

Save $ 170 over buying the phone and watch separately

We already knew that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be coming to Rogers, but the carrier is sweetening the deal today by offering a steep discount on the Gear 2 Neo if you purchase the phone and wearable at the same time. If you agree to buy the Galaxy S5 on a two-year contract, you’ll be able to pick up the Gear 2 Neo for just  [Read More...]

Weekly Photo Contest: Flowers

Find the fanciest foliage you can, and show how you take pictures of the plants

For many of us around the world, April is a time where the flowers really start to come out and show off their beautiful colors. But no matter where you live, there are always chances to see some amazing foliage and flowers whether it’s in a manicured garden or a public space. We want to see what you can do to  [Read More...]