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Facebook update brings pictures in comments, new photo editing privileges

Folks on the stable release of Facebook are picking up some much-needed app improvements that have been in play on the Facebook beta channel for some time. The updates this time around mostly have to do with photos and photo management, starting off with the ability to post photos in comments on other posts. Further, you can now delete and edit your own photo albums, untag yourself from photos and upload multiple photos at once to  [Read More…]

Google updates the Chromecast app

Google today updated its Chromecast app with a few new features: Namely, the app’s now available in some 50 languages, works better on Samsung devices, and there are some new Chromecast settings and bugfixes.


T-Mobile celebrates 1 year of LTE with new ad campaign aimed at Verizon

T-Mobile on Thursday is celebrating its first year anniversary of LTE deployment with a new ad campaign. According to the Uncarrier, T-Mobile’s network now covers 96 percent of the United States. In just one year, the wireless provider has grown its 4G LTE footprint to blanket 210 million people across 273 metro areas. To help spread the news, T-Mobile is rolling out a new ad campaign, this one taking aim at Verizon.

“Right now, T-Mobile covers 96 percent of Americans,  [Read More…]

Republic Wireless rings up Moto G for April

Republic Wireless on Thursday announced the upcoming availability of the Moto G smartphone from Motorola. Priced at $ 149, the 8GB version of the handset is free of contract obligations and can be paired with plans that start as low as $ 5 per month. Those who need more storage can double down at 16GB for $ 179; same rate plans and options apply. Without divulging an exact date, the carrier promises the Moto G will be available starting in  [Read More…]

Auto Text Expander brings awesome time-saving functionality to Chrome OS

Save keystrokes for commonly typed phrases, emails and more in Chrome OS

Anyone looking to boost productivity while using a Mac has undoubtedly found or been referred to check out the application TextExpander. This awesome tool lets you set up so-called “snippets” that, when typed in the proper way and casing, expand out to larger bits of text. It saves you keystrokes, saves you time and generally boosts productivity.

Since I’ve been using a Chromebook for  [Read More…]

Automatically keep track of your online purchases in the Google Wallet app

In the latest version of Google Wallet a new feature has been introduced called Orders, which allows you to keep track of your online purchases. It’s available in the US only and requires Android version 4.0 or above but will notify you of the status of your orders and shows past orders all within the App.

Once you activate Orders in Google Wallet, you’ll be able to see any receipts sent to your Gmail right in the Google Wallet app.  [Read More…]

Straight Talk now offering Nano SIM for those who bring their own phone

Prepaid phone MVNO Straight Talk is opening up its SIM card options today by offering the smallest of the bunch, Nano SIMs, for anyone bringing their own phone to the network. More and more popular devices — such as the Moto X, new Droids and recent iPhones — are taking advantage of the smaller SIM form factor, previously forcing folks to purchase Micro SIMs and cut them down to size manually.

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Republic Wireless gets Moto G in April

If you’re looking for yet another low-cost smartphone option, this one should pique your interest. Republic Wireless is getting the Moto G in April. The phone will cost $ 149, but remember that it’s Republic’s plans that really make things affordable, starting at $ 5 a month for voice data and texting over Wifi only.

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Rovio’s next Angry Birds to be a turn-based RPG

Rovio, the brains behind Angry Birds, has begun to tease the next Angry Birds game. Rovio has dubbed the new title as Angry Birds Epic, which tells us the game tries to achieve an epic story-line. Differing from other titles in the franchise, this one will be a turn-based RPG game.

Angry Birds Epic will first touch down in Canadian and Australian markets and is expected to expand worldwide a couple weeks after.

Rovio's next Angry Birds[Read More…]

Minuum 2.0 update adds month-long free trial

One of the most innovative keyboard replacement apps on the market just updated to version 2.0 and simultaneously released a 30 day trial app in Play Store.

minimum updateScreenshot_2014-03-13-10-56-32


Aside from launching the trial version, the 2.0 upgrade seems to just be a collection of bug-fixes, speed and visual improvements along with a few new language options. You can check out the  [Read More…]