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Galaxy Note Edge could feature giant curved display

note 4 to sport a flexible screen__

Samsung may introduce a variation of the Samsung Galaxy Note which features a curved or three-sided display. That is, provided, a recent trademark application is any indicator. According to details discovered by Galaxy Club, Samsung has filed for a trademark for “Galaxy Note Edge”. It’s worth noting that this could ultimately prove to be nothing in… Read more »

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Dropbox for Android gets document previews and better search

Dropbox for Android has been updated to add document previews, along with smarter searching. Word Documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs can now be viewed directly in Dropbox for Android, rather than moving you to a different app.

Gumdrop Drop Tech Hideaway Case Review


Having picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 tablet, I was in desperate need of a case, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review the Drop Tech Hideaway case from Gumdrop – the ultimate ruggedized protective case for the Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4. The case is made of a silicon exterior… Read more »

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Seidio Convert Combo case for the HTC One M8

Weekend (or weekday) warrior? You’ll want to look at the multiple levels of protection this combo case offers

Not everyone needs the same amount of protection from a phone case, and that’s why they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. The Seidio Convert Combo case for the HTC One M8 tries to split the difference somewhat, giving you three different levels of protection depending on how you put together the parts.

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Spigen Galaxy S5 Tough Armor Bundle $49% OFF (Deal of Day)


Looking to protect your Samsung Galaxy S5 but don’t wanna smash your piggy bank in the process? Swing by and pick up the Spigen Tough Armor Bundle! Priced only $ 37.99 right now, it’s just about half off the normal price and it’s got everything you’ll need. The new Air Cushion Technology corners reduce the… Read more »

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 leaks in new picture gallery


With Samsung slated to announce the next generation of Galaxy Note devices in less than a month’s time it makes sense that we should see some fresh leaks surrounding the device. Such is the case today as GSM Arena has obtained a small collection of images of what looks to be the Galaxy Note 4…. Read more »

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Hacking your Chromebook is fun and easier than you think

It’s easy to make your Chromebook more than the sum of its parts

A Chromebook can be a great purchase even if you never step outside of Google’s trusted environment. They are some of the best web machines ever built, require almost no software maintenance, and come in a myriad of different styles and price points. We love the things, and the numbers say we’re not alone.

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WearBucks (Pay for Starbucks) brings Rewards payments to your wrist [‘Watch’ This App]


If you’re like us then you’ve got a strong relationship with your coffee and Starbucks is your establishment of choice. Sometimes we’ll get our fix every few days, others it seems we’re there daily. One thing is for certain, however, we’ve been using our Rewards card to earn freebies. A few years back we graduated to…… Read more »

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How to turn on and off location in the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera app

Something important to many of us when we’re taking photos on our smartphones is that the location information of that photo isn’t recorded. On the flip side to this there’s a bunch of people who absolutely want location information attached to their photos. Fortunately on the Samsung Galaxy S5 enabling and disabling the location tags for your photos is a breeze.

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Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 hits Sprint this Friday with Spark support

The Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 with support for Sprint’s high-speed Spark network will be available starting this Friday, August 15. The Galaxy Tab 4 is the first tablet that supports Spark, which can boost LTE data speeds up to 60Mbps. While a number of phones can already take advantage of Spark the Tab 4 for Sprint is the first tablet built to do so.

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