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T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 5.0 could reveal simplified pricing and unlocking options


T-Mobile’s next Un-Carrier announcement, set for June 18, could usher in simplified pricing for rate plans, suggests TmoNews. Instead of a $ 49.99 rate plan with fees and taxes, T-Mobile customers might instead see a flat $ 50 sticker. You know, not unlike MetroPCS’s Period Power ads and initiative.

Additionally, T-Mobile could make it much easier to unlock their smartphones. According to a source close  [Read More…]

The best dietary apps for Android

Get healthy and eat right with these great Android Diet apps

Healthy eating isn’t easy. Places like 5 Guys or your local watering hole make it even harder. But it’s one of the keys to living healthy and getting in shape. Like a lot of things, your Android can make it a bit less painful with some great apps. If you want to track calories, or get a little deeper and analyze fats  [Read More…]

Nike+ FuelBand launches for Android, at long last

Nike’s Fuelband is now finally a viable fitness band for Android owners. The official app launched today, ready to gamify exercise. The Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Nexus 5, HTC One, and Moto X are currently supported.

Sunrise calendar adds dates from Evernote, Tripit, and more

The highly polished calendar app Sunrise has been updated to include plug-ins from a bunch of outside web services. At launch, Foursquare was a nice addition, but now Evernote reminders can show up in Sunrise, as well as Tripit information for your next flight, and more niche services like Songkick to see when and where local concerts are happening, and deadline syncing for GitHub and Asana.

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Samsung-backed Terrain Home launcher pulls in personalized cards with a swipe

Terrain Home is a new Android launcher coming out of startup house Samsung Accelerator. Users set up a sidebar with personalized content in tailor-made cards, such as news feeds from a variety of high-profile publications, weather, calendar appointments, and favorite contacts. A single swipe brings up a search bar which can quickly find local and online content, and another Google Now-style swipe brings up the sidebar. An upcoming SDK based on web languages will allow developers to plug their  [Read More…]

Cyanogen Theme Showcase launches on the Google Play Store


If you like to theme your device then the new Cyanogen Theme Showcase app may be of interest to you as it’s now launched in the Google Play Store.

The app acts as a portal to access Cyanogemod themes on Google Play to the theme switcher included in the CM ROM.

Developers are being encouraged to submit their creations into the app and it supports  [Read More…]

Moto G with LTE now available


Motorola are offering up the Moto G with LTE support on their website for $ 219 in both black and white.

The budget smartphone is a great little device, and now you can now grab it with 4G.

It is available with 8GB of internal storage but the LTE variant of the Moto G comes with a microSD card slot to raise it to 32GB.

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The top app, device and accessory sales for June 17, 2014

Those Monday blues are now behind us but with another day comes another chance to snag some great deals on apps, devices and accessories. So, let’s not waste any time and get right into it, shall we?

Amazon’s upcoming smartphone will be exclusive to AT&T


Due to be unveiled at an event in Seattle tomorrow, the Wall Street Journal have reported that the upcoming Amazon smartphone will be exclusive to AT&T.

Amazon are expected to continue their partnership with AT&T for which they offer their cellular versions of Kindle tablets with their smartphones, which makes sense. It could also indicate the introduction of a long rumoured Prime Data service which  [Read More…]

Deal of the Day: Mobi Soft Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Made of a highly durable TPU material that feels great when gripped, the Mobi Soft Shell Case features anti-slip properties that gives your Galaxy S4 more grip on all types of surfaces. Plus, it has a special anti-dust coating and cut-outs for all device features.

The Mobi Soft Shell Case is available for just $ 3.95, 74% off today only. Colors include blue, purple, pink, smoke and green!

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