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Unlocked and Developer HTC One M8 receiving Extreme Power Saving mode update

HTC has issued an update to the developer and unlocked editions of the HTC One M8. The update, software version 1.54.1540.9, comes in at 117.98 MB and contains the Extreme Power Saving mode and camera and gallery feature enhancements.

Moto X+1 name shows up in Moto Maker, promptly removed

Though the site has since been scrubbed, for a brief time this morning you could get a glimpse of the Moto X+1 branding through Motorola’s own website. The Moto Maker service, which let users craft their own custom Moto X exposed the codename of the Moto X in the URL: “FLEXR1”. But if you changed that URL to read “FLEXR2”, a logical codename for a Moto X sequel, then you were presented with the branding of  [Read More…]

AllCast for Fire TV will soon support video on the TV and audio from your phone

The AllCast for FireTV receiver app will soon let you use your headphones as a wireless headset with your Amazon Fire TV. Using the app, you will be able to stream audio from the Fire TV to your phone without streaming the video, letting you watch a movie or TV episode without the sound disturbing others.

Moto X+1 appears as placeholder on Moto Maker site

We Are The RhoadsClient: Motorola

A few weeks ago, evleaks, the popular mobile leaker, outed that the successor to the Moto X would be called the Moto X+1. While we’ve also heard that the customization options could perhaps include leather this time around, those are the two main leaks we have on the new phone.


We have to  [Read More…]

The LG G3 — specs, release date and more!

LG is looking to release the LG G3 — its latest flagship Android smartphone later this month in six cities worldwide. We’ve got the latest on specs, release date and other rumored stories. Join us!

Sprint announces new international add-on for Framily Plan subscribers

Sprint‘s new International Connect: Call & Text $ 15 add-on plan lets Framily Plan subscribers use their voice and text allotments to call and text internationally at no additional charge. Except for that $ 15, that is. With it, Sprint Framily Plan subscribers can count international calls to 65 countries against the voice minutes they’re already paying for, and texts to more than 180 countries (which is just about all of the countries there are).

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Media Browser goes on sale to celebrate latest server release

Media Browser is a handy service, which turns your home PC into a multimedia server. With apps available for Windows 8, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The server beta has been updated, and to celebrate the release the team has placed all of its mobile clients on sale.

Win Sonos speakers, Hue lights and more in Connectedly’s site launch contest!

Earlier this week we pulled the trigger on the rebranding of Smartwatch Fans to Connectedly. In case you missed the Welcome Post, be sure to give it a read as it lays out the mission and vision for Connectedly.

With May here and a few days of smooth running now behind it, Connectedly is kickstarting things today with their first community contest! The grand prize is a Sonos Playbar and two Sonos Play:1 speakers. Runner up  [Read More…]

EE Kestrel 4G phone now available, £99 on PAYG

British operator EE’s budget-centric “Kestrel” handset is now available on contract and Pay As You Go through the carrier’s online and brick-and-mortar stores. Contract prices start at £13.99 per month, and on PAYG it costs just £99. Built by Huawei and heavily branded by EE, the Kestrel features a 4.5-inch qHD (960×540) display, a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 quad-core CPU, a 5-megapixel camera and 8GB of storage.

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Net neutrality is worth fighting for

Digitized map Tell the FCC to enforce net neutrality

We tend not to branch out into the political discussion here at Mobile Nations all that often. Politics has little bearing on the day-to-day use of mobile devices. But on occasion, things from the political world cross into our little world of smartphones and tablets. Take SOPA back in 2012, for example. Meant to address the real problem of content piracy, SOPA overreached and  [Read More…]