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Plague Inc. update ties in to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Plague Inc. has been updated with a new disease that players can use to wipe out humanity, that also ties in to the upcoming release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in theaters. The new pack, the Simian Flu, costs $ 1.99 as an in-app purchase

Android L’s quick settings might be customizable once the OS gets released

android l quick settings

The beauty of Android si the ability to customize it. Even without rooting the phone you have an incredible level of customization that you can apply on your device, unlike some other platforms which allow you to do very little when ti comes to this *cough* WP and iOS *cough*.

Non-rooted Android devices can’t do much when it comes to customizing built-in  [Read More…]

[DEALS & STEALS] Get the Moto X for $299 ($100 off) until July 16 on Net 10

Moto X____

Moto X might not be the newest device but it is still quite powerful. Not only that but it is one of the first devices (after Nexus ones) to get the newest Android updates and it still packs some awesome features no other device has.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t need to have the newest and the shiniest devices all the  [Read More…]

Top app, device and accessory sales for July 10, 2014

“What do you want to save on today?” My momma would ask me that every morning. At least that’s what she’d ask if she were the one compiling this list of the day’s top deals on apps, accessories and devices.

Click. Save. Namaste.

Samsung’s newest Exynos chips roll together application processors, LTE modems, and image signal processing

Samsung has announced their newest processors, the Exynos ModAP. The Exynos ModAP chipset brings together a quad-core application processor (the AP part) with a LTE-A-capable modem (that’d be the Mod). Built on a 28nm process, the chip’s designed to offer speed and power efficiency, all while keeping things cool (hence the ice motif of yesterday’s teaser).

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Fleksy Keyboard introduces 15 new languages in beta

Fleksy Shot 2

If you don’t know about Fleksy keyboard yet, you probably should. It’s one of the most rapidly growing keyboards for Android, and for good reason. They recently set a world record for fast typing, and launched a new keyboard on the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. They’re about to expand again with the introduction of 15 new supported languages in beta!

The company is  [Read More…]

This week’s sidebar poll: Who is waiting for the Moto 360?

Yes, the Moto 360 looks hawt

Android Wear is what everyone is talking about these past couple of weeks. With good reason — it’s new, it’s innovative, and it’s from Google. With that trifecta of reasons, you’ll find Android Wear EveryWear that talks tech. We’ve been diving into the deep end of the pool (see our LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live reviews) and we really like what we’re seeing.

But, every time someone talks  [Read More…]

Verizon offering LG G3 for $99 with contract


Verizon will offer the LG G3 smartphone for $ 99 with a two year service agreement starting from July 17. Those who opt to buy the phone outright can do so for $ 599.99; EDGE customers can purchase for $ 29.99 per month over two years. Available in black and white options, the LG G3 includes 32GB internal storage and 3GB RAM. Additionally, the phone boasts  [Read More…]

Using IFTTT with Google Glass

We’ve talked about using IFTTT with WeMo for home automation, and with Fitbit as a way to get more out of the available data. We also offered an introduction to IFTTT for those not as familiar with the service — and today we are taking a look at how we can use IFTTT to get a bit more functionality from Google Glass.

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Accessory of the Day: iKross 3.5mm Stereo Earbuds with Microphone


Face it, you’ve misplaced those headphones that came with your smartphone. Or, maybe you got your device second-hand and never got a pair to begin with. Why not pick up a spare set of headphones? This way you can toss them in your bag and have them ready to go on the next trip. Or, keep them with your bug out bag and have a  [Read More…]