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Samsung Galaxy Ace Style to launch this month with Android 4.4 in tow

Samsung’s Galaxy is growing again.

Samsung just announced the Galaxy Ace Style, its newest Galaxy-branded Android smartphone. Described as a “fun, expressive and easy-to-use smartphone designed for the social user,” the Galaxy Ace Style is a low to mid-range handset that includes the following features:

4-inch WVGA TFT display 1.2GHz dual-core processor 5-megapixel rear, VGA front camera 4GB storage microSD card slot 512MB of RAM 1500mAh battery Android 4.4 KitKat running beneath Samsung’s TouchWiz Essence UI

The Galaxy Ace Style  [Read More…]

Old English means this guy is serious about the HTC One M8

OK, maybe not quite as good as this guy’s English. (Or Guy English?) But still. This Robert Downey Jr. guy’s got promise.

Samsung forecasts lower operating profits for the quarter

Samsung has made a statement that they expect a second consecutive quarter with declining profits. The Wall Street Journal also speculates that factors such as a partial sales ban on Korea’s top two carriers and perceived opinion that the Galaxy S5 — due to hit stores in Europe and North America Friday, April 11 — doesn’t offer enough features to validate the upgrade fees, and the sales figures will not surpass last year’s model. They say  [Read More…]

Google reportedly strikes licensing deal with hotel booking software startup Room 77

Google and Hotel-booking start-upRoom 77 have come together today, and they should be able provide better (and more lucrative) hotel-search results.

Samsung rumored with Gear Solo, a SIM-enabled smartwatch experience


08 Gear 2 orange 2

Samsung may soon introduce a SIM-enabled Galaxy smartwatch experience known as the Gear Solo, reports The Korea Herald. Allegedly, the device will include a USIM module with built-in radio support for making and receiving phone calls. According to a source close to the newspaper, the device will only be available  [Read More…]

Koush releases AllCast receiver app for Kindle Fire TV

If you’ve been wondering like we have, when Koush would get around to releasing the AllCast receiver app for Kindle Fire TV he showed off earlier then wonder no more as we now know.

Livestream for Google Glass is surprisingly good

Battery and heat may be a bigger hurdle than a data connection, though

Apps for Google Glass — Glassware, don’tcha know — can be hit and miss. And quite often it falls into the latter category. Livestream today put forth its official piece of Glassware, and it’s surprisingly good. That is, considering it makes it possible to stream video live from your face, from a $ 1,500 wearable whose battery is but a fraction of what you  [Read More…]

Moto X successor tipped as ‘Moto X+1′


There must be some seriously extensive research findings that says people gravitate toward products with “one” in the name. According to oft-reliable Twitter leak source evleaks, the successor to the Moto X smartphone will be known as the Moto X+1. What’s more, the device is said to be “coming soon”. It’s unclear at this stage whether this is a code name or whether it might  [Read More…]

Google to take legal action in Turkey over YouTube ban

Google has filed a formal protest with the Turkish courts over the recent YouTube ban. The ban had been lifted Saturday by a lesser court, but the decision was reversed until “criminal content” — recordings of a state security meeting about Syria — are removed.

Vote in the Pebble App Challenge and you could win $500 in ‘cash prizes and swag’


Pebble on Monday kicked off the first day of voting in Pebble App Challenge, a tournament-style showdown. Starting today and running through Friday, April 11, those of you with a Pebble smartwatch can vote in the daily head-to-head match-ups. Pebble has whittle 218 apps down to a sweet 16 selection of apps.


To vote:

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