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Geekbuying’s limited time deal has exclusive pricing on various Xiaomi phones

Are you in the hunt for a low-cost alternative to the big name smartphones? Have you ever considered Xiaomi? As a giant Chinese cell phone maker, Xiaomi may not be a name that you know yet. You will, though. Trust us. Look at the hardware that comprises the various Xioami smartphone models and compare them to the competition from

Grab this Qi wireless charging pad for just $18.95 today!

Wireless charging is awesome, but you need a compatible phone and a charging pad in order to take advantage of it. If you have the compatible phone, Random Order’s Qi wireless charging pad is a great addition to your accessory collection. It allows you to place the phone down on it to begin charging and has an LED indicator to let you know the charging status. Right now you can pick one up for just $ 18.95.

Friday’s best tech deals and discount codes: Jaybird Freedoms $80 off

Happy Friday! There’s a good chance you now own a new smartphone that doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack which means you pretty much have to go wireless. You could use adapters to use your wired headphones, but there is a good chance you’re going to lose it. And you can’t charge your phone while

Google’s control of Pixel updates isn’t great for everyone

The value of carrier updates is sometimes overlooked.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Updates straight from Google = good. Updates that go through carriers, which have to pass certain quality control and network performance tests and are therefore mired in delays and bugs = bad.

That’s the story that we often tell people, directly or indirectly, and as a straight narrative it’s largely true. But like any narrative in this world, there is  [Read More…]

Chromecast Ultra vs. Roku Premiere: Battle of 4K Streamers

These two great choices for 4K streaming, the Chromecast Ultra and Roku Premiere, are affordable and easy ways to find the UHD content you want to watch. See which one is best for you.

Media streaming has come a long way. The latest hardware is fast, the feature lists are filled with just the right things, and the content available just keeps growing and growing. As more people cut the cord and say goodbye to cable,  [Read More…]

Meet Natalie and her UMi Plus

Hello UMi fans! Today we have a post and video for you, with the UMi Plus as the subject. In this video you will see Natalie, a girl full of vitality and energy, during one of her typical days. As you can see, she does quite some a few activities every day and she has always the

Digital Offer: Learn coding, design and more with a lifetime subscription to Stone River Academy for $89!

Choosing a specific career in the field of app development, web design, and 3D-animation can be tough — each is a growing field with high demand for specialists, and you have many interests. What if you want to learn them all? How can you afford the education needed for each career, and where will you find the time to go back to school?

Stone River Academy might be the answer you’re looking for; they’ve put together what can be likened  [Read More…]

Do these 5 things when you get your Google Pixel

You just got a Google Pixel, now it’s time to get up and running the right way.

You’ve done your research, you’ve read the review and you’ve placed your order. Now your fresh new Google Pixel or Pixel XL is awaiting your setup and customization. Just like any new phone there’s a lot to take in with the Pixels, and we’re here to point you in the right direction so you can start things off the  [Read More…]

Unlocked Moto Z Play starts selling in the US for $499

At IFA 2016 in Berlin a few months ago, Motorola announced the bran new Moto Z Play. And so far, the handset has been available exclusively from Verizon. But if you’re not into buying a phone that comes with an unlocked bootloader and pre-installed Verizon software, then you might be pleased to know that the

Best phone photography gear for kids (and their parents)

Take your kids on phone photography adventures with all the great gear you need to get creative!

Shooting with your Android device may be a great way to capture some incredible moments with your family, but it’s also an awesome tool to get your children involved with the fun and creative world of photography!

Photography – and phone photography – is a great way to encourage kids to get active, explore the world outside their bedroom,  [Read More…]