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Verizon Wireless has quietly agreed to a settlement of a class action lawsuit that claimed the company was overcharging its Family SharePlan customers. Verizon will pay a total of $ 64.2 million to its customers and to cover legal fees.

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As phone screens get bigger and bigger every little millimeter counts. Reducing the size of the phone as a whole while increasing screen space is the goal for most companies. Bigger screens allow for more productivity and immerse media content. The only drawback of larger screens is the increase in the final size of the phone. Larger phones become difficult to handle. LG has  [Read More...]

Google will release a new update to its Google Play Books app later today that will offer users some new ways to quickly skim and browse inside ebooks, especially those of the nonfiction variety.

Anybody shopping for Android apps, accessories, smartphones, or tablets will want to take a skim through these sales we’ve scrounged up from around the web. Every day, we comb through these sales to make sure they’re fresh and accurate, and try to find a few more. Latest additions will be at the top of each list. For apps, Google Play stuff is at the top, and Amazon App Store sales are at the bottom. Today Amazon’s  [Read More...]


Samsung on Thursday announced the standalone 3G smartwatch experience that is the Gear S will soon be available in the United States. Set to touch down as early as Friday, November 7, the watch will be offered across a variety of carriers in both black and white. The big four providers are in line: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon as are retailers like Best Buy. Pricing  [Read More...]

Motorola Droid Turbo is available today on Verizon!

As promised, the Motorola Droid Turbo is available today on Verizon. We’ve got the phone in-hand right now — be sure to check out our hands-on from the launch event — so expect more in due time. But the broad strokes to be aware of are a 5.2-inch display, massive 3,900 mAh battery with Motorola’s Turbo Charger and wireless Qi charging, and all the Motorola bells and whistles we’ve come to love in its recent phones. Plus it’s done in a  [Read More...] 2.0: bigger, better, darker is a task-oriented note-taking and to-do list app with quite the following – over 11 million to date – and today, those users are being treated to the biggest update the service has ever rolled out. This update is not just boosting productivity for you, but for your family and your co-workers, too. Most importantly, the service and its apps have been streamlined in order to help you spend less time making your to-do list  [Read More...]


Secure and stabilize your phone with this GripTight GorillaPod! Unlock amazing new camera angles with its adaptable positioning system. The flexible legs offer precision and control over the staging of your shots. For just $ 16.74 (Prime eligible), this #1 best seller will help you become King (or Queen) of your Instagram and blow everyone else’s photos away.


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LG has announced a new 5.1-inch full-HD display panel today with a bezel width of just 0.7mm, which the vendor claims is the narrowest in the world. LG is no stranger to innovations in the display segment, as the vendor announced the thinnest display in the world earlier this year, although today’s announcement breaks LG’s previous record of 2.2mm bezel size.

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Motorola is now officially part of Lenovo


Re/code reported this morning that Lenovo has completed the $ 2.9B purchase of Motorola from Google.

My dreams of a Google owned mobile phone manufacturer are over. I was attracted to the original Moto X because it was

owned by Google assembled in the USA near stock Android

Two of those reasons are now off the table, and time will tell what Lenovo does with  [Read More...]