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A dystopian thriller with powerful story and great graphics

Republique is a fantastic stealth adventure game that was borne of a Kickstarter campaign back in 2012. The Android port was officially released this week, and there’s a lot to say about it.

The core gameplay of avoiding guards, gathering clues, and employing an array of hacking abilities is paired up wonderfully with a strong storyline, original voice acting, and graphics with cinema-quality motion capture. That’s a  [Read More...]

Alcohoot personal breathalyzer reviewed


I’ve started to see more and more people using mobile breathalyzers when out for a night on the town.  When I got the chance to review the Alcohoot personal breathalyzer, I jumped at the chance.  Personal breathalyzers have been around for awhile, but they have really been more for entertainment than safety purposes.  I was eager to see how far the devices have come and  [Read More...]

Preorders ship by Oct. 30, watch costs $ 249

It’s been more than a month since we got our first look at the Sony Smartwatch 3 — the company’s first try at Android Wear — and today the wearable is available for preorder, but perhaps not from the place you’d expect. Verizon’s got first dibs on this smartwatch, which will cost you $ 249 up front (plus tax and shipping and stuff). It’ll ship by Oct. 30, Verizon  [Read More...]

Sprint now offering 1GB data in $20 shared plan


Sprint on Thursday doubled down on its data allotment for the $ 20 Family Share Pack plan. Effective immediately, customers receive 1GB of data, up from the previous bucket of 500MB. Add in your non-discounted smartphone for $ 25 per month and single line subscribers will be looking at $ 45 per month for unlimited talk, text, and 1GB data.

Sprint remains committed to providing the  [Read More...]

Today’s Sony’s big day on Verizon, with our Xperia Z3v review going live. (Verizon’s started selling the phone today, which we suppose is also a big thing. But seriously. Read our review.)

Anyhoo. Folks have questions. We have answers. And I’ll be hanging out in this forum thread today, spilling my guts after a week with the Xperia Z3v. So come swing by if you’ve got something you’d like to ask.

Ask us about the Xperia  [Read More...]

This custom HTC One (M8) flip case has an interactive front panel that allows you to respond to calls, access your calendar, alarms and even view notifications without even opening the case! This makes the Dot View Case significantly safer against scratches since your display is protected more often. Get yours in black, blue, maroon or orange today for just $ 24.95!

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Verizon starts selling Sony Xperia Z3v

Sony announced a bevy of new phones at CES and then again in New York, and while they’re beautiful… Sony phones don’t frequent American stores as often as we’d like. So, when Sony and Verizon announced a variant of the Z3 for Big Red, we were a little surprised but nonetheless happy to hear that the phone would be available stateside in some form.

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Time to cut the cord for good? Grab one of these ultralight Bluetooth earpieces and say goodbye to tangled cords and distraction-filled driving. Dual microphones make for clearer calls and voice-activated answer/ignore options make this a truly hands-free solution. With 4-star reviews and a price of only $ 38.82 (Prime eligible), this is a headset that’s hard to turn down.

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LG G Watch R to go on sale in the UK from tomorrow

If you’ve been eyeing LG’s circular G Watch R, your wait is about to come to an end, at least in the UK. Clove and Unlocked Mobiles are set to commence sales of the smartwatch in the country, with initial stock expected tomorrow and first orders shipping from October 27.

Last week, HTC launched a special edition of the One M8 with a 13 MP camera at the back called One M8 Eye in China and India, and if you were waiting for the device to make its way to Europe sometime later, we’ve got bad news. A HTC product manager has revealed in an interview with Fudzilla that the device was designed for specific markets, and that a European release was not on the cards.

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