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Rogers lights up LTE in Toronto and Vancouver metro areas

Canada’s leading wireless carrier is spreading the LTE magic in more areas. Rogers Communication today announced that it is expanding coverage of Long Term Evolution, the faster kind of 4G being developed in North America, in the Greater Toronto Area and communities that surround Vancouver, British Columbia.

Rogers had already delivered LTE to Toronto, but not in all of the surrounding areas like Brampton,  [Read More…]

Hands on with the Motorola XYBOARD 8.2

Motorola XYBOARD 8.2

Behold, the Verizon Motorola XYBOARD 8.2. In a nutshell, it’s a scaled-down, slimmed-down, sexed-up verison of the original Motorola Xoom, and it fits right in with the likes of the Motorola RAZR. It’s a bit angular, it’s industrial design is, well, industrial. But it’s also plenty powerful under the hood.

We’re very much digging the 8.2-inch screen size (at 1232×800 resolution for, even if it’s only 179 pixels per  [Read More…]

CyanogenMod drops support for Samsung Vibrant because of 911 routing issue

Samsung Vibrant owners who love CyanogenMod will not see any new ROM’s, at least for the foreseeable future, from Team Douche. CM Forum Moderator ciwrl announced yesterday that development for the Samsung Vibrant has ceased due to an issue with dialing 911 Emergency services. The statement posted on the CM Vibrant forum reads

We are no longer supporting the Vibrant due to the inability  [Read More…]

Google’s response to Siri is codenamed Majel, could be released by end of year


I wrote about Google’s response to Apple’s Siri voice assistant several months ago and over the last couple weeks I received further details about the secret project. For starters it is codenamed Majel, which comes from Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, better known as the voice of the Federation Computer from Star Trek.

Majel is an evolution of Google’s Voice Actions that is currently available on most Android phones with the addition of natural language processing.  [Read More…]

The LG Spectrum is yet another Android headed for Verizon; when will they ever stop?


Verizon has one killer lineup of devices. In the past six months alone, Big Red has launched a flurry of LTE powered smartphones from all different manufacturers, in a range of specs and sizes. But when is enough, enough?

A new handset for Verizon has been leaked today being called the LG Spectrum (Revolution 2). Rumored to launch with support for Verizon’s  [Read More…]

Nook Color update adds Netflix, Flixster, Comics, and “100 enhancements”

Hey there, Nook Color owners. Feeling down that a year after you purchased Barnes & Noble’s first attempt at a sorta-tablet, the company already has a proper tablet on the market? Don’t be, because you’re getting a software update today that should lessen the gap between the Nook Color and the Nook Tablet.

Barnes & Noble announced today that Nook Color version 1.4.1 will  [Read More…]

RuFraud malware causes premium SMS charges for folks in Asia and Europe, apps pulled from Market


The folks over at Lookout have warned us about a new malware threat, this time targeted at users outside of North America.  The RuFraud malware will sign up users in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Poland, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Estonia, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, France, and Germany to a premium SMS service by hiding inside apps that pretend to be download helpers for popular games and utilities, or wallpaper  [Read More…]

Sony Ericsson Arc HD appears again before CES


The Xperia Arc was one of Sony Ericsson’s best selling smartphones this year, so it’s no surprise the company is gearing up for the sequel. The original device never appeared on any of the major US carriers, but now that Sony has purchased Ericsson’s stake and decided to focus on high-end phones, next year could be a different story.

We have already seen a handful of Xperia Arc HD (codename Nozomi) leaks appear  [Read More…]

Google’s 10 cent deals – Day 6


Looking for some more great apps deals from the Android Market? Day six of Google’s 10 billion app download promotion is here with a handful of new apps for only a dime. Read on for today’s specials.

NFL 3D Live Wallpaper Captain America – Sentinel of Liberty Raging Thunder Jenga Sim City Deluxe Backbreaker Football BackStab HD Just Me and My Mom Endomodo Sports Tracker PRO Great Little War Game

If  [Read More…]

LG Nitro HD review

LG Nitro HD

LG is an Android manufacturer that all too often goes unnoticed. But in reality, LG has been churning out devices that can compete with the best of them. One such device is the LG Nitro HD, LG’s latest flagship smartphone that has found a home on AT&T’s oven-fresh LTE network. LG hasn’t created a million-dollar ad campaign as Samsung has for its Galaxy S II line, and it doesn’t come with  [Read More…]