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HTC to release a smartwatch at NYC Event alongside new 2014 HTC One

Most partners who have adopted the Android Wear platform have teased their upcoming products, except HTC who despite being a partner of the platform, are yet to tease anything.

An interesting theory suggests HTC will infact use their upcoming event to showcase the new HTC One device to show off their new HTC smartwatch running Android Wear, consequently beating everyone to market.

HTC have yet to announce or even hint at any plans to release a smartwatch,  [Read More…]

HTC Sense 6 apps hit Google Play ahead of new HTC One launch

BlinkFeed, HTC Service Pack and SenseTV listed on Google Play

We’re just hours away from the expected arrival of the new HTC One (M8), and we’re starting to see signs of the final preparations being made for the phone’s launch. HTC has this morning released three new HTC Sense apps onto Google Play — HTC BlinkFeed, HTC Service Pack, and HTC SenseTV.

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LG Knock Code coming to G2 and G Flex in April

LG’s Knock Code looks pretty cool. Tapping on your screen to wake things up is a good idea to start with, and adding different “codes” to start different apps is pretty damn genius if you ask me. Tonight’s news letting us know it’s pushing out to other phones as early as next month is welcome, indeed.

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Fitbit updates their app for the new HTC One and Sense 6

Fitbit has taken the initiative to update their Android app a day early, and they now support the new HTC One — that phone we’re going to see tomorrow.

There’s a new widget and a new look to the login, but the interesting bits of the change log tell us there will be integration with BlinkFeed on Sense 6 and higher, and a new mobile track has been added for the HTC One. Things have come  [Read More…]

Google partners with Oakley and Ray-Ban, hopefully bringing new Google Glass style options

Ready for a pair of Google Glass that has a bit more style and flair? You may have your chance, as Google has partnered with Luxottica — the parent company behind Ray-Ban and Oakley glass and sunglass frames — for an undisclosed amount of money. We bet it was a whole helluva lot.


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HTC resume Android 4.4 KitKat update rollout in UK

Following the halt HTC put on the rollout of Android 4.4.2 KitKat for its devices in the UK after many users began experiencing difficulties following the update, HTC have resumed the rollout.

Customers on all the major UK carriers should begin to see the update trickle down to their devices following the lift of the hiatus.

HTC took to their Facebook page to issue a statement:

“We can confirm that the 4.4 KitKat update has now been  [Read More…]

You can now download the Samsung Galaxy S5 firmware

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 only a few weeks away, you can now download an official firmware for the device.

The firmware is actually from the Chinese SM-G9009D Android 4.4.2 KitKat model and the build date shows March 12th, so it’s a recent build.

Having early access to the Samsung Galaxy S5 firmware means that developers can get to grips with the code for the new features found on the device and also begin  [Read More…]

Ventev Powercell 6000+, Wallport r2200 and Chargesync Micro USB cable review

High-end charger accessories with a few neat tricks will keep all of your mobile devices charged up and ready to use

There’s no shortage of ways to keep your phone and tablet charged up nowadays. Between reverse-charging technologies, battery packs, wireless charging mats and plain old wall chargers, you have more choices than you probably need. At the same time, every single manufacturer you’ve heard of — and dozens you haven’t — make these accessories.

Ventev  [Read More…]

Google Now notifications come to all Chrome users

Google on Monday confirmed that Google Now notifications will be available to anyone running Chrome on a desktop or laptop. Rolling out over the next few weeks, an update to Chrome will bring all of your favorite and helpful cards to your browser. All you have to do is log into Chrome with the same username that you’re working with on your smartphone and/or tablet. Look for these cards to hit your notification tray over the next  [Read More…]

LG shows off the G Watch in all its rectangular glory

The first good look at LG’s newest wearable

While much of the Internet love affair with Android Wear centers around the Moto 360, plenty of folks are just as interested in LG’s G Watch and it’s more angular design. We haven’t really had a good look at the G Watch from the existing press, and it’s nice to get a decent picture.

LG has posted a new picture on their Facebook page showing a good head-on  [Read More…]