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Motorola Droid Bionic kernel source released

Droid Bionic

Samsung’s not the only OEM releasing source code today, as Motorola has released the kernel and other GPL source code for the Motorola Droid Bionic.  Developers can use this, and will use this, but more important is that it shows that Motorola is serious about its commitment to open-source software.  We ride them because of their bootloader policies, but in reality all they are required to do is provide source code for  [Read More…]

NTT Docomo confirms global Galaxy Nexus launch in November, leaks first press shot


Rumors suggest that Verizon might have a one month exclusive on Android 4.0 and the Galaxy Nexus in the US, but it appears that Google’s next flagship device will soon be available on quite a few carriers across the globe. We just learned the Galaxy Nexus is coming to Canada and now we find out that NTT Docomo tweeted they would be one of the first Japanese carriers to launch the  [Read More…]

ITC initial findings claim Apple does not infringe on HTC patents


HTC’s ongoing patent battle against Apple took a hard blow today as an Administrative Law Judge from the ITC issued his initial findings in HTC’s patent dispute filed back in May of 2010. The ITC judge has not found any patent violation by Apple. As with most other initial findings at the ITC, HTC has the opportunity to appeal the decision and make their case before the ITC’s six-member panel makes  [Read More…]

Motorola Razr brings 4.3-inch SAMOLED Gorilla Glass and more this November

Motorola Mobility will resurrect its Razr brand with an Android twist next month. The incredibly popular name and phone provided to previous releases will be combined with the new direction of the company under the name of the Motorola RAZR. With an eventual rollout planned for every region in the world, the RAZR will go on sale beginning in November ($ 299 on Verizon  [Read More…]

Android Apps Alert #76: Tablet apps, trips, and zombies for everybody! Edition

Friday is Apps Day at At the end of each week, we take a look at the press releases, review requests, tips, and many visits spent to the Android Market while watching trashy TV reality shows, all in the name of finding some interesting apps to recommend to our readers each week. Android Apps Alert is all about digging through the Android Market  [Read More…]

Google Buzz killed in the name of Google+ [RIP]

Let us take a moment to pour out a little liquor for our old friend Google Buzz. The original social network upstart from Google debuted in February 2010, but it stumbled out the gate and never found its footing against Facebook or Twitter. Now that Google has a much more promising future with Google Plus, the folks in Mountain View have opted to leave  [Read More…]

BlackBerry makes it easy to port Android apps to its foundering platform

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Are you a developer who wants to resign, repackage and submit your Android apps to a dying BlackBerry platform for use on devices that are barely selling? RIM’s made it easy for you with the BlackBerry Tools SDK and ADT plug-in, and the BlackBerry Packager for Android.

OK, it’s not quite that bad. If you’re serious about submitting your apps for use on the BB PlayBook, the tool will check them for compatibility,  [Read More…]

EA and Samsung bringing Dead Space to Android this fall

Dead Space

When will Electronic Arts take Android seriously? The developer already has several games available on the Android Market, but most have been disappointing and received more 1-star reviews than 5-star reviews. Hopefully things get turned around this fall when the classic survival horror game Dead Space is ported to Android.

No press releases have gone out, but Samsung was showing off a near-final build of Dead Space running on a  [Read More…]

Android Kids App: Wheels on the Bus

Wheels on the Bus

And just like that, Daddy’s toys are cool again. Duck Duck Moose has brought its popular (and excellent) “Wheels on the Bus” kids app to Android. The music’s simple, the song is clear, and it’s got all the same interactive features as the iOS version, sure to keep young kids occupied. (At least it has mine.)

Wheels on the Bus is $ 1.99. Check out our fingers-on and find download  [Read More…]

Le sigh: Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 features page uses iPhone version of Google Maps

Galaxy Player 5.0

Seriously, Samsung, you’re really not doing yourselves any favors here. We ignored the story about the lawyer not able to tell the difference between a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad 2 from 10 feet away. We weren’t there, but we’ve been in enough dimly lit courtrooms in our day, and eyesight can be a bitch.

But there’s no excuse for someone’s graphics department — no doubt by some external company, but  [Read More…]