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Android Central Daily Roundup for April 2, 2014

The articles from today that you don’t want to miss

The Mobile Nations Newsroom is in full swing, and the news is coming hard and heavy — just they way you told us you like it. That means things may slip off the front page before you get a chance to see them, and that’s not something we want to happen!

If you look at the top of the Android Central homepage, you’ll see the featured  [Read More…]

Samsung sponsorship deal pays off with impromptu presidential selfie

Samsung’s sponsorship of Boston Red Sox captain David Ortiz paid off handsomely yesterday as Ortiz, who was visiting the White House at the time, managed to capture of selfie of the presidential sort. Armed with a Galaxy Note 3 and the will to use it, Ortiz and President Obama smiled for the Samsung camera, and the photographers taking pictures of the picture. And that’s about the best result Samsung could have hoped for.

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Angkor’s thousand-year-old temples are now Trekk-able on Google Street View

Google is expanding its Street View data again, this time adding more in-depth Trekker data (those are the sweet imaging backpacks) for Angkor’s thousand-year-old temples in Cambodia. Clearly a very historic place that couldn’t be mapped by traditional Street View equipment or even high-resolution satellites, this type of imagery really shows off the power of the Trekker program.

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Weekly Photo Contest: Architecture

If you stop for a moment and look around, no matter where you are there’s surely some brilliant feats of architecture that you can appreciate. Whether you’re looking at a hand-crafted barn made of wood or a 30-story building made of metal and concrete, you can see what keeps our buildings, bridges and infrastructure standing and functional. This week’s photo contest is building on that idea with the prompt “architecture,” hoping to have you take your  [Read More…]

Moto G Forte launches in Mexico, is actually just a Moto G with a Grip Shell

Rumors of a ‘Moto G Forte’ for certain markets started swirling last week, leading many to believe that a more rugged version of the budget phone was destined for Latin America. Motorola quietly took the wraps off of the phone today, confirming that the actual device is far less exciting — it’s simply a Moto G with a rugged Grip Shell case pre-installed.

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Google Play Newsstand updated with new navigation tabs, combined ‘My Library’ section

Content sections now separated into individual tabs for easier reading

Our third Google app update of the day is Google Play Newsstand, and again we’re looking at light changes with a few new features that’ll grab the interest of those who regularly use the app. Content discovery is a big deal for an app like this, and the most notable interface change is a new set of tabs in the “Read now” section with quick access  [Read More…]

Virgin Mobile debuts 4G LTE mobile hotspot in Netgear Mingle


Virgin Mobile USA this week introduced its first 4G LTE mobile hotspot, the Netgear Mingle. Priced $ 99, the device piggybacks off of Sprint’s network and is equipped for the carrier’s tri-band Spark LTE speeds. According to Virgin Mobile, the Mingle allows for up to 10 devices to connect at once and features an 1800mAh battery good for 12.5 hours usage. The device features a  [Read More…]

BBM update adds stickers, group photo sharing, and more!

BBM stickers

Blackberry is determined to continue support for its Android app. With the recent update to BBM 2.0, users were able to use one-click sharing, BBM voice, and the ability to send larger files. There’s a pretty decent update rolling out to BBM for Android today, adding stickers and picture sharing in multi-person chats.

Let’s first talk about the addition of stickers. You can download  [Read More…]

10 reasons why you should buy your HTC One M8 unlocked and direct from HTC

Take the plunge and ride into Freedom Country by buying an unlocked phone direct from HTC

For now, the new hotness in the smartphone arena is the HTC One M8. So Aluminum, much camera, very screen, and it’s getting a lot of attention — deservedly so.

But while you’re out there, looking and lusting, there’s something I want you to think about before you buy — telling the carriers to GTFO with their locked and branded  [Read More…]

Amazon feature Sonic CD as Free App of the Day

sonic cd

Amazon are offering the Sonic CD app on their Appstore as their free app of the day and it’ll save $ 2.99.

Sonic CD takes you back to the traditional platform scroller that we were all used to and now you can enjoy it on your Android device for free.

Amazon change their featured app daily, so be quick and grab it before it  [Read More…]