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AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile Galaxy S II Pose for Picture on Eve of US Debut

We’re only a few days away from getting our first official looks at Samsung’s U.S. Galaxy S II photos so we’re not surprised to see these types of leaks coming at the last moment.  The image you are looking at above is said to be the AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile versions of the flagship phone, posing together for a class picture.  Samsung was originally expected to unveil  [Read More…]

Pantech Breakout another Verizon LTE Android phone?

Pantech Breakout LTE

While it may not be sporting the best hardware specs, the Pantech Breakout may have have one big thing going for it — it looks to be a Verizon LTE device, according to this shot we just got from a tipster.  That’s not saying the specs are bad — 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, front and rear cameras and running Gingerbread — and it sounds like something we all would have  [Read More…]

HTC Vigor pictures leaked, looks like the Droid Incredible’s big brother

HTC vigor

Pictures of what appears to be the HTC Vigor have been leaked out, giving another good look at the phone.  While the specs are all still a rumor, we can see a dual LED flash and a front facing camera on the big screen, as well as a rubberized version of the Droid Incredible’s stepped back plate.  Of course the phone will run HTC Sense, and we assume it will be  [Read More…]

Samsung reminds why we love the Galaxy S II, and that it’s coming soon to the US

Galaxy S II

Samsung may have had to set their big shin-dig back a day to Tuesday because of hurricane Irene, but they know we’re all ready and waiting for the Galaxy S IIto hit here in the states.  To get our mouth watering just a tiny bit more, they have just sent out a couple teaser slides and a new video showing how the Galaxy S II simply rocks.  We can’t argue,  [Read More…]

Sprint Joins T-Mobile in Hurricane Preparations

It’s nice to see the carriers come together for a good cause every now and then. If you haven’t watched the news lately, Hurricane Irene is set to hit the southeastern part of the States, namely in South and North Carolina, and Virginia. We’ve already learned that T-Mobile is doing their part, as they’ve sent crisis resources and  [Read More…]

EVO 3D getting another OTA update

HTC EVO 3D updateHTC EVO 3D update

We’ve lauded HTC and Sprint before for the way updates are handled on the EVO 3D, and it’s time to do so again. There’s a little update coming over the air now. One addition is a widget, the other is … something. (Update: Ooo! New radio.) But that the EVO 3D can continue to get minor updates without causing major trouble is a pretty big deal. Nicely done.

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Android 201: Using Labs in Google Maps

Labs  Labs

One of the best perks of having an Android phone is Google Maps and free turn by turn navigation for Android.  A part of Google Maps that we often forget about is the Labs section.  In Google’s own words “Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for primetime.  They may change, break or disappear at any time.”  They are also pretty  [Read More…]

Bluetooth keyboard review: Logitech keyboard for Android 3.0 tablets

  YouTube link for mobile viewing

With tablets being all the rage these days, Bluetooth keyboards are rising in popularity. It’s not that the on-screen keyboards are bad (well, some are), but having physicals key adds a whole level of familiarity, plus you don’t have to try and balance a tablet on your lap or something.

The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for Android 3.0 tablets seems specifically targeted at the Android crowd, and it works really well.

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Gameloft launches Android HD+ game subscription service

 Android Central

Gameloft has today launched a subscription based service for their UK customers which will allow the download of a game a week for just £0.99. As an added bonus, on first signup they’re offering an extra game free of charge.

To activate a subscription, visit their website from your Android device and click on the “Club buy 99p” link next to one of the games.

As yet there is no  [Read More…]

All three Galaxy S II’s together is something to smile about

 US-branded Samsung Galaxy S II

As if the anticipation hadn’t already reached fever-pitch for these oft-teased phones, it looks like we’ve finally gotten conclusive looks at each of the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S II variants.

Aside from the clickable button that’s on the international version, it looks like the only physical differences between the US Galaxy S II’s is the degree of roundness on the corners, with T-Mobile being crowned the roundest.

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