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CONFIRMED: Google TV coming to Europe early next year


Rumors emerged earlier today suggested that Google would introduce GoogleTV to the UK in the next six months. In his Mac Taggart lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed that GTV is coming to not only the UK, but much of Europe as well.

“We expect Google TV to launch in Europe  [Read More…]

Catch The Coins: When good ideas go bad [Game Review]


If you are a regular reader of Androinica, then you should know that I am a lover of physics games. I have accomplished 3 stars on every Angry Birds level, beaten all the puzzles in Cut the Rope, and even played the heck out of Apparatus. When there is a physics game to be reviewed, I am  [Read More…]

HD Widgets gives Honeycomb custom clock, weather, and toggle widgets


Honeycomb is just fine the way it is if you ask me. However, given my desire to change things up on a whim, I like it when widgets and a wallpaper switch can spruce things up on the home screen.

HD Widgets is a new widgets pack for Android 3.0 and higher devices that can make your  [Read More…]

iLeaf earbuds & mic combo deliver sweet sound and clear calls [Accessory Review]


The Android tablet explosion has been great for experiencing media and gaming in new ways, but people may still want to make GTalk calls on a Xoom as much as they want to listen to The Strokes. The Ounuo iLeaf Earbuds is a great earphone-and-microphone combo for people looking to listen to media or have a video  [Read More…]

LTE Samsung Galaxy S II, LTE Tab 8.9 to debut next week with 1.5 GHz dual-core processors


According to recent reports, Verizon will not be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II here in the US market. While that news is certainly disappointing, it looks like Verizon may have chosen to skip the SGSII for something even better. New details indicate that Verizon and Samsung are prepping an LTE variant of the Galaxy S II with a larger 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, NFC, WiFi,  [Read More…]

Can a tablet replace a PC?


One of the most important benefits Android OS offers is independence. There’s no need to ever plug your device in to a computer, and it can perform most tasks typically carried out on a PC. Android tablets are convenient, portable and very easy to work with. But can a Honeycomb device replace a PC? This is one of the most discussed topics of the year, and it’s difficult to come to  [Read More…]

TouchPads already running Android make their way into consumer hands

HP Touchpad Android

The promise of a cheap high-quality dual-core Android tablet may seem a little farfetched right now, but thanks to HP, it’s becoming a reality. When Hewlett-Packard announced they’d be killing off hardware production for webOS devices, they initiated a fire sale in which 16GB TouchPads were selling for as little as $ 99. Once the right people in the Android community had their hands on one, a project was  [Read More…]

Droid Bionic put through preliminary battery test


When the average consumer is phone shopping, words like Super AMOLED, Super LCD, quad-core and Snapdragon don’t usually mean much. Of course, for the average technology enthusiast, those words are what you base your decision on. But there is one thing, enthusiast or not, that affects everyone’s decision in purchasing a phone: battery life. If a smartphone can claim a full 20-24 hours of battery life with heavy to moderate usage,  [Read More…]

Best Buy UK slashes price of HTC Flyer, making room for HTC Puccini?


The HTC Flyer may not be running Honeycomb or have a dual-core processor, but it’s certainly one of the most unique Android tablets currently on the market.  The only real flaw we found with the HTC Flyer was its price. In the US the WiFi HTC Flyer is priced at $ 499. Prices in Europe were even more ridiculous. But if the price was the only thing keeping you away, we  [Read More…]

Hurricane Irene headed your way? Stay out of harm’s way with two Android apps


If you live on the east coast of the United States, chances are you’ve heard of this little thing called Hurricane Irene, a severe storm that may wreak havoc from North Carolina all the way up to Maine.

If you do happen to be in harm’s way (we’re sending safe, happy thoughts your way!), the following Android applications can help you track Irene’s path and prepare for the emergency, should you  [Read More…]