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HighlightCam auto-creates stylish videos mixing home movies by you and your friends

At any given gathering, there are dozens of camera phones capturing moments and recording videos. Each person and clip provides a different angle or element worth sharing, but it’s too time-consuming to view and edit them into one package that everyone can enjoy. HighlightCam Social, a new app available in the Android Market, removes the legwork and automatically creates captivating video using the very  [Read More…]

3DMark benchmarking app coming to Android

Android Central

Finnish developer Futuremark has announced that its 3DMark benchmarking software will be headed to Android phones and tablets in 2012. 3DMark has long been an important benchmarking suite for PC gamers, and as Android devices become more powerful, it should come as no surprise to see benchmark-makers attempting to get a piece of the action.

With development just now starting to ramp up, Futuremark is inviting Android device manufacturers to  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tops sales charts for Black Friday


Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States, has come and gone, leaving many victors and losers in its aftermath. Waffle maker riots may have been the hot topic of the weekend, but now that things have calmed down, manufacturers and retailers are starting to talk turkey.

While they won’t release any specific numbers, Amazon has made it abundantly clear that their Kindle family of devices  [Read More…]

AT&T nabs LG Nitro HD as new 4G LTE with True HD display for $249

AT&T will add to its stable of 4G LTE-capable phones when it releases the LG Nitro HD next week. Available for $ 249.99 on a two-year agreement beginning December 4, the Nitro HD will be the U.S. version of the Optimus LTE device previously launched in South Korea and other locations.

Aside from tapping into AT&T’s infant LTE network – 15 markets and climbing  [Read More…]

Google Catalogs digitizes famous shopping catalogs for Android tablets (US only)

A few months ago, Google raised eyebrows when it released a catalog shopping app that supported only the iPad. “Where’s the Android version?” a handful of people asked. Well, Google will finally right that egregious wrong and release the Google Catalogs app for Android tablets.

Available now for Android 3.1 or higher devices in the United States, Google Catalogs does away with the piles  [Read More…]

Android Game Review: Great Little War Game

YouTube link for mobile viewing

What happens if you take one part Advance Wars, one part any tactics game, give it a hilarious storyline with a rough-and-tumble stereotypical general, and release it for Android? Oh, well then you’d have Great Little War Game by Rubicon Development.

In Great Little War Game (or GLWG, as it’s named in the app drawer), you’re part of Force Blue (my name, not theirs), whose leader, Generalissimo, is hell-bent on eradicating  [Read More…]

Verizon Galaxy Nexus available for pre-order tomorrow, release December 8?


This is it people, the final stretch. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is almost ready for release on Verizon, marking its official debut appearance in the US. If some “credible reports” and a phone call from Verizon are correct, then the Galaxy Nexus will go on pre-sale tomorrow, with a release date of December 8.

According to Computer World, the stars have finally aligned to reveal the pre-order date for the Verizon  [Read More…]

South Korea, Android’s 2nd biggest market, regains Android Market gaming options

South Korean Android fans will suddenly be able to embrace the Android Market for their gaming fix once again. Android team member Eric Chu has just confirmed that games are immediately available to users in South Korea, and that includes the paid Android games that can be purchased through direct carrier billing.

It may seem strange that Google would tout the inclusion of games  [Read More…]

Skyrocket in white, afternoon delight

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

We’re still not seeing it on AT&T’s product page, but Samsung most certainly does have a white version of the Galaxy S II Skyrocket waiting in the wings, for those of you who are into that sort of things. Specs look to be identical to the black Skyrocket, save for the shell. Keep an eye out for this one to be available at some point, we reckon.

Source: Samsung;  [Read More…]

Victoria’s Secret Android app now available

Victoria's Secret for Android

Attention women, husbands, boyfriends and anyone who just needs to feel pretty from time to time: The Victoria’s Secret app has slinked into the Android Market. The app itself isn’t all that well done — it’s more of a mobile portal than something that feels like a true native app, and it requires too many taps before you get to the merchandise — but it does give you a way  [Read More…]