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Sprint rolls out first LTE cluster, claims 3G network enhancements coast to coast


Back in October, Sprint announced an aggressive LTE rollout that would bring full nationwide LTE coverage by the end of 2013. The LTE network would launch in several cities sometime in mid-2012, and Sprint is apparently hard at work building out the infrastructure needed to support such a network.

Sprint announced this morning that their first LTE cluster was live in the town of Kankakee, Illinois, approximately 60 miles outside of  [Read More…]

MOTOACTV wristwatch morphed into mini Honeycomb Tablet

MOTOACTV wristwatch morphed into mini Honeycomb Tablet

You know the Android-powered MOTOACTV wristwatch that I seem to always write about? Well, a developer by the name of Chris Wade, has morphed this tiny Android device into a mini tablet running Honeycomb. Yes, you heard right. This dude started tinkering  [Read More…]

Ring in the New Year with a rockin’ prize pack from Sonos!

Sonos prize pack

Some of you may have been disappointed Christmas morning because Santa didn’t leave a brand new Sonos system under your tree. Well, cheer up because you could win an awesome prize pack in the “Sonos End of Year Rockin’ Giveaway”! If you are the lucky winner you will walk away with a Sonos Play:3 and a Play:5 to bring the ultimate music experience to your home, and a Kindle Fire  [Read More…]

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer gets itself another non-ICS update

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

Word on the street is that the original ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (read our full review) is in the midst of another firmware update. Nope, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich, but instead it’s a bunch of little tweaks, which we’re always more than happy to see. Head on in to ASUS’ update app to download it for your own, and then head into the forums at the link below  [Read More…]

Sprint NBA Mobile 2011-2012 hands-on [Video]

Sprint NBA Mobile 2011-2012 hands-on [Video]

The NBA 2011-2012 season got off to a late but great start yesterday. Of course, there’s a chance you didn’t know that if you were busy with family events or trying to deal with the dreaded traffic on post-Christmas drive home. Sprint customers can  [Read More…]

HTC official bootloader unlock now supports the EVO View 4G & myTouch 4G Slide

HTC bootloader unlock flow chart

Although it has been a fairly slow roll out of devices, HTC has been keeping their word by offering bootloader unlocks for various devices across their line up and now — they’ve added the EVO View 4G & myTouch 4G Slide to the mix. If you’re looking to easily unlock either of those devices bootloader, you can head on over to the HTCDev website now to get started.

[Read More…]

Carphone Warehouse offering up Nexus S for £199.95

Android Central

The UK sale wagon continues to roll, with the Samsung Nexus S being offered up by Carphone Warehouse for a few pence under £200 SIM free.

If you’re anxious to get some pure Ice Cream Sandwich goodness but can’t stretch to a Galaxy Nexus, at this price point the Nexus S is a bonafide bargain. Hit the source link for more information.

Source: Carphone Warehouse


Krispy Kreme for Android: The only app you’ll ever need (Mmmmmmm … Doughnuts)

Krispy Kreme

There are two kinds of people in this world — those who love Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and those who are wrong. For those in the former group, there’s now a “Hot Light” app for Android. Using sophisticated doughnut technology, it triangulates your position relative to nearby Krispy Kreme eateries and then notifies you whether the “Hot Now” sign is on — and it’ll alert when you the switch is thrown.

It is  [Read More…]

What Android gifts did you receive this year?

Android Christmas

The gift-giving season is winding down to a close, and we’re all enjoying the time with our loved ones, warm holiday comfort foods, and maybe some cool Android goodies.  Did you get a new Android phone?  Or a tablet?  Maybe you got a Google TV unit of some sort or another, or your stocking was full of accessories.  Sound off and share with us (we’re like your extended Android family) to let  [Read More…]

Amazon and Google Music sales yield big discounts

Amazon and Google Music sales yield big discounts

The holiday season is being very kind to music lovers. In recent weeks, Google dropped the price on holiday music songs, and then later put practically its entire music catalog on sale. It turns out that Amazon is doing the  [Read More…]