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What’s the best premium Echo speaker? The Echo Studio or Echo Plus?

Echo Studio

It’s the Echo Plus PLUS

$ 200 at Amazon

Pros Physical mic mute switch Booming room-filling sound Built-in Zigbee smart home hub Can be paired with another Echo Studio and/or Fire TV for surround sound Cons First gen product Most expensive Echo device

The Echo Studio is Amazon’s shot across the bow to Apple’s Homepod, Google’s Home Max, and Sonos’ collection of high-end speakers. It offers amazing sound and smarts for a great  [Read More…]

Best family plans with data in the U.S.

It’s nice to have your entire family on the same cell phone plan, but it’s even nicer if you can save money at the same time. Most providers have moved away from the family plan as a name and have moved towards offering discounts for having multiple lines on an account, but that still works well for families. The prices in this guide will be shown for four lines but some plans allow you to save with even  [Read More…]

Pixel 4 retail box leaks before announcement because of course it did

The Google Pixel 4 will not come with a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box.

What you need to know Images showing the Pixel 4’s retail box have leaked a day before the smartphone’s official unveiling at the 2019 ‘Made by Google’ event. The retail box confirms a few key features such as the 5.7-inch display size and 64GB internal storage. They also confirm that the Pixel 4 will be shipped with an 18W USB-C power  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: An essential truth

This week, Essential’s Andy Rubin previewed the company’s next product, a long, narrow phone thing likely called GEM. It’s intriguing, and given Rubin’s pedigree — he was the mind behind Danger, Android, and the Essential Phone — it was definitely newsworthy.

But his preview, echoed by Essential itself shortly thereafter with more official-looking photos, was overshadowed by a renewed conversation around Rubin as a person and leader. In 2018, four years after leaving Google, the New York  [Read More…]

Another rocket has taken out part of the Fortnite map

What just happened?

What you need to know Another rocket has gone off in Fortnite, and combined with the meteor, sparked what looked to be a massive rift across the game. After lifting every player off of the map, players were thrown into a rift and teleported into a black screen. For now, no new map has been revealed, with Fortnite now possibly down until the start of Season 11.

After teasing that the end was near  [Read More…]

Activision says “hang tight” for Call of Duty: Mobile controller support

What you need to know Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the biggest mobile games around right now. Activision posted a Community update on Reddit. Activision has said it is working on controller support but needs to get the balance right.

Call of Duty: Mobile exploded on to the mobile gaming scene just a few weeks ago and hit 100 million downloads within the first seven days. It’s easy to see why the game itself is a lot  [Read More…]

How to play Oculus Go and Gear VR games on the Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest recently gained support for over 40 Oculus Go and Gear VR games. It also gained the ability to use several Oculus Go and Gear VR apps. These additions almost double the number of games available on the Oculus Quest. It isn’t tricky to play Oculus Go and Gear VR games on the Oculus Quest; you just need to know where to look in your device’s settings.

How to play Oculus Go and Gear VR games  [Read More…]

This 11-inch Acer Chromebook is just $99.99 today

Those new shiny MacBook Pros are undeniably awesome, but they’re also undeniably expensive, and the truth is that most of us just don’t need that type of processing power in order to get through the day.

This Certified Refurbished Acer Chromebook 11″ C740-C4PE 16GB has all the power you need to tackle your everyday computing needs, and it’s currently available for over 45% off at just $ 99.99.

With 16GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, this Chromebook is perfect  [Read More…]

Pixel 4 pre-order page leaked on Best Buy Canada’s website

The page showed a spec comparison between the Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

What you need to know Google is set to launch the Pixel 4 and 4 XL on October 15. Best Buy put up the pre-order page for the new smartphones a few days too early. It reveals all the phones’ major specifications and features.

Continuing in the grand tradition of Google smartphones being leaked to the moon and back before launch, Best Buy Canada  [Read More…]

EMUI 10 and Android 10 are making their way to the Mate 20 Pro

The Mate 20 Pro is receiving the latest Android release.

What you need to know Only some Dutch owners of Mate 20 Pros are receiving the update. It includes the September 2019 security patch. The Mate 20 Pro’s successor, the Mate 30, does not come with Google services due to the US ban on Huawei.

Despite Huawei’s recent troubles with procuring full access to Google’s products as a result of its addition to the US Entity List,  [Read More…]