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Sasha Weather Free: Simple is the name of the game

Developer: Sasha Lab Category: Weather  Audience: Anyone who goes outside The Beginning There is definitely no shortage of weather apps available in the Play Store and for good reason. Weather apps are some of the most vital apps that people have on their phones. Whether it is just to check the forecast before leaving the house or

Google Pixel and Pixel XL: What to expect from the Nexus successors

Brace yourself: Pixels are coming.

For the past seven years, Google partnered with some of the leading Android phone makers to sell co-branded handsets under the “Nexus” name. This year, the company is set to unveil two new handsets under a brand that’s new to phones, but well known to Google followers: Pixel.

On October 4, Google will hold an event in San Francisco where it’ll unveil two new phones “made by Google.” We’ll reportedly get the Pixel  [Read More…]

Morning brief: Allo, tout le monde, let’s talk about the price of a Pixel

Allo launches around the world, Samsung sets out a timeframe for Note 7 sales in Europe, and Xiaomi has a fancy new camera.

As we count down to the weekend, let’s mull over the next major phone launch we’re all looking forward to: Google’s Pixel handsets. There’ve been rumblings of a $ 649 starting price for the smaller of the two HTC-built phones (the 5-inch “Sailfish” model), which seems to suggest both will compete in the  [Read More…]

ARCHEER 2-port 17W wall charger (2 pack): Great value for quality chargers

Admit it. You probably move your single port wall charger with you when you need a charge. Or if you have a family, there is always one member of the household who seems to have all of the chargers, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. It’s time you added a few more chargers in

Half of all recalled U.S. Galaxy Note 7s have been returned to Samsung

Samsung has hit a big milestone in its U.S. recall of the Galaxy Note 7, but the next group will be tougher.

Now one full week removed from the official CPSC recall of the Note 7 in the U.S., Samsung claimed in a statement sent to Android Central that “about half” of the 1 million recalled phones have been returned. That’s a large uptick from the numbers of just a week ago, which had shown that fewer than 20%  [Read More…]

Lenovo Z2 Plus comes to India: 5-inch FHD display, Snapdragon 820, 3500mAh battery for $300

An excellent mid-range phone at an excellent price.

The Indian handset segment is rife with excellent budget phones under ₹15,000 ($ 220), and great mid-range options like the OnePlus 3, which is priced at ₹27,000 ($ 415). There haven’t been many devices in the ₹15,000-₹25,000 that stood out in terms of a value proposition. Until now. Lenovo has launched the Z2 Plus in India, and the key highlight isn’t the fact that it comes with the  [Read More…]

Allo: Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know to get started with Google’s new messaging service.

Allo is finally available, and it offers a first look at what’s possible with Google Assistant. Assistant is Google’s AI chatbot that answers questions by drawing on the vast trove of information it has collected over the years. It suggests replies in conversations, offers recommendations on nearby points of interest, tells bad jokes, plays games with you, and so on. Unlike Google Now,  [Read More…]

How to change your wallpaper on an Android phone or tablet

Changing your wallpaper is as easy as a tap.

Phones have in many ways becomes the nexus of our lives. They hold our most important information, let us access the internet, and store many of the photos we take during day to day life. So it’s no surprise that customizing our phones in a variety of ways is so popular. One of the easiest ways to customize your phone, is by switching up the wallpaper and  [Read More…]

Save $100 on a Nextbit Robin for a limited time!

Get yourself a minty cloudphone on the cheap.

For a limited time, you can pick up the Nextbit Robin for just $ 199, a savings of $ 100 from its regular price. The unlocked phone has a 5.2-inch 1080p display, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of local storage that is merged with 100GB of cloud storage. Why cloud storage? Well, the phone can intelligently decide which files and apps you aren’t using frequently and move them to the cloud  [Read More…]