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Late last week, Google started a small back-to-school sale on the Google Store, offering up some decent deals on Chromebooks. Now, it looks like Google has thrown in another offer, giving anyone who buys two Chromecasts a savings of $ 15.

Moto G family specs

As Motorola’s successful Moto G line enters its third generation, you might be wondering exactly what has changed on the hardware side over the year. The Moto G has always been about finely-balanced hardware and software, and as smartphone technology has progressed we’re seeing ever more impressive internals in affordable phones like the G.

CloudPlayer, the recently-launched music app from doubleTwist that turns your favorite cloud storage service into a streaming music locker, has received its first big update. Coming along in the update are a few new big features, such as full FLAC file support and a cellular data toggle.

We’ve been bombarded with back-to-back flagship announcements in the past 24 hours.  But now that the dust has settled, we can start asking ourselves, which OEM is offering a better deal?

Although the OnePlus 2 is dubbed as a “Flagship Killer”, the true sense of it is value.  Motorola went with a similar ideal on their next Moto X.  The retail price of the Moto X (Pure Edition) was reduced from $ 500 last year to $ 400, all whilst making significant improvements.  Therefore,  [Read More...]

Quick comparison: OnePlus 2 versus LG G4

Android smartphones are judged on a huge number of variables, and depending on who you ask all of them have significance in weighting the purchase of a new phone. This is one of the struggles faced by OnePlus right now. Its latest smartphone, the OnePlus 2, has a lot of great things going for it. To call it the “2016 Flagship Killer” is probably a stretch, even if all the company is referencing is a dollar for  [Read More...]

Sometimes things are as clear as mud when a smartphone launches. And a couple of the more important points surrounding the new Moto X — aka the Moto X Style or Pure Edition, depending on where you live — was the victim of a bit of this confusion.

So let’s clear things up. As it stands, this is where you’ll be able able to buy the new Moto X, whatever its called.

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Moto X family specs

With the introduction of the Moto X Style and the Moto X Play we’re now three generations into the Moto X family, which has brought some of the most simple yet solid smartphones to the Android ecosystem. Here’s a breakdown of how each of the four phones compare — from the first generation in 2013 to the most recently announced models.

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Not everything requires an epic journey, and finding the right watch face for your smartwatch certainly shouldn’t require gargantuan amounts of effort. If you’ve been searching for a face that blends a sharp, functional face, with a gorgeous image, then the Odyssey face might be what you’ve been looking for. With motes of stardust and a planet in the distance, overlaid with all the info you need, this face is worth more than just a glance. It  [Read More...]

Epic App Battles of Android: Spotify vs. Songza

Welcome to the second round of the Epic App Battles of Andriod: Music Edition!

In the green corner, with 100 million downloads, we have Spotify! Spotify is the favorite in this match with a rating of 4.5!

In the blue corner, with 5 million downloads, Songza hopes to overthrow Spotify coming in at a ranking of 4.4!

Can Songza overcome the crowd favorite, Spotify, in a head to head battle? Read on and find out.

Round 1: App design

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What is the Moto X Pure Edition?

Today we saw the announcement of three new devices from Motorola: the Moto X Style, Moto X Play, and the new Moto G. However, for consumers in the US, we are only getting the Moto X Style. For whatever reasons, Motorola is not advertising it as such here in the states.

A quick trip to leads you to some new banners and such, advertising the new Moto G (seeing as it’s the only phone of the aforementioned three  [Read More...]