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Grab a certified refurbished Asus Eeebook Notebook for only $150 (Deal of the Day)

Do you have a high school or college student on your shopping list this season? Have you figured out what to get them yet? No? Here, we’ll make it easy for you; get them a Windows 8.1 powered ASUS EeeBook. As our Deal of the Day, it’s an affordable way to connect them to the internet

This $6 car charger will charge your phone nearly four times faster

Many people haven’t even adopted Quick Charge 3.0 in their homes, let alone the car, but when it is just $ 6 why wouldn’t you? That’s right, RAVPower’s Quick Charge 3.0 car charger is on sale at Amazon for just $ 6 when you use coupon code SHES5GA5. It has two USB outputs, only one of which will offer the quicker charging speeds, so you can get multiple devices charging at the same time.

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Fitbit Charge 2 review

With phones and apps getting smarter all of the time, it’s easy to track your basic movements and activities. Be it counting steps in Google Fit or heart rate monitoring in a Samsung phone, it’s not hard to keep up with your basic health-related tasks. But, by being able to do everything in a handset,

Essential Accessories For OnePlus 3 + OnePlus 3T

Outfit your OnePlus 3 or 3T with these must-have accessories.

Whether you’re a veteran OnePlus 3 owner, or you’re just getting started with the brand new OnePlus 3T, you’ve got the same broad range of accessories to choose from. That’s because although these two phones are different on the inside, they have many overlapping features, and exactly the same physical dimensions.

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Pokemon Go’s new tracker now available in all of US and parts of Europe

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has been teasing a update to the oft maligned “Poketracker” feature of the popular app. Niantic has finally pushed the new Pokemon tracker to the rest of the US and “large parts of Europe” today after a lengthy limited access beta program that was in select areas of the US. The

Best Touchscreen Gloves for Winter

What are the best touchscreen gloves? The ones that keep your hands warm and actually work!

Not to bring up a meme that’s done to death (literally, if you watch the show), but:

That means that using your phone outside is uncomfortable and makes for frigid digits. That is unless you have some awesome touchscreen gloves that let you use your phone with toasty phalanges.

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Nokia launches new phone section on its website

Not so long ago, a few surfaced Nokia slideshows confirmed the company is indeed planning to make a comeback to the world of smartphones in 2017. Well if you need more confirmation, let us tell you that the Finish company already launched the new phone section on its site today, so new smartphones are most

Make your dumb car smarter with Automatic Pro!

Let’s face it — we can’t all buy new cars with the hot new tech. A Tesla just isn’t for everyone. But we can do a few things to make our older, dumber cars just a little bit smarter. And for that, I’d been eyeing one of those little dongle adapter things from Automatic.

Automatic Pro is the big brother. It’s $ 129, but for that one-time expense you get data that uploads automatically over 3G (for the five-year  [Read More…]

LG promotes home appliances head to CEO

LG has moved to a single CEO structure.

LG has promoted the head of its home appliances division, Jo Seong-jin, to vice chairman and CEO of the company. A forty-year veteran of LG, Seong-jin was pivotal in turning the South Korean manufacturer’s fortunes in the home appliances segment. As CEO, Seong-jin will oversee all of LG’s business units — including its mobile arm — as the company gets ready for a challenging 2017.

From LG:

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Motorola might launch a Google Tango Moto Mood soon

Motorola’s Mod are a defining feature of its Z lineup of smartphones. These are phone accessories that snap onto the device using magnets and are quite popular with users due to the extra functionalities they add. Now a new report reveals that Moto Mods are bound to get even better with the addition of a