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Verizon Wireless’ Galaxy S6 is the best Galaxy S6

Big Red gets a lot of shade thrown their way most days, but their version of the Galaxy S6 is my favorite by far.

It’s an unpopular opinion on the Internet — at least in the highly vocal smartphone nerd corner of the Internet — but Verizon Wireless is an impressive mobile carrier in my book. My personal line on Verizon is from the golden age of unlimited data, and while it’s not really fair to  [Read More...]

2015 has already been a great year for cellular competition.  We have seen T-Mobile, Sprint and even Google get into pricing wars to steal customers away from the competition.  Today Cricket Wireless announced they have added unlimited calling and texting to our friends across the border in Canada.  Any monthly plan that costs $ 50 per month will get this feature added automatically.  In February, Cricket added a similar feature to this one, yet instead of Canada it was unlimited texting  [Read More...]

HTC One M9: A second opinion

The Android Central HTC One M9 review is our collective, in-depth guide to HTC’s 2015 flagship, covering everything from hardware to software to camera quality. However with a major Android device like this, it’s worth presenting a second opinion.

The HTC One M9 is the latest in a line of highly successful phones for HTC. 2013′s M7 and 2014′s M8 were among the best Android phones available at the time, and the past two generations of HTC  [Read More...]

Java Developer Course Bundle, 86% off

If you’ve ever had a desire to build an Android app or tinker around with Java, now is the time to act. This Java Developer Course Bundle puts the power in your hands by exposing you to hours of exclusive content such as lectures, tutorials, tools and building blocks. Not only will you be introduced to the basics, you’ll also develop the skills needed to build dynamic websites, work with Java Spring Framework, handle data structures, and much more. At  [Read More...]

Massimo Vian, the CEO of eyewear maker Luxottica, says its partnership with Google on Google Glass is still alive and a new version will be out soon.

Remarks made today by Massimo Vian of Luxottica during a general meeting in Milan, Italy may indicate that development of Google Glass continues at a solid pace. Luxottica announced a partnership with Google on their wearable device project in March 2014, but sales of the first-generation Google Glass Explorer  [Read More...]

The backside of the LG G4 is not just your average leather; it is the finest leather they can find, and goes through a 12 week manufacturing process.

The LG G4 featuring a leather back is nothing new, but did you know that the manufacturing process for the back cover is a 12 week process? LG has outlined some additional information on the leather they selected for the back along with some details on the production  [Read More...]

Each Nexus 6 protector is precision-cut to ensure an exact fit on your display and an advanced silicone adhesive technology allows for simple, water-free installation and removal of air bubbles. Unlike others, it’s easy to remove and leaves no residue behind. This 2-pack is only $ 9.95 today!

Google’s Android mascot seems to be up to no good as the troublesome chap, not to be mistaken with our well-behaved friend Lloyd (although he does enjoy travelling), was caught red-handed on Google Maps urinating on what appears to be the Apple logo.

HTC has made the decision to shutdown Sense TV on April 30, and they are reminding users to download Peel Smart Remote instead.

Effective April 30, users of the Sense TV app will receive a “no data retrieved” message when launching the app, as HTC is shutting it down and asking users to switch to Peel. At the end of March users started seeing warnings of the shut down, and HTC had already replaced the app  [Read More...]

Motorola has started to offer the Moto 360 with Light Metal and Dark Metal bands in India, although the pricing at ₹19,999 ($ 315) makes it one of the costliest smartwatches available in the country.