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7 key reasons you’ll want Android 7.0 Nougat

The official rollout of Android 7.0 Nougat has commenced, starting this week with a select number of devices in the Nexus and Pixel line. Although it might not appear so on the surface, the latest version of Android brings about plenty of features and details that you’ll surely want on your smartphone. Some are add convenience, some

Wear your Android ‘7’ Nougat pride with this delicious new t-shirt

The best way to celebrate Nougat isn’t by eating it — it’s by wearing it!

Android 7.0 Nougat is rolling out to the world right now, and if you’re running a Nexus phone, you may even have it (with or without our help)!

To celebrate its launch, we’ve designed a special edition, limited run t-shirt that shows the new confectionary in its best light: in the form of a “7”! The shirt (and matching hoodie) is  [Read More…]

Wednesday’s best tech deals and discount codes

Need a new and powerful smartphone? The Blackberry Priv is at its lowest price ever on ebay right now at $ 299.99. That’s lower than the affordable One Plus 3 and has support within the US. If you just grabbed a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you should pick up the iOrange USB Type C cables on

T-Mobile One is violating net neutrality with its new plan

Announced several days ago, the latest plan by T-Mobile brings an end to tiered plans and offers only one, unlimited plan. But after reading the fine print, the EFF says the plan violates net neutrality. Net Neutrality Net neutrality is a topic that deserves its own article. However, the basic principle is that internet service

Celebrate the release of Nougat with these Nexus wallpapers!

It’s release week in Android land. It’s kinda like Christmas… if the presents took months to reach some of the good little geeks and nerds.

If you’re rocking Nougat right now, I’m happy for you. This is the benefit of buying a Nexus. For the rest of us, we’ll be waiting a little while for Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and the rest to get updates to our phones. Okay, some of us will be waiting a lotta  [Read More…]

Best clear cases for the Galaxy Note 7

What are the best clear cases to show off your Galaxy Note 7

You just got your brand new Galaxy Note 7 and while you want to show it off, you also want to make sure it’s protected from scratches and scuffs. Some bulky opaque case that’ll turn your phone into a brick? Out of the question!

If you want to preserve the look and sleek feel of your new phone, you’re best bet is to  [Read More…]

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher is astonishingly good

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher has a lot to offer.

Microsoft rolled out Arrow Launcher last year, following a positive reception for the company’s Next Lock Screen. Both apps originated out of Microsoft Garage, a hub for Microsoft employees to work on projects and ideas that don’t have a direct correlation to the company’s broader software efforts. Other apps that have come out of Microsoft’s Garage include the excellent Word Flow keyboard for iOS.

As for Arrow Launcher,  [Read More…]

Pick up an unlocked BlackBerry Priv for just $299 again!

Right now you can grab an unlocked AT&T version of the BlackBerry Priv for just $ 299 at eBay. This is the best price we’ve seen for the phone off-contract and matches the recent deal that was offered. With this savings the price drops down to the same as the recently-announced DTEK50, but offers a larger screen and physical keyboard with it.

If you’ve been looking to check out a phone with a physical keyboard again,  [Read More…]

What would you change about Android Auto?

Android Auto is a much better experience than most in-car infotainment systems — but could it be made better?

With Android Auto, Google was able to safely bring your favorite Android experiences into the car, but it came with a number of sacrifices. From weird compatibility issues to limited voice navigation while driving, using Android Auto can be equally as frustrating as it is awesome. Google has done a great job of bringing Android’s core interface  [Read More…]

How to format the microSD card in the Galaxy Note 7

The SD card slot is back with the Galaxy Note 7 — now here’s how you get started when you first pop it in.

microSD cards are hardly new to Samsung phones, but after the feature was removed in Note 5 we wouldn’t blame you if you’d forgotten the basics of using one in your phone. But Samsung has changed the software a bit in the Galaxy Note 7 as well, hiding a few basic features  [Read More…]