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LastPass accidentally takes down its own browser extension for Chrome

The website and the mobile apps are still working.

What you need to know LastPass inadvertently unlisted its browser extension for Chrome yesterday. The extension is in the process of being reviewed and listed back on the Chrome Web Store. In the meantime, users can still access their login credentials via LastPass’s website or its mobile apps.

LastPass seemingly shot itself in the foot yesterday and accidentally unlisted its browser extension from the Chrome Web Store. This  [Read More…]

Sign, edit and mark up virtually any document with PDF Expert

Computers and phones makes it easy to open and read PDF files, but they don’t let you do much more beyond that — at least when it comes to that particular format. If you want to do anything else with that sort of document, you need a more advanced PDF client. And that’s exactly what PDF Expert is.

Right now you can snag a full PDF Expert lifetime license for Mac for just $ 29.99 from the AndroidGuys Deals Store.  [Read More…]

Solve this puzzle to reveal the details of Google I/O 2020

Help us solve the puzzle and figure out when Google I/O 2020 is.

What you need to know The puzzle that will reveal the details for Google I/O 2020 was tweeted out this morning. The tweet takes you the site where this year’s puzzle is hosted and will require a collaborative effort to solve. Google hosts its annual I/O developer’s conference each year in May where it announces some of its latest technology for Android, Google Assistant,  [Read More…]

How to change your Amazon password

This will be quick and easy.

Love it or hate it, there’s no getting around Amazon’s dominance in the online shopping world. Amazon has positioned itself as the go-to site for online retail, while also expanding its reach into the markets of music streaming, cloud storage, movie production, and so much more.

Your Amazon account is the key to a lot of different services, and as such, having a secure password to keep it locked down is  [Read More…]

All the MVNOs powered by T-Mobile

If you’re a fan of T-Mobile’s coverage but are looking for a better deal, check out an MVNO.

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are “alternative carriers” that lease coverage and network access from the “Big Four” carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint) and can offer similar levels of service at a lower cost. T-Mobile has a ton of MVNOs that operate on its network thanks to its strong coverage and its GSM network that supports most unlocked  [Read More…]

Get rewarded every month by paying your bills with these credit cards

Heads up! We share savvy shopping and personal finance tips to put extra cash in your wallet. Android Central may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network. Please note that the offers mentioned below are subject to change at any time and some may no longer be available.

If you are already getting rewarded for shopping and traveling, there might be a third area you haven’t thought about that you can actually earn quite a  [Read More…]

SoftBank likes what Bear Robotics has on the menu

Soon a robot will be the one to spit in your food instead of a human.

What you need to know Bear Robotics makes Penny, a robot food server assistant. The company recently raised $ 32 million in Series A funding, led by SoftBank. Penny is in testing and will be leased to restaurants and other food-serving establishments.

SoftBank has bet some pocket change (by SoftBank standards) on a robotics company that specializes in food service. TechCrunch  [Read More…]

Essential episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to watch before Season 7

Here are the most important episodes to watch to get caught up.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (available on Disney+) is one of the longest-running and criticially successful Star Wars series ever made, and much to the delight of fans, it’s returning for a seventh and final season in February. However, a lot of folks either haven’t seen the show or don’t remember what happens in it that well. If that’s you, don’t worry, for we have  [Read More…]

How Google’s backup encryption works – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Backing up your data is easy and secure on Android. But there are some issues with the service that Google needs to sort out.

I love seeing headlines about encryption hit a news cycle. Anything that gets a person more aware of their options when it comes to making sure that they are the only person with access to their data is important. So important, in fact, that Google does it by default with your backed-up data.

  [Read More…]