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Sprint Playbook shows big changes coming to Premier program, return policy, and more (and you won’t like any of them)

Sprint changes 1

We just got our hands of a copy of the latest Sprint Playbook, and while we were hoping for some more info about the LG Marquee and Kyocera Milano, what we found was a bit, well, different.  It seems that in order to stay competitive with Verizon and AT&T (Sprint’s words, not ours), some changes are going to be made to several of the perks everyone on Sprint takes for  [Read More…]

Hands-on with the LG Marquee (Updated with video)

LG Marquee

The LG Marquee made a cameo appearance tonight in New York, a night before Sprint and LG are slated to “officially” unveil the device at New York City’s Fashion Week finale. The Marquee is the next big device from Sprint (after, of course, this Friday’s Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch launch), officially landing on October 6.

While it’s not the most powerful phone on the market, we loved it as the Optimus  [Read More…]

Zombies, Run! will bring motivational story to your morning jog next year [Kickstarter]


I’ve lost track of the number of running apps available on Android, so it’s always refreshing when one of them does something to stand out from the pack. An upcoming app known as Zombies, Run! does just that by turning what could be a mundane run into an interactive audio story.

Zombies, Run! is being developed as  [Read More…]

Firefox for Tablets Released in Nightly Build

Since we first heard about it a few weeks back, Mozilla has been working hard to bring the tablet-optimized version of their Firefox mobile browser to Android.  Things look to be coming to a head now as word comes in that the browser has entered nightly builds. This means the browser is functional enough to turn it over to the public and allow them to  [Read More…]

Contest: You Could win $2.5 Million, Courtesy of Verizon Wireless!

Everyone loves a good sweepstakes every now and then, right? Big Red has teamed up with GoDaddy to bring one fan the chance to split $ 5 million with IndyCar racer, Dan Wheldon. All that’s required is for you to download the IndyCar Mobile App from the Android Market, and enter through the app. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What’s the catch?” Well, for the contest to  [Read More…]

Frima Studios Releases Retro-esque Shoot em’ Up, ‘A Space Shooter for Free’

Frima Studios has ported their popular retro-style shoot’em up A Space Shooter for Free to Android this week, bringing yet another awesome time waster to your favorite mobile platform.  Costing – you guessed it – nothing to download the game puts players in the role of Commander P. Jefferson, an alien-hating starfighter who heads the USS Eradicator.

Featuring high-resolution graphics with tons of detail, A Space Shooter for  [Read More…]

Opera Mobile Receives Hefty Update to Fix Various Issues

If you happen to use the Opera Mobile browser for Android you’ll be happy to know it’s been updated and fixes quite a few issues. For those of you not familiar with Opera Mobile, it is an alternative browser that Android users can download for free from the Android Market, and while I don’t personally use it, some would say it has its benefits. You’re going to  [Read More…]

8pen Wordcup is a clever game that tricks you into relearning to type [Game Reviews]

8pen never caught on as an alternative Android keyboard. The gesture-based keyboard market was rich with alternatives like Swype and SlideIt, all of which were much easier to use than the gestures required for text entry in 8pen. The app disappeared before popping back up last week as a $ 1.37 app.

Trying to encourage adoption the second time around, 8pen has found a  [Read More…]

Modern Combat 3, “the most engaging war game ever released on smartphones”?


What happens when North Korea, Pakistan and Russia team up to launch a terrorist attack on the United States? Android gaming fans will soon find out in Gameloft‘s upcoming Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

We already knew the 3rd installment of Modern Combat was coming this fall, but Gameloft just made a blog post that reveals new details in a developer interview and includes concept artworks.

Fallen Nation will center around Corporal  [Read More…]

Sphero enters production mode, launching late 2011


Sphero has sent us over some pictures of their final production model for their upcoming Android phone accessory. (You can check it out in the gallery at the end of this post). We call Sphero an accessory loosely, as Sphero is much more a gaming accessory that you happen to control with your Android device.

Sphero is basically a tennis-ball sized electronic polycarbonate ball that glows different colors depending on user  [Read More…]